The Exodia Cards

Exodia and Exodia Necross cards are stronger than the God Cards. They can deliver a one hit knockout.

Ever since Yugioh cards have been sold, every duelist talked about Exodia. Even after 12 years since Yugioh was created, Exodia is still very popular among duelists. I don’t understand what all the hype is about though? Everyone knows Exodia is one of the toughest cards to play. Or is it?

Drawing cards is a rule of Yugioh but you might not be able to draw the five pieces of Exodia consecutively. That is why you need to gather special monsters, spells, traps, and add them to your deck. Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest are very helpful when it comes to playing Exodia.

If you cannot play Exodia, you can always try on playing Exodia Necross. Exodia Necross is pretty easy to play. Each time you draw a piece of Exodia, set it face down. It is sure to get destroyed. Or leave it in your hand and use cards such as Delinquent Duo and Card of Destruction. Once you have gotten rid of the Exodia cards and have activated Contract of Exodia, play Exodia Necross. If your opponent tries to remove the Exodia pieces of play then activate cards like Mystical Space Typhoon or Twister to destroy those spell and traps.

Acquiring Exodia might be difficult. However, by selling some of your rare cards, you can buy the five pieces of Exodia at or even from ebay. Look over your cards and find effects that you know will helpful on playing Exodia and remember, playing Exodia might be hard but it is not impossible.

Exodia vs. Blue Eyes White Dragons

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  1. I got 4 common exodia arms and legs, and 1 ultra rare Exodia head. How about selling some stuff?

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