Destiny Heroes

Possibly one of the most clutch monsters in yugioh, destiny heroes are one of the, if not the most team cards.

Destiny Hero Plasma

Elemental Heroes are some of the strongest monsters in Yugioh, though their cousins aren’t bad either. Unlike the Elemental Heroes, all of the Destiny Heroes have effects. Contrasting from the E-Heroes, the D-Heroes have effects that make sure their comrades remain on the field. Captain Tenacious brings back any Destiny Hero who was destroyed by battle during the next turn.

Many D-Heroes have balanced stats. Their not very strong but aren’t weak either. Destiny Hero Dogma is a high leveled monster with great stats and killer effects. He has 3400 attack and 2400 defense points. To summon him, you must tribute three monsters including one Destiny Hero. Once summoned, your foe loses half their life points. For this reason Dogma is my favorite D-Hero.

When summoned, D-Hero Dreadmaster brings back two of your D-Hero monsters from the graveyard. During the turn he’s played, no Destiny Hero can be destroyed and they cannot take battle damage. Dreadmaster’s attack equals the total attack of all the D-Heroes on the field.

A good D-Hero combo would be to summon Dreadmaster, then when he brings back two D-Heroes on to the field, sacrifice three monsters to play D-Hero Dogma. Now you have two strong D-Heroes, both with 3400 attack and your opponent has 4000 life points at the most. This is the dread caused by D- Hero Dreadmaster.

The strongest Destiny Hero is D-Hero Plasma. He not only has the best effect but is a clutch card at late duels. You can equip one monster that your opponent controls and Plasma gains attack equal to the equipped monster’s attack. He also negates the effects of the opponent’s monsters. Unlike the E-Heroes, they don’t have easy fusions, very strong monsters, and field spell cards. However D-Heroes have superior effects and are very clutch in late duels.


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