The Power of Rank-Up Magic

Barian’s Force is a very unique card that increases the efficiency of summoning powerful Chaos Xyz monsters. If Barian’s Force doesn’t flop, it could actually make Xyz monsters, which are already powerful, even stronger and more fun to play.

Rank Up Barian's ForceDo you guys remember when Assault Mode monsters came out eons ago? They were supposed to revolutionize synchro monsters, but ended up flopping pretty badly. Just like the card to summon Assault Mode monsters was Assault Mode Activate, a similar card was released for Xyz monsters in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy. It’s a spell card called Rank-Up Magic Barian’s Force. Barian’s Force is a very unique card that increases the efficiency of summoning powerful Chaos Xyz monsters. If Barian’s Force doesn’t flop, it could actually make Xyz monsters, which are already powerful, even stronger and more fun to play. Continue reading “The Power of Rank-Up Magic”

Why is Destiny Hero Disc Commander Banned

I just do not understand why Disk Commander is banned, so in this post, I ponder its inclusion in the ban list. Why you think it is banned?

Yugioh Destiny Hero Disk CommanderFor those that don’t know, the Yugioh ban list is a list of all cards that are not allowed to be used in a tournament-setting duel. This also includes a list of limited cards (only one is allowed per deck) and semi-limited cards (two allowed). While I agree with most of the selections for this list, there are some inclusions that I just cannot fathom. One specifically, as per the title, is Destiny Hero Disc Commander. Help me answer this question: why is Disc Commander banned? Continue reading “Why is Destiny Hero Disc Commander Banned”

Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth – The Strongest Yugioh Monster?

It’s been 4 years since I last voiced my opinion on what monster was the strongest in Yugioh. Well, now I think that title goes to Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth.

Yugioh Sophia, Goddess of BirthCourtesy of YugiohBlog regular, Victor, I was recently introduced to a new Yugioh card: Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth. I had written a post a few years declaring Yubel, the Ultimate Nightmare as the strongest monster in Yugioh. After reading about Sophia, I am convinced that she is the strongest. It has nothing to do with the fact that Sophia has 3600 attack and 3400, nor does it have anything to do with the fact that she looks like the harbinger of destruction. By her effect alone, Sophia is the strongest monster in Yugioh. Continue reading “Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth – The Strongest Yugioh Monster?”

Shooting Quasar Dragon vs. Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem

Shooting Quasar Dragon and Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem are two of the strongest monsters in Yugioh and in this post, we will compare them and see which one is superior.

I received a comment asking me to compare the titular monster characters and judge which card is superior. This is an interesting comparison, considering that Shooting Quasar Dragon is one of the strongest synchro monsters in Yugioh, while Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem is one of the strongest fusion monsters. Continue reading “Shooting Quasar Dragon vs. Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem”

The Most Over-Powered Yugioh Card

The Yugioh anime has introduced us to some awesome cards, including cards that are highly over-powered. What are some of the most over-powered cards in Yugioh?

Recently, Victor, one of Yugioh Blog’s most frequent visitors, and I had a discussion regarding the most over-powered (OP) anime card. We both agreed that the Golden Castle of Stromberg was the most OP Yugioh card. However, under further review, I found that the effect of GCS was modified by Sigried (throwback to the original series!), who was the antagonist of the Grand Championship arc. Thus, it’s not really fair to include it in the discussion for the most OP card. I came with a list of three OP Yugioh cards that could be considered for this ‘title’.  Continue reading “The Most Over-Powered Yugioh Card”

The Dragon Rulers – Taking Over Yugioh!

The Dragon Ruler archetype is becoming big in Yugioh! They have winning some big tournaments recently and have risen in popularity. We’ll look at the playing style of this archetype and why they are so powerful.

I recently wrote a post about the latest Yugioh booster pack, Lord of the Tachyon, and mentioned that it introduced a new archetype – Dragon Ruler. The Dragon Ruler monsters (also called Incarnate Dragon) are a very cool group of dragon type monsters that have become immensely popular in a short period of time. Though it is their ability to create deadly combos that is attributed to their rise, Dragon Ruler monsters are just awesome cards in general. Continue reading “The Dragon Rulers – Taking Over Yugioh!”

A New Yugioh Booster Pack – Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy

The most recent booster pack in Yugioh, Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, is a really strong booster pack that I would recommend any duelist to purchase. We’ll look at some features that make it a good pack to buy.

Yugioh Lord of the Tachyon GalaxyEven the though the show has been fairly disappointing, the past few Yugioh Zexal booster packs have not failed to impress. Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy is no different. It debuts two new archetypes, the Battlin’ Boxer and Dragon Ruler archetypes, the latter of which has been incredibly popular and already has won some Asian tournaments. Lots of older popular archetypes are developed in this booster pack as well, with four more new monsters being released for my favorite Zexal archetype, Fire-Fist. Finally, the title monster of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy is awesome too! Tachyon Galaxy is a must-get booster pack and is one of the best released in the Zexal series! Continue reading “A New Yugioh Booster Pack – Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy”

The Atlantean Archetype – The Return of the Water Archetype!

With the Atlantean archetype, Yugioh’s water attribute is making a comeback!

Poseidra, the Atlantean DragonThese days water monsters have become totally neglected. With the exception of the nifty Mermail archetype, there has been a significant hole in notable water-oriented archetypes. A majority of archetypes have focused on dark, light, and earth archetypes. I miss the old days where archetypes were equally represented, when you would actually see a variety of archetypes in play. However, I may not have to wait long for water archetypes to return to prominence. With the Mermail monsters already on the rise, Konami seems to be focusing another archetype as well: the Atlantean archetype. Continue reading “The Atlantean Archetype – The Return of the Water Archetype!”

Another Yugioh Series?

There is no doubt that Konami will create another season of Yugioh anime. What should the next season be about? Read about my proposed storylines for the next season of Yugioh!

Let’s be honest – since the first season ended, the Yugioh anime just hasn’t been the same. GX was very interesting, as was 5Ds, but Zexal has just been a disappointment. The show’s quality has been on a downward trend since season one, culminating in the abomination that is Zexal. The anime is really what attracts kids to play the card game – a decline in the anime’s popularity equates to a decline in the popularity of the game. I think we can all agree that Yugioh isn’t nearly as popular as it was 6-7 years ago, when Yugi and Atem were kicking butt. Thus, if Konami decides to continue the Yugioh anime even after Zexal is finished, it needs to bring back major characters from the earlier seasons. Continue reading “Another Yugioh Series?”

Fire Fist Archetype – Future of Yugioh

The Fire Fist monsters have become one of the most popular archetypes in Yugioh! But for good reason – they are super powerful. Could Fire Fists be the future of Yugioh?

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - SnakeYugioh has seen several allmighty archetypes since its inception. From the old school Toon archetype, to the Hero archetype, to the Gladiator Beasts, to the Six Samurai, etc… Each season of Yugioh has introduced Tier 0 archetypes, those that are of the cream of the crop, and now another one will join the list – the Fire Fist archetype. Despite being recently released in the Cosmo Blazer booster pack, the Fire Fist monsters have quickly become one of the most popular archetypes in Yugioh, and for good reason.  Continue reading “Fire Fist Archetype – Future of Yugioh”