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LV monsters usually have great effects. It doesn’t matter if their LV2,4,6,8, or 10, their atk and def are good for their levels and their effects are very helpful.

Since the release of the Yugioh booster pack Soul of the Duelist, cards known as the LV monsters have started being sold. LV monsters are monsters that can be special summoned through effects of lower leveled monsters of the same generation. For instance, Silence Swordsman LV7 can be special summoned by tributing Silent Swordsman LV5 in your stanby phase.

The strongest LV monster in terms of stats is Armed Dragon LV10. He can only be special summoned by sacrificing one Armed Dragon LV7. Armed Dragon LV has 3000 attack and 2000 defense points. Plus his effect his very good. He can destroy all monsters on your opponent’s side of the field just by discarding one card from your hand. He can deal lots of life point damage to your foe, fast.

Winged Kuriboh LV10
Winged Kuriboh LV10

Winged Kuriboh LV10 is the strongest LV monster in the game. It is played by a spell card called Transcendent Wings, and might look like a weak monster to you at first.  The reason I feel Winged Kuriboh LV10 is hands down the strongest LV monster is due to his amazing ability. You can tribute him to destroy all monsters on your foe’s side of the field. Plus, your foe will lose life equal to the combined to the equal attack points of the monsters destroyed. If you equip cards like Axe of Despair or Malevolent Nuzzler to your opponent’s monsters, this effect will deal even more damage.

LV monsters can be used as beasts if you have the right combinations. The only bad thing about strong LV monsters is that they’re impossible to play without the monster effects. However these are cards I recommend any duelist to buy for, their stats and effects can beat your opponent down easily.

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  1. Winged Kuriboh LV10 is a horrible card. It’s a -4 (Transcendent Wings, the two discarded cards, and Winged Kuriboh itself) for a pathetic ball of fur whose effect is extremely limited. Now, it’s unlikely that you would have both Wings and Kuriboh out at the same time, but if you’re facing a LV10, all you have to do is not conduct your Battle Phase.
    Any experienced duelist would clear the backfield before attackign with several monsters, so your opponent can’t surprise you with a face-down Wings activated after you attack. All in all, not very effective.
    Armed Dragon is TERRIBLE. It isn’t searched out; it has to be summoned from your hand. SLOW.
    Horus LV8 is a wonderful card, but it is susceptible to monster effects if your field isn’t set up well enough.

  2. But your amusing, an experienced duelist would attack a weak card like Winged Kuriboh any day just to deal damage. Why do you think dueilsts attack despite the fact that their foe has a face down(s). Dealing damage. Winged Kuriboh LV10 is a fantastic card however you are right about Armed Dragon LV7/10. However their effects make up for the fact that they are difficult to summon.

  3. winged kuriboh lv 10 is an amazing card. But its summoning and cost is very hard. It can possibly win you the game in one turn. Ouch a raigeki and a magic cylinder combined. I know this thread is kinda old.

  4. @chord: any experienced duelist would clear the backfield before attacking, IF THEY COULD. If they don’t have something like cold wave or heavy storm, they will attack to A) see if it is a trap and/or B) make them use it. and there’s this thing called battle mania…

    Armed Dragon LV10 is slow, but LV7 ain’t too bad either. plus, you could always use level up.

  5. Winged Kuriboh LV10 is a very nice card, and if you can pull it off, throwing Jam Breeding Machine onto the field to increase the number of monsters on your field. Then equip Fighting Spirit to one of your opponent’s monsters before using LV10’s effect, the attack ATK boost should help your chances for a nice OTK. But it’s not exactly the easiest combo to pull off.

  6. it’d be easier and more effective to play ojama trio and equip your opponent’s monster with united we stand.

  7. actually that wouldn’t work at all because it only deals damage equal to original atk. the only thing that would work is megamorphs because that changes the original atk.

  8. now that i think about it, winged kuriboh lv 10 isn’t as good as i thought it was. its very situational, you can only activate its effect during your opponent’s battle phase and since it says to destroy all face up attack position monsters, your opponent can just switch their monsters face down or in defense. they can also skip their battle phase. so yeah not great anymore.

  9. nader

    Doesn’t matter, it could still be LIFE-THREATENING to your opponent. The timing of its effect may not be the best, but if it does activate, its magnitude of destruction is great.

  10. see that’s the problem, this card has the potential to be amazing if you pull it off, IF. it would be good to put lv 10 in some sort of stall deck and then strike when the time is right. the summon actually isn’t that horrific. i just wish that it wasn’t situational. ever heard of big bang dragon blow? (anime card) its basically similar.

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