Black Rose Dragon, the Strongest Dragon Monster

Stardust and Red Archfiend Dragons fall short in a competition between Black Rose Dragon. In my opinion, Black Rose has the best effect, good stats, and everyone in yugioh 5ds talks about it as if it were a god.

Recently, I opened the Black Rose Dragon tin deck at my friend’s birthday party. My friend and I were shocked at how many great cards were in their. The Black Rose Dragon Tin Deck revolved around plant. I also got to see the new beast of Yugioh 5Ds, Black Rose Dragon. There were many valuable cards in that tin. If any duelists want to make a plant deck, I recommend buying this tin first. It had great combos and great cards, including Black Rose Dragon. I saw another familiar monster in the tin. It was Resurrection Demon King Ha Des. R.D.K. Ha Des was similar to the original Ha Des. They both had the same attack and defense points, plus their images looked similar too. However this Ha Des had a better effect. The original Ha Des’ ability was that if he destroyed an effect monster, that monster’s effect was negated. Demon King Ha Des’ ability was the same except it worked with zombie monsters as well.

Black Rose Dragon
Black Rose Dragon

As great as the other cards were, I was pulled away by the star of the show, Black Rose Dragon. She had a great ability. When she is summoned, she can destroy all monsters on the field. Once per, you can discard one plant monster from your graveyard to switch one of your opponent’s monster’s to attack position. The funny thing is, it will have no attack points! This would be a start to a great combo. Synchro summon Black Rose Dragon and use her effect destroying all cards on the field including herself. Then use monster reborn to bring her back and then attack attack your foe directly. Next, play Stray Lambs and end your turn. However you must set some trap card(s) that in some prevent your opponent from playing a monster. Next, on your turn, sacrifice any amount of Stray Lamb tokens and play a strong monster. Attack with Black Rose D. and your tribute summoned monster to deal a great amount of damage. My conclusion is this; Black Rose Dragon tin is one of the best tins ever. The main reason, because it revolves around a certain type of monster, allowing you to make more combos, summon stronger monsters, and easily defeat your opponent.

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  1. um… you remove from play 1 plant-type monster in your Graveyard to activate BRD’s second effect, not discard 1 plant-type monster from your hand…

  2. um… now it says discard 1 plant-type monster from your graveyard… which is an impossible thing to do…

  3. Pyro Clock of Destiny DOES NOT skip your opponent’s turn. It ADVANCES the turn count by 3, but the turn it is activated on continues as normal.

    You may need to rewrite this article. Or think of a better combo, like this one!

    Opponent’s turn: One monster in DEF mode. 2 facedowns.

    Your turn: Summon Twilight Rose Knight. Bring any lv4 plant monster to the field. Play Geartown. Synchro Summon Black Rose Dragon. Geartown’s destroyed – summon Ancient Gear Gadgiltron Dragon from deck. Premature Burial BRD. Megamorph Gadgiltron. Gadgiltron attack, BRD attack, win. OTK!

  4. I think you should get your facts straight. First of all, Pyro clock of Destiny advances turn count by one not three. In that case, if you activate Pyro Clock of Destiny in your opponent’s turn, it advances turn count by one, technically skipping their turn. Now about Dark Armed Dragon, his effect can be easily thwarted with cards like Soul Release. Whereas you spells, traps, monster effects to destroy Yubel. Spells and traps can be easily destroyed with your own however monster effects are tougher to stop which leads to the fact that I think Yubel can avoid any ways of defeat but might be prone to monster effects. DAD is a great card and is Yubel. As I explained in my previous statements, I think they are both equally good for they both have major weakness(es).

  5. Pyro CLock of Destiny reads this:
    Move the turn count forward by 1 turn. The turn in which this card is activated continues as normal.

    That last part is what you should be looking at.

  6. pyro clock skips opponets turn and goes to yours oppent draws and you draw an go through your turn again

  7. No, Tahnok, it does not. “The turn in which this card is activated continues as normal.” Therefore, the turn keeps going. Pyro CLock is only useful for cards like Wave-Motion Cannon and Final Countdown.

  8. BRD is a good card, being able to help you rid the field of a monster like Five-Headed Dragon, I plan on putting it in my own plant deck next to the Princess of Camellias. {I’m sure I spelled that wrong.}

  9. Stardust is a sweet card, I have two of them, one is a Ghost Rare. I am working on getting Ancient Fairy Dragon soon.

  10. Stardust is good, but Ancient Fairy Dragon stinks. When you special summon a level four monster from your hand with her effect, you can’t battle. Then, her only other effect is destroying field spells. It is a good effect except hardly anyone uses field spells anymore; they’ve become obsolete. Black Rose can be devastating to your foe if you have a plant deck.

  11. Ancient Fairy Dragon is not a bad card it is really good with geartown and a ancient gear deck.

    I my self have a ancient gear machina deck and it is very good.

  12. Yugiohblogger: did you really find a “ressurection demon king ha des”? I ask because the cards name is revived king ha des. But I agree BRD is nearly the strongest dragon. It would be interestingto see an assault mode BRD. haha

  13. The most powerful dragon monster out there is red nova dragon period. It’s nearly impossible to destroy because of its immunity to card effects (although D-prison and compulsory evacuation device and such can remove it from the field) and its extremely difficult to destroy by battle (3500+1000=4500ATK) AT LEAST, because red nova requires 2 tuners to summon itself.

  14. victor, actually 5000 atk because of a tuner for rda. and the strongest dragon monster is the nonexistent black rose dragon assault mode. when this card is summoned, destroy all cards your opponent controls and in there hand.

  15. nader, keyword there: non-existant…

    and to be fair, this article was written a LONG time ago, way before red nova dragon appeared in the anime. obviously the strongest dragon monster would’ve changed since this article was written.

  16. dragon monsters were for a long time considered the most powerful monster type. back then so many people were playing dragon decks. i loved dragons yet had a hateful passion about them. that victoria card looks like a great anti dragon card. summon a dragon monster from your opponents graveyard to your side of the field for no cost? yes please. it also has an added effect of another fairy type monster cant be attacked. great card. deadly against dragons.

  17. this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen. how can black rose be the strongest when you can negate his destruction ability with stardust. stardust can also turn into shooting star which can block his attack and negate his effect

  18. @Quick

    That post was way before Shooting Star Dragon came put and when people actually debated whether or not Stardust or Black Rose were better. I liked Black Rose at the time.

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