The Wicked Gods

Possibly one of the most powerful monsters in Yugioh, the Wicked Gods have been the talk of many duelists from generation x. However, Wicked Eraser is a weak card. Bad effect. 🙁

Everyone has heard of big time cards like the Egyptian God Cards, the Sacred Beast Cards, and the Yubel trio; but what about the Wicked Monsters? I have noticed that duelists have started to compare the Wicked Monsters with the big time cards. I decided to check up on this trio and found that they were as good as their hype.

The Wicked Avatar is the first of the Wickeds. It has a really good effect. When it is summoned, your opponent can’t activate spells and traps for two turns! Plus its attack power is always 100 points higher than the strongest monster on the field. If your opponent activates cards that lowers attack points, The Wicked Avatar still doesn’t lose attack points because his effect counters your opponent’s card.

The second Wicked is the Wicked Eraser. I don’t particularly like the Wicked Eraser. I find his effect not as useful as the other two’s. Just like the other two Wickeds, Eraser can only be summoned by sacrificing three monsters. When he’s played he gains a1000 attack multiplied by the number of monsters on your opponent’s side of the field. Another one of his effects is that you can destroy him in your main phase. That is so useless! When he’s sent to the graveyard, he destroys all cards on the field, including yours . That’s why I think Eraser is a bad monster.

The third Wicked is the scariest and strongest of the trio. It is The Wicked Dreadroot. His effect is decent, but if you really need to damage your opponent’s life points, The Wicked Dreadroot is the card to use. From the time he’s summoned till the time he is destroyed the Wicked Dreadroot halves the attack of all monsters on the field but his. This means it is almost guaranteed that every monster will be weaker than him. With everyone’s attack ½ the times it used to be, The Wicked Dreadroot will be able to destroy them with ease.

Many duelists say that the Wickeds are the evil forms of the Egyptian Gods. The Wicked Avatar resembles the orb on Winged Dragon of Ra’s head, while The Wicked Eraser is a dragon like Slifer the Sky Dragon and has a similar effect. The Wicked Dreadroot looks very close to Obelisk Tormentor and both have a human form unlike their partners. I think the Wickeds will one day be cards every one will want. There strong, look cool, and really help in a duel.

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  1. I personaly like the Wicked Gods because of their effects. I have the Wicked Avatar and it is the strongest card in my deck.

  2. I have All three wicked cards! 🙂
    I`m still in process of building a deck around them. But they are in there!
    Not telling anyone my formula though! 😀

    Tip: Have at least one “Double Costons” and “Samsara Kaiser” to make it easier to summon them!

  3. Sigh….Dreadroot is epic suck. A face-down Magic Cylinder, a Mirror Force, a Sakuretsu…it’s a three-tribute monster, which is extremely costly, and all it does is hit hard. I’ve seen better. The Avatar is similar….not very useful. The Eraser, however, can have very decent statistics, and his other effect is actually very useful. If you’re worried about face-downs, you can simply nuke the field and pull out somethign else to attack.

  4. I have all three Wicked Gods i have a fairly strong deck built for them. Tips for anyone who has these three cards would be:
    1) Be sure you have enough cards to sacrifice, because they all take 3 to be brought out.
    2) Put as many magic, spells, and traps as you can to bring back the monsters you sacrifice. Trust me it helps.
    3) Counter spells and traps will become your new best friends
    4) Make sure you remember the effect right

  5. I own all three cards and am also build a deck around them. They all have their strengths and weakness but if used in a proper deck they can copletely destroy an opponent. The Eraser is my favorite card due to the fact that he is more effective later in the game and is useful as a field bomb in case things are going south for you. Think of it like combining a dark hole with a variant of Slifer. The Wicked Avatar’s effects can be useful at any point in the game whil Dreadroot is better getting out there early to do a lot of damage. Tanner is also right when it comes to the proper deck construction. A couple dark effigy cards are very useful in this particular deck.

  6. I don’t think you can use dark effigy since dark effigy is only treates as 2 tributes for the tribute summon of a Normal DARK monster. You’d have to use Double Coston for effect monsters, plus Double Coston has more atk.

  7. The wicked avatar is definitely better than the winged dragon of ra. The winged dragon of ra is not as good as obelisk in my opinion. Its second effect is totally useless, as the first effects says to pay all but 100 of your life points to have ra gain that much attack. With only 100 LP left, it would be very difficult to activate its second effect: pay 1000 LP to destroy a monster. ALso, ra does not really have immunity to spells, traps, and effects, aside from when its summoned. Therefore, the wicked avatar is better.

    The wicked dreadroot is more powerful than obelisk, but obelisk is much better on the defensive. It cannot be targeted by spells, traps, or effects, which makes destroying it difficult because of his 4000 ATK. Its last effect isn’t too great: tribute 2 monsters to destroy all the opponent’s monsters, BUT obelisk cannot attack that turn. It’s simply not worth the cost.

    What’s better: ARmityle the chaos phantom or creater of light horakty (if it was a real card)? They are both fusions of sacred beasts, respectively.

  8. If I played a sacred beast deck, I would go as far as bringin out the sacred beasts but no further. Armityle the chaos phantom can be very vulnerable during your opponent’s turn, and yubel the ultimate nightmare will own armityle. But what are creator of light horakhty’s effects?

  9. well i don’t actually know, but here’s what i think:

    This card cannot be normal summoned or set. This card cannot be special summoned except by removing from play Obelisk the tormentor, Slifer the sky dragon and The winged dragon of ra on your side of the field. The special summon and the effect of this card cannot be negated. This card cannot be selected as an attack target and is unaffected by the effects of other monsters, spells, and traps. This card cannot be offered as a tribute. You take no battle damage from battles involving this card.

    The attack and defense would be infinite.

  10. I have a wicked avatar, a wicked eraser, and 2 wicked dreadroots. Plus, I have all sorts of cards that can make summoning these wicked gods a hell lot easier, such as double coston, double summon, ultimate offering, etc. I now run a beatdown deck, but if I wanted to, I can build a deck around the wicked gods.

  11. I really disagree with the blogger i think eraser is the best beside avater. 1 it say you can destroy the card but you do not have to. second it get powered so let it stay let your opponet destroy it so if he has sakuretsu or medusa worm or man eater then the field is wipe but it a risk deadroot is okay but half i could still destroy it with a magic or trap or even exibyo avater is the best and eraser they both help scare the opponets cards except deadroot when it attaks wow destroy my card but when it my turn you better be scared

  12. I have all three of the wickeds…and Relinquished…(I thought it went kinnda with the yugioh R manga ^-^ ) other then that I put the cards in my zombie deck ^^ but the wickeds still stay my best! my friend has the egyptian god cards along with the marik deck, and we agree the wickeds are at LEAST on par with them!

  13. I Android looking for the best deck to build along with my dreadroot and avatar. Right now it is in my gateway to the underworld. Avatar has best effect and can kill anything.

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