My Best Yugioh Cards

My best three cards are Barrel Dragon, Wave Motion Cannon, and Zoma the Spirit. These cards are my powerhouses and each can be placed in a burn deck.

In this post I would like to talk about three cards from my Yugioh deck. My strongest monster, my strongest spell card, and my strongest trap. These cards are the heart and soul of my deck and are the reasons of why my Yugioh deck is strong.

My strongest is Barrel Dragon. You can’t accomplish many combos with it, but has an attack power of 2600. It also has a good effect. Every turn you can flip a coin three times. If 2/3 of the results are heads, it can destroy one monster on your opponent’s side of the field. It can easily destroy defending monsters as well.

My strongest spell is Wave Motion Cannon. It has a life-ending effect and is one of the best cards to add in a burn deck. After this card played, you can destroy it in your main phase. Your foe loses 1000 life points x every one of your standby phases that have passed after this card’s activation. You can speed up the process by playing cards like Pyro Clock of Destiny.

The best trap in my deck is Zoma the Spirit. Not only can it be played as a monster, once it is destroyed, your opponent loses life points equal to the attack points of the monster that destroyed Zoma. This is another card that can be put in a burn deck and can be acquired in the Phantom of Darkness booster pack.

These are three of my best Yugioh cards. I was very lucky to have received these cards. I hope that you find your special cards as I have found mine.

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  1. My good cards:

    Level 1-4:
    Gene warped warwolf, berserk gorilla, chainsaw insect

    Level 5-6
    Jinzo, mobius the frost monarch, iron chain dragon, goyo guardian

    Level 7-8
    Blue eyes white dragon (not really), ancient gear golem, super conductor tyranno, ultimate tyranno, van dalgyon the dark dragon lord, stardust dragon, red dragon archfiend

    Level 9+
    Five headed dragon, all the wicked gods, shooting star dragon, majestic star dragon, red nova dragon

    Shrink, riryoku(debatable), smashing ground, axe of despair

    Magic cylinder, draining shield, bottomless trap hole, sakuretsu armor(although its common), etc.

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