Yugioh Duel: My Mom VS I

Yes it was chaotic at times, but dueling my mom was not as bad as I thought. She played a good game until the end where she got mad at my deck.

Yesterday, I did a Yugioh experiment. I wanted to see what would happen if I dueled an adult, so I dueled my mom. She did better than I expected. Her combos were good, her monster selection was adequate, and she never gave up. However he just didn’t understand the game.

My mom used my main deck while I used my hero deck. The duel started out in her favor. Due to Cyber Dragon, she inflicted 5200 damage to me in two turns. Meanwhile I activated D-Hero Captain Tenacious’ ability. I brought back my D-Hero Doom Lord and removed Cyber Dragon from play. Next I played Buster Blader and attacked my mom directly.

It was a close duel until my mom became frustrated for her lack of high level monsters. From then on I played for her, dueling against myself. In the end I won when I played E-Hero Dark Neos and attacked her. With this duel I learned two things. One, with proper training my mom could be a great duelist and second, dueling against adults is not as exciting as dueling your friends.

When dueling adult, they will mess up several times. For example my mom played trap cards without setting them. Even though it was boring at times, I had a good time.

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