Top Ten Strongest Monsters in Yugioh – Part 1

This is part 1 of what is my opinion of the top 10 monster s in Yugioh. Though no one thinks Raviel should be one there, I personaly think that his effect is beast and that he deserves to be on this list.

I am sure everyone wants to know the 10 best monsters in Yugioh are, that is why my latest blog will be listing them. It took me a lot of thinking and Youtube videos to come with the list. Here it is:

10. Exodia, The Forbbidden One

Exodia is a very strong monster, plus it is probably the most wanted monster in Yugioh. If you gather up all five pieces of Exodia in your hand, you win! However, the reason he is not #1 is because he has a catch to his effect. Like I said back in this post, gathering Exodia is extremely difficult to aquire and without all five pieces, it will be useless to have in your deck. Still, it is a very rare and powerful monster.

09.Black Luster Soldier, Envoy of the Beginning

Black Luster Soldier, E.E. I chose B.L.S.E.E. for ninth because he has one of the best effects in Yugioh. All it takes to summon him is the discarding of a light and dark monster. He can remove any monster from play, (though he cannot attack afterwards). However after he does attack, if there is still a monster on your foe’s side of the field he can destroy it. This effect is very useful if your opponent has tokens on his/her side of the field. And don’t  forget his stats, 3000 attack and 2500 defense points.

08. Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

The almighty, king of the Sacred Beasts is #7. This monster was not on many people’s list, but I had to put him on here. Not only is he the easiest-to-summon out of the other Sacred Beasts, he also has amazing stats, effects, and combos. Raviel, Lord of Phantasms has 4000 attack and 40o0 defense points. Plus you can sacrifice one monster per turn and feed its attack points to Raviel who gains attack points equal to the sacrificed monster. Whenever your foe normal summons a monster, you can play two Phantasms Tokens(1000 atk, 1000 def).  This is great combo with Panther Warrior; you keep sacrificing the tokens and Raviel keeps getting attack boosts and Panther Warrior gets to attack. You can read more about Raviel here.

07.The Wicked Avatar

The Wicked Avatar guaranteed a spot  this list due to his amazing effect. Once he is summoned, your foe cannot play spell and traps for two turns making them vulnerable toward your attacks. That’s not all of it, he also has 100 attack points plus the attack points of the strongest monster on the field. You can read more about him here. This is the best effect in Yugioh, second to the Yubels’s. To up Wicked Avatar’s effect, you can keep on playing super strong monsters and Wicked Avatar will be stronger than all of them.

Part 1 one of the list comes to a close. Stay tune more my next post, part 2.

Black Rose Dragon, the Strongest Dragon Monster

Stardust and Red Archfiend Dragons fall short in a competition between Black Rose Dragon. In my opinion, Black Rose has the best effect, good stats, and everyone in yugioh 5ds talks about it as if it were a god.

Recently, I opened the Black Rose Dragon tin deck at my friend’s birthday party. My friend and I were shocked at how many great cards were in their. The Black Rose Dragon Tin Deck revolved around plant. I also got to see the new beast of Yugioh 5Ds, Black Rose Dragon. There were many valuable cards in that tin. If any duelists want to make a plant deck, I recommend buying this tin first. It had great combos and great cards, including Black Rose Dragon. I saw another familiar monster in the tin. It was Resurrection Demon King Ha Des. R.D.K. Ha Des was similar to the original Ha Des. They both had the same attack and defense points, plus their images looked similar too. However this Ha Des had a better effect. The original Ha Des’ ability was that if he destroyed an effect monster, that monster’s effect was negated. Demon King Ha Des’ ability was the same except it worked with zombie monsters as well.

Black Rose Dragon
Black Rose Dragon

As great as the other cards were, I was pulled away by the star of the show, Black Rose Dragon. She had a great ability. When she is summoned, she can destroy all monsters on the field. Once per, you can discard one plant monster from your graveyard to switch one of your opponent’s monster’s to attack position. The funny thing is, it will have no attack points! This would be a start to a great combo. Synchro summon Black Rose Dragon and use her effect destroying all cards on the field including herself. Then use monster reborn to bring her back and then attack attack your foe directly. Next, play Stray Lambs and end your turn. However you must set some trap card(s) that in some prevent your opponent from playing a monster. Next, on your turn, sacrifice any amount of Stray Lamb tokens and play a strong monster. Attack with Black Rose D. and your tribute summoned monster to deal a great amount of damage. My conclusion is this; Black Rose Dragon tin is one of the best tins ever. The main reason, because it revolves around a certain type of monster, allowing you to make more combos, summon stronger monsters, and easily defeat your opponent.

LV Monsters

LV monsters usually have great effects. It doesn’t matter if their LV2,4,6,8, or 10, their atk and def are good for their levels and their effects are very helpful.

Since the release of the Yugioh booster pack Soul of the Duelist, cards known as the LV monsters have started being sold. LV monsters are monsters that can be special summoned through effects of lower leveled monsters of the same generation. For instance, Silence Swordsman LV7 can be special summoned by tributing Silent Swordsman LV5 in your stanby phase.

The strongest LV monster in terms of stats is Armed Dragon LV10. He can only be special summoned by sacrificing one Armed Dragon LV7. Armed Dragon LV has 3000 attack and 2000 defense points. Plus his effect his very good. He can destroy all monsters on your opponent’s side of the field just by discarding one card from your hand. He can deal lots of life point damage to your foe, fast.

Winged Kuriboh LV10
Winged Kuriboh LV10

Winged Kuriboh LV10 is the strongest LV monster in the game. It is played by a spell card called Transcendent Wings, and might look like a weak monster to you at first.  The reason I feel Winged Kuriboh LV10 is hands down the strongest LV monster is due to his amazing ability. You can tribute him to destroy all monsters on your foe’s side of the field. Plus, your foe will lose life equal to the combined to the equal attack points of the monsters destroyed. If you equip cards like Axe of Despair or Malevolent Nuzzler to your opponent’s monsters, this effect will deal even more damage.

LV monsters can be used as beasts if you have the right combinations. The only bad thing about strong LV monsters is that they’re impossible to play without the monster effects. However these are cards I recommend any duelist to buy for, their stats and effects can beat your opponent down easily.

The Wicked Gods

Possibly one of the most powerful monsters in Yugioh, the Wicked Gods have been the talk of many duelists from generation x. However, Wicked Eraser is a weak card. Bad effect. 🙁

Everyone has heard of big time cards like the Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beast Cards, and the Yubel trio; but what about the Wicked Monsters? I have noticed that duelists have started to compare the Wicked Monsters with the big time cards. I decided to check up on this trio and found that they were as good as their hype.

The Wicked Avatar is the first of the Wickeds. It has a really good effect. When it is summoned, your opponent can’t activate spells and traps for two turns! Plus its attack power is always 100 points higher than the strongest monster on the field. If your opponent activates cards that lowers attack points, The Wicked Avatar still doesn’t lose attack points because his effect counters your opponent’s card.

The second Wicked is the Wicked Eraser. I don’t particularly like the Wicked Eraser. I find his effect not as useful as the other two’s. Just like the other two Wickeds, Eraser can only be summoned by sacrificing three monsters. When he’s played he gains a1000 attack multiplied by the number of monsters on your opponent’s side of the field. Another one of his effects is that you can destroy him in your main phase. That is so useless! When he’s sent to the graveyard, he destroys all cards on the field, including yours . That’s why I think Eraser is a bad monster.

The third Wicked is the scariest and strongest of the trio. It is The Wicked Dreadroot. His effect is decent, but if you really need to damage your opponent’s life points, The Wicked Dreadroot is the card to use. From the time he’s summoned till the time he is destroyed the Wicked Dreadroot halves the attack of all monsters on the field but his. This means it is almost guaranteed that every monster will be weaker than him. With everyone’s attack ½ the times it used to be, The Wicked Dreadroot will be able to destroy them with ease.

Many duelists say that the Wickeds are the evil forms of the Egyptian Gods. The Wicked Avatar resembles the orb on Winged Dragon of Ra’s head, while The Wicked Eraser is a dragon like Slifer the Sky Dragon and has a similar effect. The Wicked Dreadroot looks very close to Obelisk Tormentor and both have a human form unlike their partners. I think the Wickeds will one day be cards every one will want. There strong, look cool, and really help in a duel.

Fairy Monsters

Fairies are actually pretty good because they heal a lot of your life and many of them have amazing effects, just look at splendid venus, she’s one of the greatest fairies in the game!

As I searched through the web, I seemed to notice many duelists were asking about a fairy deck that could prevail in tournaments. I did some research on some fairy cards and found that they were not strong in attack or defense. Fairy monsters were based on increasing life points.

Many people have underestimated fairies in terms of effects. For example, Neo Parshath, the Sky Paladin is a pretty weak to be a level seven monster. However its effect is very good. When he battles a defense position monster whose defense is weaker than his attack, subtract the difference from your opponent’s life points. Plus if your life points are higher than your foe’s and if Sanctuary in the Sky is on the field, Sky Paladin earns attack points equal to the difference.

In a fairy deck spells and traps play a huge role. They support the fairies every turn. If it weren’t for spells like Sanctuary in the Sky many fairies wouldn’t even get to be played. Archlord Zerato, the strongest fairy in the game, can only be summoned if you remove Warrior of Zera from the game while Sanctuary in the Sky is on the field. Fairies are already giving you a life point boost, playing traps like Solemn Wishes will increase your life points even more.Fairies are thought to be the weakest type monsters in Yugioh, but if find the right you can make a nationally ranked deck with them. All it takes is some strategy, high leveled monsters, and the right spells and traps, and for right now, here’s my recommended list:

Archlord Zerato
Archlord Zerato

X3 Nimble Mongmama
X1 Archlord Zerato
X1 Parshath, the Sky Paladin
X1 Air Knight Parshath
X2 Layard the Liberator
X1 Harold of Purple Light X1 Harold of Green Light
X2 Warrior of Zera
X1 Nova Summoner
X1 Splendid Venus
X2 Freya Sprit of Victory
X1 Honest
X1 Zeradis, Herald of Heaven
X1 Saturn- The Agent of Judement

Sanctuary in the Sky
Sanctuary in the Sky

X2 Sanctuary in the Sky
X1 Lightning Vortex
X1 Messenger of Peace
X1 Scapegoat
X1 Monster Reborn
X1 Dian Keto the Cure Master
X1 Mage Power
X1 Mystic Wok
X1 Goblin Thief
X1 Dimensional Fissure

Solemn Wishes
Solemn Wishes

X1Light of Judjement
X2 Solemn Wishes
X3 Miraculous Descent
X1Call of the Haunted
X1 Tower of Babel
X1 Spell Absorbing Life

Yugioh Duel: My Mom VS I

Yes it was chaotic at times, but dueling my mom was not as bad as I thought. She played a good game until the end where she got mad at my deck.

Yesterday, I did a Yugioh experiment. I wanted to see what would happen if I dueled an adult, so I dueled my mom. She did better than I expected. Her combos were good, her monster selection was adequate, and she never gave up. However he just didn’t understand the game.

My mom used my main deck while I used my hero deck. The duel started out in her favor. Due to Cyber Dragon, she inflicted 5200 damage to me in two turns. Meanwhile I activated D-Hero Captain Tenacious’ ability. I brought back my D-Hero Doom Lord and removed Cyber Dragon from play. Next I played Buster Blader and attacked my mom directly.

It was a close duel until my mom became frustrated for her lack of high level monsters. From then on I played for her, dueling against myself. In the end I won when I played E-Hero Dark Neos and attacked her. With this duel I learned two things. One, with proper training my mom could be a great duelist and second, dueling against adults is not as exciting as dueling your friends.

When dueling adult, they will mess up several times. For example my mom played trap cards without setting them. Even though it was boring at times, I had a good time.

Destiny Heroes

Possibly one of the most clutch monsters in yugioh, destiny heroes are one of the, if not the most team cards.

Destiny Hero Plasma

Elemental Heroes are some of the strongest monsters in Yugioh, though their cousins aren’t bad either. Unlike the Elemental Heroes, all of the Destiny Heroes have effects. Contrasting from the E-Heroes, the D-Heroes have effects that make sure their comrades remain on the field. Captain Tenacious brings back any Destiny Hero who was destroyed by battle during the next turn.

Many D-Heroes have balanced stats. Their not very strong but aren’t weak either. Destiny Hero Dogma is a high leveled monster with great stats and killer effects. He has 3400 attack and 2400 defense points. To summon him, you must tribute three monsters including one Destiny Hero. Once summoned, your foe loses half their life points. For this reason Dogma is my favorite D-Hero.

When summoned, D-Hero Dreadmaster brings back two of your D-Hero monsters from the graveyard. During the turn he’s played, no Destiny Hero can be destroyed and they cannot take battle damage. Dreadmaster’s attack equals the total attack of all the D-Heroes on the field.

A good D-Hero combo would be to summon Dreadmaster, then when he brings back two D-Heroes on to the field, sacrifice three monsters to play D-Hero Dogma. Now you have two strong D-Heroes, both with 3400 attack and your opponent has 4000 life points at the most. This is the dread caused by D- Hero Dreadmaster.

The strongest Destiny Hero is D-Hero Plasma. He not only has the best effect but is a clutch card at late duels. You can equip one monster that your opponent controls and Plasma gains attack equal to the equipped monster’s attack. He also negates the effects of the opponent’s monsters. Unlike the E-Heroes, they don’t have easy fusions, very strong monsters, and field spell cards. However D-Heroes have superior effects and are very clutch in late duels.


Ghost Rare Honest

Though it is a very high priced card, Honest is not very good at all. It is hard to get, has an okay effect, and has horrible stats. It’s all hype I tell you…

Yu-Gi-Oh HonestFor the last couple of weeks I have been trying to sell my ghost rare Honest on a website. G.R. Honest is one of the most valuable Yugioh cards. It sells very high in many places. Last summer was when I had acquired Honest. I had bought the new Light of Destruction booster pack. When I opened the booster pack a peculiar, shiny white card fell on my hand. When I searched the card on Google I had learned it was an incredibly valuable card!

There are a lot of places you can buy an Honest. It is about 70$ on Amazon and is 25$ on EBay at the lowest. I don’t that Honest should be worth so much because it has weak stats and its effect only works on certain types of monsters. Still it is a tremendously rare card.

The Elemental Hero Deck

The E-Hero cards are some the most popular cards. It is not surprising why. They consist of many strong monsters. The fusion monsters are just too powerful. Easy to make strategies too.

Yu-Gi-Oh Elemental Hero Neos
Elemental Hero Neos

Today I dueled one of my friends to see who was a stronger duelist. Instead of using my main deck, I decided on trying my new Hero deck. This deck consisted of cards like Elemental Hero Neos and Destiny Hero Doom Lord. My friend’s deck consisted of strong fiend cards like Dark Necrofear and Raviel Lord of Phantasms.

I had an advantage in this duel. My friend had a lot of strong monsters, but he did not have any strategy. Many of his spell and trap cards had nothing to do with fiends and were just in his deck for their effects. At first he used Card of Destruction and discarded his hand, which had three fiends in them. He removed the three fiends from play to summon Dark Necrofear.

He inflicted lots of damage to me with Dark Necrofear. It seemed as if the duel was his. However, I drew a clutch card in the 9th turn. It was Destiny Hero Doom Lord. I played D-Hero Doom Lord and activated his effect. He could send one monster out of play and it would return in the second standby phase of this effect’s activation, but Necrofear cannot be special summoned unless you remove from play three fiends so it was a good move on my part.

In my friend’s next turn he destroyed Doom Lord with Octaclops. Due to my Hero Signal trap card, I special summoned onto the field E-Hero Neos. In my turn, I special summoned E-Hero Sparkman with the effect of O-Oversoul. When I activated my Pot of Greed, I sealed the duel. I had drawn Hero FLASH!!. Since Oversoul, Heated Heart, Emergency Call, and Righteous Justice was in the graveyard, I was able to activate Hero FLASH!!. With Hero Flash, all my normal monsters could attack directly. This included my Sparkman, Warrior Dai Grepher, and my Neos. With the attack, my friend lost 5800 life points, costing him the duel.

Since then I have given my Elemental Hero Deck and upgrade. I have added more monsters to it and more defensive spell and traps like Sakuretsu Armor. This deck consists of some of the most popular Yugioh cards. My friend even told me this was a Yugioh deck to be feared. Though I assembled it with random Hero cards, it seems to have enough potential to be my starting deck.

Good: Many, many, possible combos. A lot of fusions. Strong monsters.

Bad: Not enough defensive cards. Trap cards are very predictable.

Deck Rating: 9/10

My Best Yugioh Cards

My best three cards are Barrel Dragon, Wave Motion Cannon, and Zoma the Spirit. These cards are my powerhouses and each can be placed in a burn deck.

In this post I would like to talk about three cards from my Yugioh deck. My strongest monster, my strongest spell card, and my strongest trap. These cards are the heart and soul of my deck and are the reasons of why my Yugioh deck is strong.

My strongest is Barrel Dragon. You can’t accomplish many combos with it, but has an attack power of 2600. It also has a good effect. Every turn you can flip a coin three times. If 2/3 of the results are heads, it can destroy one monster on your opponent’s side of the field. It can easily destroy defending monsters as well.

My strongest spell is Wave Motion Cannon. It has a life-ending effect and is one of the best cards to add in a burn deck. After this card played, you can destroy it in your main phase. Your foe loses 1000 life points x every one of your standby phases that have passed after this card’s activation. You can speed up the process by playing cards like Pyro Clock of Destiny.

The best trap in my deck is Zoma the Spirit. Not only can it be played as a monster, once it is destroyed, your opponent loses life points equal to the attack points of the monster that destroyed Zoma. This is another card that can be put in a burn deck and can be acquired in the Phantom of Darkness booster pack.

These are three of my best Yugioh cards. I was very lucky to have received these cards. I hope that you find your special cards as I have found mine.