#1 Monster in Yugioh – Yubel Ultimate Nightmare

Yubel simply had to be number one. It one of the most wanted monsters in yugioh and every top ten list has yubel ranked very high.

The #1 monster in Yugioh is… Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare

Yubel The Ultimate Nightmare

The first time I saw Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare was on eBay. It was the talk of Yugioh when it was released. When I looked Yubel U.N. up to see what the hype was about, I was awed. Yubel was horrible at offense but was terrific defensively.

Yubel U.N. is one of those monsters that you like not for the attack but for the effect. Once Yubel U.N. is summoned, you’ve virtually won the duel. Yubel cannot be destroyed by battle and if it is attacked by a monster the monster is destroyed and your foe loses life points equal to the attack points of the monster. The only way someone can actually defeat Yubel U.N. is by spell and trap cards.

Yubel is the deadliest monster in Yugioh. If you guys think Exodia is good, then check out Yubel. It is very hard to acquire and the Yubel trio costs about $40, however availability is the only catch about Yubel. Other than that, Yubel U.N. is the best monster in Yugioh.

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  1. There is one main reason why this card is not the most powerful in the game. Summoning.

    To even play the first card you need, Yubel, you need to release (tribute/sacrifice) 3 monsters. A fairly difficult feat.
    You then need to protect Yubel from being destroyed until your next move.

    Dark Armed Dragon, I would say, is the best playable card right now. Until the march 2009 limited lists came out, the Teleport-Dark Armed Dragon Deck was the most powerful on the circuit. Here’s just one combo:

    Play destiny draw. Discard destiny hero malicious, draw 2. Play emergency teleport, and get krebons. Use malicious’s effect, remove from play and summon another from deck. Synchro summon for any Lv8 monster, (Stardust Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend etc). Summon armageddon knight – his effect places 1 dark monster in your graveyard. Special Summon Dark Armed Dragon. Remove 3 monsters in grave from play and destroy 3 cards on your opponents’ field – DAD’s effect. You now have 3000+2800+1600=7400 ATK on the field, and essentially a direct attack. play Ookazi or something, then attack with all monsters and win.

  2. That is a good combo but you have to admit that DAD’s effect is suckish compared to Yubel’s. It is a great card, and that is a combo, but this is the top ten monsters, not the top 10 combos

  3. you don’t need 3 tributes. yubel doesn’t have any summoning conditions, so you can tribute summon it, and level 10 monsters only need 2 tributes. or 1 if using double coston.

  4. To Yugiohblogger: Again, I disagree. Look up the card Forbidden Chalice. It is effectively a way to instantly kill any Yubel card. Its attack becomes 400 but its effect is negated. Therefore, it’s destroyed by battle, your opponent takes no damage and you take lots of damage.

    And no, DAD’s effect isn”t sucky compared to Yubel’s. You can easily bring it out very early in the game, and even if your opponent controlled 3 Yubel-The Ultimate Nightmare, he could kill all 3 in one fell swoop. he could also wipe out Mirror Force, Wall of Revealing Light and Sakuretsu armour, all of which would thwart Yubel.

    To morfowt: You’re right, apologies. But DAD is still better, and easier to play. Even if you have lots of dark monsters in your grave, playing Prometheus, King of the Shadows allows you to remove as many DARK cards as you want, powering him up and letting you play DAD.

  5. well every card has some kind of weakness. Yubel’s just happened to be forbidden chalice.

    DAD has a weakness too: imperial iron wall. it prevents monsters from being removed from play. so DAD can’t use it’s effect.

    Skill Drain would obviously stop many of these 10 monsters. The only exception I believe is Exodia.

    I agree DAD isn’t suckish, but whether it’s better than Yubel… I still need to think on that.

  6. That’s true. But Imperial Iron Wall is easier to counter than Forbidden Chalice. There are lots of cards than enable you to destroy face-up spell or traps. And if you use Forbidden Chalice in the battle step, there are very few cards that can stop it.

    Also, DAD is Limited, and Yubel-TUN is not. DAD had a deck built around it, Yubel has not. DAD also fits into many other powerful decks, such as Zombie and Destiny Hero, Yubel does not.

  7. DAD is limited but Yubel is unlimited you can have to three of them. Also, Exodia doesn’t have a deck built around it, yet, if you can gather the pieces, it wins you the duel. So what I am saying is, that there are a lot factors that goes into saying who is the strong monster. Plus it’s also opinion. You like DAD, that’s fine, but I like Yubel TUN and there is nothing wrong about any of those opinions.

  8. Forbidden Chalice also negates the effect of the monster it’s used on, and it’s also Quick-play, so it can be activated on your opponent’s turn when you attack.

  9. Basically, it turns Yubel-TUN into a normal monster with 400 ATK. And there are actually many decks built around Exodia, that involve cards like Sangan and Appropriate to quickly draw cards. Some people also play Exodia Necross decks (which work well with Gravekeeper cards) and Exodios the Ultimate Forbidden Lord decks.

    The Teleport-DAD deck was at the top of all the tournament circuits until the March-2009 banlist, which limited and banned many of the key cards. It’s still a pretty powerful deck.

  10. yubel the ultimate nightmare in my opinion is so much better than DAD. yubel is very underated but the fact is that it has a much better effect. I think dragon master knight is the most powerful monster monster or armitael phantasm of chaos. Armitael phantasm of chaos has the best effect it gains 10,000 ATK per turn. Dragon master knight also has an awesome effect and with five headed dragon are the most powerful in terms of attack and defense. Both have 5,000 ATK and DEF. Still yubel the ultimate nightmare is one of the most powerful cards it has an awesome effect that it takes no battle damage and can’t be destroyed by battle.

  11. exodia decks have evolved with cards such as deep diver which adds a card from your deck to the top of it and others that allow cards from the deck to hand or top of deck or field

  12. who would win in a fight between yubel the ultimate nightmare vs five headed dragon please someone tell me

  13. well if it was just the two of them, yubel’s effect would be superior. however, if magic and traps and other monsters were involved… well it’d be a different story, and it’d depend on the other cards…

  14. this card is not really good. it can be killed b spells and traps.. so sakaretsu, raigeki break, tribute to te doomed, all those cards can destroy it

  15. although yubel is a fiend type monster. It’s first form is more like a winged beast and her second and third form is more like a dragon type.

  16. Yes but those cards effect a lot of monsters, not just Yubel. Forbidden Chalice targets Yubel specifically because Yubel revolves around effects, which Forbidden Chalice negates.

  17. nader just said cards that could destroy yubel. never said anything about specifically good against yubel.

  18. No, not necessarily. Monster related effects are usually effects that target another type of monster. For instance, fairy monsters have/had effects that target fiend monsters and vice versa.

  19. eh… I can’t think of one light monster off the top of my head whose effect can destroy dark monsters, so I believe that would be false… but I could be wrong…

    which is exactly why I said “need I continue?”

  20. there is one dark type monster i know that can get destroyed buy a light monster. (five headed dragon). Other than that some people say light monsters have an advantage over dark monsters. I’m not 100% sure but i think some light monsters can kill dark ones

  21. Actually, there’s an entire dark monsters archetype to destroy light monsters specifically. Check out the Allies of Justice archetype. Although sadly, it’s not on TCG yet (with the exception of Catastor coming this Nov. 10 with the tournament legalization of the Hidden Arsenal pack).

    I see a lot of possibilities with this archetype, sure it’s anti-Light and not working off the bat against other attributes, but nothing DNA Transplant can’t handle. Being entirely Machine type also provides this archetype with a lot of supports.

    Although being Machine also brings this archetype to some counter machine cards (eg: System Down, in addition to the usual cards).

  22. there is this new monster called armitael phantasm of chaos. It’s not yet released in america but i heard it is one of the most powerful monsters. It is a fusion of all 3 sacred beasts. Its ATK and DEF are 0/0 but its effect is awesome. It can’t be destroyed in battle and once per your turn it gains 10,000 ATK. Thats a little bit too much in my opinion but i still like it. I’m not sure if there are any spell or trap cards that can destroy it.

  23. oh yeah it’s not really a good idea to summon it unless the monster is really powerful. Summoning armitael will take a very very long time. Though its powerful the summoning is very hard.

  24. eh… unless it has some other effect I’m not aware of (and it probably does), it’s even easier to summon than any of the three sacred beasts. if you have all 3 sacred beasts in your hand, you could just play polymerization. again, that’s assuming there’s no other effect.

    as for any spell or trap cards that can destroy it: again, unless it has another effect, it can be destroyed by any magic or trap that can normally destroy a monster, like raigeki, dark hole, two-pronged attack, tribute to the doom, fissure, and lightning vortex

  25. there’s also a fusion of the egyptian gods. the creator of light horakhty. It has infinity atk and def. It probably isn’t real though. I think it can stop exodia since horakhty has infinity atk and def.

  26. well yeah. there are so many, I’m not gonna list all of them…

    they’re forbidden only in advanced list. in the traditional list, it’s just limited

  27. armitael phantasm of chaos does require the monsters on the field. Its main weakness would be a magic cylinder. A curse of anubis would make it stupid and though being powerful, he is weak against spell and traps. Yubel ultimate nightmare would really be strong against that guy!!! A monster reborn to resummon uria would be useful but yubel remains a big problem.

  28. so if it would be an armitael phantasm of chaos vs yubel the ultimate nightmare battle which involved spell and trap cards who would most likely win?

  29. it’d really depend on what magic/trap cards there were. there’s such a variety, just one more could completely change the outcome…

  30. there’s also a card called divine serpent which like horakhty has infinity atk and def. By the effect of orichalcos shunoros. You then reduce your life points to 0. When the card is face up you won’t lose the duel. So i think this card could defeat exodia if you summon divine serpent first because although exodia is an automatic win you won’t lose the duel if you have divine serpent.

  31. umm….thats stupid cuz divine serpent is an automatic win and I don’t even see how the divine serpent could even attack since its already automatic win.

  32. ah, my mistake, I misread the effect. Its not an automatic win but however a card like regaiki, darkhole, traphole would make you lose since it already reduce all your lp to 0. Nah divine is more of a weakness. you must keep looking after it because otherwise you lose. Plus due to Yuble TUN’s effect he can destroy divine serpent. Traps affect him, so does Yubel, but yuble’s effect makes him quite weak cuz he won’t damage you if he attacks yubel whereas yuble does affect you if he attacks divine.

  33. so i guess it doesn’t matter how many attack or defense points your opponents monster has so that means yubel’s effect can destroy the opponents monster regardless of how high the attack or defense points are

  34. Yubel is pretty good, but it’s pretty hard to summon it. Most of time Yubel will be destroyed by an Fissure, trap hole, bottomless etc.
    So I think Darkness Neosphere it’s a better option, it’s easier to summon, has a similar effect (cannot be destroyed in battle) and it has 4000 atk.
    It’s better artwork and price also count for me ^^.

  35. i think like yubel darkness neosphere can get destroyed by dark hole or magic cylinder. Yubel can’t get destroyed by a magic cylinder since it has 0 atk.

  36. use harpie’s feather duster if there is a spell or trap card that can harm yubel. Harpie’s feather duster destroys all opponents spell and trap cards

  37. ok first of all, trap hole do not work on yubel because it has 0 atk, and trap hole only works on monsters with 1000 atk or higher

    secondly, magic cylinder does NOT destroy. it simply damages the opponent’s life points.

    and how is darkness neosphere’s effect like yubel? if it’s just that it can’t be destroyed by battle, there’s a lot of cards that have that effect.

  38. sorry i misread the effect of magic cylinder and doesn’t dark hole destroy like 99% of all the yugioh monsters

  39. i don’t know why but how is DAD that powerful. It is a fair card but there are many cards that can destroy it. I even heard that forbidden chalice also affects DAD. thus if yubel and DAD fought in a physical battle again yubel’s effect destroys him and the opponent will lose 2800 life points.

  40. what do you guys think is the most powerful and great card in yugioh that hardly gets destroyed buy monsters or spell and trap cards. I think yubel is very high on my list but i like dragon master knight the best.

  41. what do you guys think is the most powerful and great card in yugioh that hardly gets destroyed buy monsters or spell and trap cards. I think yubel is very high on my list but i like dragon master knight the best.

    I don’t know about most powerful, but I’d say kuriboh and hanewata are the most often seen cards that don’t get destroyed…

  42. if you read the effect of both cards. yubel has a much better effect. DAD can’t destroy yubel because if he attacks first he will be destroyed by yubel’s effect thus you can’t take any battle damage whereas with DAD you can.

  43. if a card is forbidden like tsukuyomi, BLS EOB etc. does that mean that there too powerful too put in a deck or what?

  44. I think I heard somewhere that it just means they were key cards in powerful combos. they ban those cards so the combos can’t be used in the next tournament.

  45. The reason I like Yubel it isn’t really vulnerable to monsters. However Dragon Master Knight is. A megamorph on a Blue Eyes… that would be able to defeat DMK. However, it’s still a really good card to have!

  46. Yeah but it’s not like Yubel’s the only thing DAD can destroy. It’s effect can destroy a lot of cards, the matter is you have to find a way to defend Yubel, use cards like Trap Hole to destroy DAD.

  47. Yubel can’t be destroyed by DAD because it says on the card “this card cannot be destroyed by battle.”. If you read the effect on both cards you can see that yubel’s effect is better. And forbidden chalice also affects DAD too not just Yubel. There are also less cards that can destroy Yubel. And with DAD there are alot more cards that can destroy it. You have more protection with Yubel, whereas with DAD you don’t have as much protection.

  48. how about super fusion god.(I don’t know if its real.) this card cannot be special summoned except by removing from play 1 monster of each level, from 1 to 12 from your hand,graveyard, or side of the field. It has Infinity atk and def. Its like impossible to summon because most of the high level monsters are fusions so that will take too long to summon.

  49. @nader- “Yubel can’t be destroyed by DAD because it says on the card “this card cannot be destroyed by battle.”.”

    DAD’s EFFECT to destroy cards on the field can destroy Yubel without having to battle. The reason DAD is so hyped is becasue through his EFFECT, you could destroy all your opponents cards on the field and then attack directly.

    What I’m trying to say is that 1v1, without any other cards, Both cards beat each other. Just depends on who attacks first. Of course with traps and spells you could get rid of DAD but the same applies to Yubel. Thats the whole point of balance so that no one card is overpowered.

  50. here’s my top 10 list of most powerful monsters.
    1.creator of light horakhty?, divine serpent?, super fusion god?
    2.egyptian god cards
    3.armitael phantasm of chaos
    4.yubel the ultimate nightmare
    5.dragon master knight
    6.five headed dragon
    7.sacred beasts
    8.blue eyes ultimate dragon
    9.rainbow neos
    10.blue eyes shining dragon

  51. ah rainbow neos is good but yubel,armitael,egyptian gods, and the #1s can all destroy him buy their effects

  52. also DMK adds 500 atk points for each dragon type on your side. Lets say i have 4 dragons. 500×4=2000 so 5000+2000=7000 ATK points.

  53. I cant deny thay allof them r good but yubel tun remains my favoutite. I cannot deny that DMK is good how about thorwing in a DNA surgical something with it???

  54. actually there is a tournament legal obelisk the tormentor that has an effect: htt://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Obelisk_the_Tormentor_(Effect_Monster)
    (took out the p in http on purpose so I didn’t have to wait for moderation)

  55. anybody heard of the earthbound immortals? they are great csrds to have. They can’t be targeted basically by other monsters. They look really cool too.

  56. Nah… there is only one monster that can beat Yubel, Earthbounds, Darkness Neosphere and any other :

    Skull Servant

    “A skeletal ghost that isn’t strong, but can mean trouble in large numbers”

    An army of this guy can rip anything to shreds 😛

  57. yeah… unfortunately, you can’t have an army of skull servants in your deck. you can only have 3. although if you have a king of the skull servants, it’s possible for it to have 8000 atk points. equip with an opti-camouflage armor, and it’s bye-bye to your opponent…

  58. i just looked up skull servant and it sucks. no offense. It doesn’t even have an effect and it only has 300 atk and 200 def.

  59. how can it defeat yubel,neosphere and all the cards in yugioh. I say that 99% of the cards in yugioh can destroy it. What’s more disappointing is that it has no effect.

  60. No it doesn’t suck.

    It has a hidden effect when you make a deck of 40 Skull Servants.

    Try it….but be prepared…

  61. yeah, skull servant by itself does suck, but check out king of the skull servants. now that card is pretty powerful…

  62. yugiohblogger, Armityle came out in Hidden Arsenal. Like in English lol.

    Also if you guys like Yubel TUN so much you should check out the second form Terro Incarnate:

    This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except with the effect of “Yubel”. This card cannot be destroyed by battle. All Battle Damage you take from a battle involving this card becomes 0. If this face-up Attack Position card is attacked by your opponent’s monster, inflict damage to your opponent’s Life Points equal to the ATK of the attacking monster. During your End Phase, destroy all other monsters on the field. If this card is removed from the field, you can Special Summon 1 “Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare” from your hand, Deck or Graveyard.

    I think the fact that it’s a permanent Dark Hole too makes it actually better than Yubel TUN

  63. First off it would be ridiculous hard to have both Armityle and DMK on the field at the same time. If you did then thats pretty much an OTK.
    Anyway Yubel TI’s Dark Hole effect activates at the End Phase so I could still attack with my monsters before they’re destroyed. And Yubel still stays on the field.

  64. Fine but the point is they’d still be destroyed. Could you live with that? Ok maybe Armityle and DMK is unrealistic. How about Armed Dragon LV10 and DAD? They’d be good for less than a turn!

  65. Point is after that turn you won the game anyway. The other monsters dont matter, what matters is that at each and every End Phase your opponent is wide OPEN FOR A DIRECT ATTACK.

  66. I see where you’re coming from but I think you misread the effect. You could direct attack on your turn, if, Terror Incarnate’s ability worked during the foe’s end phase. It’s ability only works on your end phase, so you couldn’t direct attack.

  67. actually, you could if your opponent was unlucky enough not to be able to summon a monster. of course, that works both ways. if you can’t summon a monster to attack with, you can’t attack directly.

  68. No, I knew exactly what I was saying, probably didnt word it wright. Point is that you have TI on the field, ultimate shield. So you will always have TI on the field while your opponent might not draw a monster to defend himself, considering they all get distroyed.

  69. to be serious though, yubel ti would win because yubel tun’s strength is just dealing any battle damage, not just when it’s attacked, to the opponent. since both yubels have 0 atk, yubel tun’s effect is useless. yubel ti on the other hand can destroy yubel tun with it’s dark hole effect…

  70. well you can’t really tell which is stronger just by having them battle each other. yubel tun would be completely powerless against yubel ti, but it’d be a different story against say a blue-eyes white dragon.

    but yeah I’d say yubel is the weakest because it has a maintenance cost

  71. my point was just because a monster can’t beat one particular monster, does not necessarily mean it’s weaker than that monster in the game overall…

  72. Yea I know, that’s pretty general. But in this case TI just happens to be better than TUN, and not solely because IT beats TUN 1v1.

  73. Ok, TI has a set back. His (destroy all monsters on the field) is only activated during your turn. Not the foe’s, yours. So at the end of your opponent’s turn, their monsters are not destroyed, no. So you can’t direct attack them during your turn, that’s why that ability isn’t that great. Not only are your monsters destroyed, it doesn’t activate every turn, only yours. You can read the effect here: Yubel Terror Incarnate.

  74. yugiohblogger, we all already know ti’s effect activates at the end of our turn. that still creates a possible opening for a direct attack if your opponent can’t summon a monster on their turn.

    I’m saying ti can beat tun 1 on 1, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than tun. their effects are too different to say for sure which is better.

  75. No actually TI can’t Yubel TUN in 1v1. If Yubel TUN attacked TI sure PART of his effect wouldn’t activate. However, TI woulds still be destroyed at the end of the turn!

  76. huh, you’re right. I never noticed this, but TI’s effect doesn’t say it can’t be destroyed by battle…

    that means TUN can be special summoned even if TI just attacks…

  77. 1. it’s practically the signature card of seto kaiba
    2. it’s a pretty powerful fusion monster and its fusion material monsters are powerful as well
    3. you need it to summon blue-eyes shining dragon which is even better

    and for me personally, 4. it’s the first fusion monster I heard of that uses more than 2 fusion material monsters

  78. nader didn’t ask what’s good about it. he asked what’s special about it. and good or not, #4 is special…

  79. yes though some rankings of strongest monsters include blue eyes ultimate dragon but not DMK i wonder why.

  80. probably because it’s easier to summon then DMK. I mean a fusion of another fusion monster and a ritual monster? need I say more?

  81. Thought this comment could go to Nader, in response to why BEUD was so special. But keep in mind, this is only my opinion.

    Back when Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon hit the scene, The original Blue-Eyes was a heavy hitter and widely popular. Even nowadays you can find a sweet combo if you have three of them. Using Summoner’s Art to grab one and Ancient Rules to play it without a tribute from your hand. Came in handy when you had one on the field, but only one other monster to sacrifice. No point in sacrificing one Blue-Eyes for another. Then once you have all three in play, you activate Delta Attacker.

    You can only activate this card while there are 3 Normal Monsters of the same name (except Tokens) on your side of the field. The 3 Normal Monsters of the same name can attack your opponent’s Life Points directly during the turn that this card is activated.

    Most of us would have something in reserve, like Trap Jammer and even Magic Jammer to ensure this move was successful. A Counter Counter didn’t hurt the odds either.

    Blue-Eyes being as popular as it was, especially for fans of Dragon-Type monsters like myself, a Fusion of three of them was more than likely never imagined by it’s fans. Especially with most of us in our early to late teens at this time. The artwork on it, as far as dragons go, was nearly epic compared to the work done with the original. Not to mention a few Dragon Treasures, made it a force to be reckoned with, allowing those who played with BEUD to smile when someone managed to bring Five-Headed Dragon onto the field. I’ve run a Blue-Eyes deck before, and occasionally put it back together just to relive the old days.

    Another reason it became special is because most opinions on Kaiba weren’t too high, considering in the first episode he was stomped by Yugi/Atem, so his ultimate beast was created to give him a fighting chance and prove to us he wouldn’t be a one-hit wonder in the anime. And without this card in his arsenal, yugioh’s popularity wouldn’t have been very high with Kaiba’s supporting role throughout the series. Especially when Yugi summoned Black Luster Soldier, Magician of Black Chaos, and Dark Sage. Since Yugi’s Dark Magician received a few upgrades, it was only fair to give Blue-Eyes one or two of it’s own as well. And nothing boosted Blue-Eyes’ popularity more than DMK, like morfowt said, a fusion monster requiring a fusion monster was almost unthinkable.

    I think I’ll build myself a Red-Eyes/Blue-Eyes Deck. When I’m done, maybe I’ll find a section to post it, could always use a few more opinions on tweaking it.

    Anyway Nader, I hope this explains it for you better.

  82. I already have a red-eyes/blue-eyes deck, but it only works for casual duels because it’s based on traditional format, it uses anime/manga only cards and it has some custom cards too. But the synergy is pretty good because even if they’re destroyed, they can be used to special summon Chaos Emperor Dragon, and being all dragons, not too hard to add support cards… but like I said, only for casual duels. I suppose I could make it more competitive if I wanted to…

  83. I don’t play competitively, I don’t feel I have the collection variety to stand up against the crazy decks on the tournament scene. But I have yet to build a deck that follows the Forbidden/Limited Lists.

  84. someone said that rainbow neos is the strongest monster in the game but that’s not true since DMK and FGD have 5000 atk while RN is only 4500 atk.

  85. actually i think dmk has the best effect. you gain 500 atk for all dragons on your side of the field. 5000+500X lets say 4 dragons. 5000+2000=7000. but i still think that armitael hast the best effect in yugioh.

  86. It is a good a card, but the down side about Lava Golem is that your opponent can use it to their advantage. 3000 atk points? That would come as a really handy card to duelist who uses low-stat monsters. However, it does inflict 1000 life points to your foe a turn so I guess it’s an okay card.

  87. 3000 ATK points do them no good, if you can make sure you have the strongest monster on the field, or happen to have slid a Scrap-Iron Scarecrow in your deck. =^)

  88. Just read up on Armityle. That is one sick card. But you have to have the Sacred Beast gods on the field before you can use it. DMK is a little easier to get out, thanks to Future Fusion. And you don’t have to sacrifice any monsters. Which would only hurt you, if your deck relies on your graveyard. But if that were the case, you probably wouldn’t be playing with Future Fusion.

  89. I personally think beast king barbaros is a better card. it can be a combination raigeki and harpie’s feather duster by sacrificing 3 monsters, a 3000 beatstick for 2 monsters, or a 1900 beatstick for no cost…

  90. So I dueled my friend’s proxy Yubel deck yesterday. SOOOOOO annoying. Coundnt even get one attack through.

  91. A good way to help limit the monsters your use for a Yubel Deck is to put Jam Breeding Machine in. Because I’m sure you can still special summon with that card on the field.

  92. Yes, I have a trap card that works with her, check out the yugioh wikia site, it’s got all the stats and rulings on cards you probably didn’t know existed.

    I’ve decided to make “my” website the wikia page so just click on my name and it’ll take you there.

  93. Yeah that would be a hard one to summon, because all the Sacred Beast Gods are hard to summon individually. But we can’t forget the HARDEST monster to summon, would be one you don’t have all the required cards for. Like I have Flying Fortress Skyfire, but not the Trap Reactor to summon it.

  94. Now that I think about it, Yugiohblogger, isn’t it a little redundant to make your name a link to this blog since those of us who post here already have this place bookmarked? =^P

  95. um, super fusion god is not a real card… at least not yet. and it’s not the fusion of the sacred beast gods. that would be armityle.

    I’d say hardest monster to summon is Boar Soldier. You literally can’t summon it without setting it first, and with only 500 DEF, not likely to last long enough to be flip summoned.

    infernity zero might be a close second. you can only summon it when you’re about to lose the duel by a card effect. unless the opponent uses a volcanic deck, not that likely to happen.

  96. Well Armityle is the only fusion of any of the gods that I know about, so because Armityle is the only one in print I commented as if he had mentioned it instead. =^)

  97. FHD also has a downturn. It can be destroyed by light type monsters IF THE LIGHT MONSTER HAS HIGHER ATK THEN FHD.

  98. Well, Sinister Serpent is banned because it can become easy discard fodder for important cards that need a discard in the deck like Lightning Vortex and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. This makes these already powerful cards even more powerful because it makes that card practically costless! You can use this card for Snipe Hunter also!

    Some combos that Sinister Serpent can do is when cards like Foolish Burial and Skreech send Sinister Serpent to the graveyard. Then, you may return Sinister Serpent to your hand and this gives you some sort of hand advantage.

    As mentioned earlier, you may use this as a discard fodder so that cards like Magic Jammer would have, technically, no cost. It is illegal because many powerful cards that have a discard cost would be costless. This card is more “broken” than anything though.

  99. it is because when you summon samara lotus during each of your standby phases you deal with 1000 in damage. how ridiculous is that?

  100. Not if you happen to have Prime Material Dragon on the field first. Then you gain 1000 LP each turn. There’s more to knowing how a card works, you have to know how to play it as well.

  101. armityle. neither can be summoned without other cards, which I don’t have, but at least armityle doesn’t take up space in the main deck.

  102. this new yugioh movie came out a month ago in japan. Its called Super Fusion! Bonds that Transcend time. There are these new yugioh monsters called Sin monsters. They haven’t been released yet though. I don’t think they will be released sin they are way too powerful. Sin Truth Dragon is an example. 5000 Atk and Def. The effect reads: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except with “Sin Paradigm Shift”. When a “Sin” monster you control destroys an opponent’s monster, destroy all monsters your opponent controls. When this card destroys a monster by battle, inflict 800 damage to your opponent. When this card would be destroyed, you can remove from play 1 “Sin” monster from your Graveyard instead.

  103. oh wait thats pretty obvious. Either Chaos Emperor Dragon Envoy of the End or Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning.

  104. I honestly feel like that some cards banned or limited dont deserve to be. Though some that are unlimited deserve to be banned or limited. I feel that cards like Armityle or Vennominaga should at least be limited especially Vennominaga. One of her effects is similar to that of the egyptian god cards. Thus she has a winning condition. You see what I mean?

  105. oh yea normally 100 atk and def is the weakest but for some reason it has 50 def and the effect is unknown. thus it is an anime exclusive card so you cant buy it. so that means that the weakest stats are 100 for atk and def.

  106. for some reason it has 50 def and the effect is unknown. thus it is an anime exclusive card so you cant buy it. so that means that the weakest stats are 100 for atk and def for any card ie: Treeborn Frog, Reptilianne Servant, Charm of Shabti, Stardust Xiaolong, Crystal Seer, Attachment Dragon.

  107. i know that there are lots of monsters with o atk and def but i wanted to be more specific of weakest stats BESIDES 0.

  108. majestic red dragon and majestic star dragon are really good cards but don’t you think that majestic dragon buy itself sucks? I mean 0 atk 0 def level 1 not much of an effect?

  109. Umm, no. It is a crucial part to play the Majestic Dragons. So it’s effect is actually very good because it is one of the only ways one can play the Majestic Dragons.

  110. what im saying is that if you dont have red dragon archfiend or stardust dragon, majestic dragon is totally useless.

  111. Not entirely, by itself in defense mode it can save your life points if it goes up against a monster that doesn’t have an effect to make defense mode pointless.

    Even if you don’t have the Majestic Dragons, it works well with other cards, like Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, and I believe that Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon carries the same effect as Darkness Dragon.

    Or you can use it with Cannon Soldier as well, for a direct strike at your opponent’s Life Points.

  112. besides, you don’t need thousand-eyes idol for thousand-eyes restrict. you can use any fusion substitute or any way to summon him that isn’t a fusion summon. elemental hero prisma and the dark – hex sealed fusion is probably the easiest way.

  113. actually no, thousand-eyes restrict has a much better effect. it completely stops your opponent from attacking, IN ADDITION TO reliquished’s effect.

  114. Reptilianne Naga cannot be destroyed by battle. The ATK of any monster that battles this card becomes 0 at the end of that Battle Phase. During your End Phase, change this face-up Defense Position card on the field to face-up Attack Position. Its actually a good card to have and fits well in most decks. She’s cute too.

  115. i always thought that infernity zero was the best level 1 monster. you can’t lose the duel with it (that’s pushing it). But cant another monster card negate that effect?

  116. is it true that forbidden chalice wont effect arcana force 0 the fool since he can negate and destroy spell and trap cards that target

  117. Well since Nader put the same comment on two topics, I guess I’ll state my opinion on Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings. First let’s look at it’s effect:

    “This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by controlling 3 or more face-up Continuous Spell Cards. When this attacking card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, your opponent selects and sends 1 card from their hand to the Graveyard, and you draw 1 card. During your Standby Phase, if this card is in your Graveyard and was sent there from the field, you can send 1 face-up Continuous Spell Card you control to the Graveyard to Special Summon this card from the Graveyard.”

    It’s a little difficult to summon, considering you’d have to keep three continuous spells cards on the field, and in a way it’s like Uria’s summoning conditions. However, being able to draw a card and forcing your opponent to discard a card every time this beast inflicts damage, makes up for the summoning conditions. It would be a bit better if you could choose the card they discard, giving you a better chance of foiling your opponent’s strategy. Then add in the effect of being able to tribute a face-up Continuous spell card to bring her back and you’ve got quite the pest for your opponent.

    But of course a card isn’t just about effect alone, this card possesses other uses besides it’s effects. Being only a Level 6, you only have to tribute one monster to bring it out, slipping a Cost Down card into your deck gives you a tribute-free powerhouse. The fact it’s a Dark attribute monster makes it helpful for summoning Rainbow Dark Dragon, since you only need 7 dark monsters with different names to summon it. Then you have it’s 1900/2600 base, a Shield & Sword can make it stronger than Red-Eyes Black Dragon. And because it’s a Dragon-Type monster, you can throw a few Dragon Treasures on it to put Blue-Eyes White Dragon to shame.

    And then lastly you have the picture, while you can see it is a Dragon type, the design isn’t what you’d expect from the name of the card, it looks like it should join the ranks of the various other monsters that carry the name “Dragon” without being one at all. Obsidian Dragon, Solar Flare Dragon, Twin-Headed Fire Dragon and Berserk Dragon just to name a few examples. Dragon types have always had some of the best stats and even some nice effects, so the fact this one looks more suited to being a Plant Type than a Dragon is a bit weird, but considering all the dragons out there I’m sure it was hard for the artists to find a suitable picture to represent a card that with dominate most tournaments until thrown on the Forbidden list.

  118. ok, first of all, cost down means nothing here because you can’t normal summon it.

    dragon treasure is bad. I’d rather run axe of despair or united we stand. more atk gains, less situations.

    it’s more like hamon than uria because hamon also requires 3 continuous spells for a summon. And it’s pretty easy to summon this if you stick it in a crystal beast deck because the crystal beasts become continuous spells when they’re destroyed.

  119. i like this not only for the effect but for the art and name. Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings, sounds terrifying.

  120. I don’t have Cost Down, so I admit my error there. But Axe of Despair means just as much as Cost down, because Axe of Despair targets Fiend-Type monsters. DQoTE is not a fiend monster. So guess we’ve even. =^D

    I also only go with the cards I have, and not having Hamon I went off the one I was more familiar with. The Crystal Beasts is a good idea however, I wasn’t think of that when I wrote the post.

  121. uh… where did you get axe of despair targets fiends? axe of despair add 1000 atk to any monster it’s equipped to, not just fiends.

  122. In a few years this list of strongest monsters has to be changed (just saying). Too many powerful monsters are coming out. Like Battle Fader. It ends the battle phase from a direct attack O_O

  123. what difference does star blast make? you still need 3 continuous spells to special summon it…

  124. don’t you guys agree that DAD is way too overrated? I know a card(s) that can can instantly kill it. Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. Neither player can Special Summon monsters. When this card is flipped face-up, destroy all Special Summoned monsters on the field. Thats the effect. Since DAD is Special Summoned then puff DAD is gone.

  125. overrated? kinda. but not because pachycephalo can kill it. it could easily kill judgment dragon as well, but that’s definitely NOT overrated. point is, majority of really good cards can be killed the traditional way (like lightning vortex) but that doesn’t mean they’re overrated. it just means it’s not completely overpowered.

    the reason I think DAD is overrated is because it’s summoning requirements are really specific (exactly 3 DARK monsters in your graveyard) so unless you draw him early, or have a balanced number of DARK monsters, seems unlikely you’d have just 3 in your graveyard…

    and besides, you’d have to set pachycephalo first to destroy DAD. more often than not, DAD would destroy it with its effect before pachycephalo could flip face-up.

  126. I heard that the cover card of the duelist revolution will be Surging Dragon Knight Dragonquetess. Any thoughts of what’s it going to look like or do?

  127. I heard that the cover card of the duelist revolution will be Surging Dragon Knight Dragonquetess. Any thoughts of what’s it going to look like or do

  128. I’m pretty sure that’s the 5th Dragon. I went to wiki and the all the images are blocked. But if you look closely, you can see that it looks much like the 5th Dragon.

  129. i think gate guardian is a terrible card. have to tribute 3 monsters just to summon a monster with 3750 attack and 3400 defense. it also has no effect.

  130. do you guys agree that malefic (sin) Truth Dragon is extremely broken? Level 12 DARK Dragon 5000 ATK and 5000 DEF. Effect:

    This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except with “Malefic Paradigm Shift”. When a “Malefic” monster you control destroys an opponent’s monster, destroy all monsters your opponent controls and inflict 800 damage to your opponent for each monster destroyed by this effect. If this card would be destroyed, you can remove from play 1 “Malefic” monster from your Graveyard instead.

  131. It can still be affected by magic cylinder. Play raidient( is that the spelling??) to make him weak th destructive traps such as mirror force. Dark mirror force can be used if you have a face down curse of anubis. Soul release can also be used. but i agree its a broken card.

  132. sorry just noticed a mistake radient the banisher. Well its hard to summon, and most likely would shatter your foe’s mood if you killed it but banworthy is a bit to big. Tribute to the doomed is fine but only with radient the banisher or soul release. Since the topic of this post is YUBEL TUN i believe yubel would beat it. Yubel’s effect would also doom him with a
    -5000 lp damage. If you use only yubel then whatever he does will be use less…if considering no spell or traps.

  133. but yubel tun can be destroyed by monster effects i thought. part of sin truth’s effect is that when a sin monster you control destroys a monster by battle destroy all of the opponents monsters so im not sure.

  134. any ways if your talking about 1 on 1 battle yubel tun will win if it was more than that it could change. Monster effects that can destroy both of them include consecrated light, fossil dyna pachycephalo, majestic star and red dragons……

  135. forgot to say that… but sometimes you and your opponent will most likely have more than 1 or 2 monsters on the field. 1 on 1 winner: Yubel TUN. more than that depends.

  136. what do you guys think about listing the top 10 most powerful level 1 monsters .(including anime exclusive cards)

  137. That Surging Dragonknight was in the newest episode of 5D’s. Its a fusion between Stardust Dragon and Junk Warrior. It has like 3200 atk and 2000 or 2100 def. The effects I saw in the episode where pretty cool, especially one where if you remove from play a synchro in your graveyard, Dragonknight gains it’s effect for a turn.

  138. im not sure if vennominaga is the only card immune to monster effects speels and traps. Do any of you guys know other monsters like that (DO NOT SAY THE EGYPTIAN GOD CARDS)

  139. There are monsters that can negate monster effects, like Light & Darkness Dragon. Prime Material Dragon can, but I believe the opposing effect has to target a specific Dragon-Type to work effectively.

  140. Mist body is a good card and does get the job done, but nader was interested in the monsters that can do the same thing on their own. =^)

  141. yes cause vennominaga is immune to everything besides battle but even beating her in battle will be tough depending on how many reptiles are in the graveyard. vennominaga plus a waboku can mean extremely huge trouble for your opponent.

  142. I’d equip a Fighting Spirit to her, when a summon will only make her stronger, might make your opponent second guess his move. A Mage Power wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Probably better than Fighting Spirit.

  143. OR maybe have all of them to make vennominaga almost invincible. I have a vennominaga and with my clever strategies i was able to beat an entire Tele-DAD deck one time and a blackwing deck.

  144. uh i wanna know which cards are a weakness to the majestic star and the red dragons. There effects are stellar but i wanna know which cards might screw them up. I heard Vennominaga can but im not sure if other cards can.

  145. Can you make a list about the top 5 or 10 Infernity Monsters in Yugioh. I think they are interesting.(Include Infernity Zero).

  146. Have you guys heard of the card Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier? It’s awesome. When it’s summoned , you can remove from play up to 1 card from each of the following places: your opponent’s hand, field, and/or Graveyard! It also has 2700 ATK and 2000 DEF. It’s a level 9 WATER Dragon. Lots of people say its very broken. I agree. You can overly abuse it. Its also splashable.

  147. I’ve heard of it, but I don’t think it’s that great, because for one, you need 2 non-tuners, not just 1. For needing a total of 3 monsters, I’d prefer it does more than just remove from play 3 cards…

  148. true but its not that hard to summon. It can be very annoying though. If you might get lucky than its a big pain for your opponent.

  149. This is a random question but what do you guys think is your least favorite yugioh monster and your most favorite yugioh monster.

    My favorite: A tie between Vennominaga (Of Course) and Cyber Valley.

    My least favorite: Gate Guardian.

    What about you guys?

  150. favorite: beast king barbaros
    least favorite: majestic dragon (useless tuner that can only summon useless synchros, and can’t even use normal monster support, unlike thousand-eyes idol)

  151. hopefully sunshadow yugiohblooger and yugioh fan say theres too. I can see why you like Beast King Barbaros. I love it too. For Majesic Dragon I totally agree with you. its my second least favorite after Gate Guardian. Gate Guardian needs NINE Monsters to summon it. Almost Unplayable.

  152. actually, you could summon it with just 6 monsters using 3 phantom of chaos. even better, send gate guardian to the grave and have phantom of chaos copy it. another reason majestic dragon stinks. even if phantom of chaos copies it, you can’t use it for synchro summoning because it’s not a tuner and being a tuner isn’t an effect, not to mention you’d have to reduce its level by 3…

  153. I know majestic dragon is the worst tuner in the game. Another random question I wanted to ask (me and my questions) Which monster spell and trap card would you say is the most broken? And which card overall in yugioh is the most broken? Here’s my opinion.
    Monster: Chaos Emperor Dragon- Envoy of the End
    Spell: The Seal of Orichalcos
    Trap: Sixth Sense (EXTREMELY BROKEN)
    Overall: Sixth Sense Why? because drawing 6 cards is just wrong period. If you get lucky of course.

  154. Yubel is horrible at offence? You do realize that the effect also counts when Yubel attacks, right? You dont have to wait for an enemy monster to attack, you can attack with yubel too to destroy a monster and inflict damage, else the card would be pointless.

  155. still, yubel can easily be destroyed by spells/traps or monster effects. Man eater bug would own this card, so i dont think this deserves to be #1 lol

  156. I know that, but that isn’t an offensive effect. Anytime you are protected or backed up by an effect, it means that the effect is defensive. Obviously, by itself Yubel is prone to many effects, however, when used in a deck that revolves around Yubel and makes sure that it isn’t affected by card effects, that’s when it is a fierce monster to defeat.

  157. i think this card will lose with the effect of reptiles monster (Reptilianne Viper), because the effect will make your yubel in enemy control

  158. metal reflect slime is both. on a related note, I believe I read somewhere that trap monsters (like metal reflect slime) take up both a monster space and a spell/trap space.

  159. The “Yubel” series is possibly one of the greatest card sets in yugioh. The only thing that comes close are the “Star” Synchros and related monsters (Shooting Star Dragon, Stardust Assault Mode, Majestic Star Dragon, etc.) The greatest thing about Yubel is that is used correctly, its easier to get out than its rival and can be supported. There are these things called Equip cards and Prime Material Dragon. An easy way to abuse Yubel’s effect is with the new build of “Hopeless” Decks. Get the Cycles of Yubels helping out with PMD. Then Summon REDMD and bring out another dragon either Mirage or another Prime. Then play Imperial Iron Wall. At that point it doesn’t matter, especially if you summoned Prime Material Dragon with Hardened Armed Dragon, which would be perfect for the second Yubel TI. Battle mania AND SAVAGE COLLESEUM ARE DEFINATELY WORTHY. Yubel decks can also run 60 cards and be effecteive sine the turbo lieklihood of the deck. It’s one of the few monsters that can have perfect decks, including the Star/Stardust monsters. Think of that.

  160. What about the new Red Nova Dragon?! It’s really strong in it’s effect and ATK,DEF. I think it should atleast be a tie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. I think people who use Exodia are chickens, I love a long good duel not a crapy one with Exodia!!!!!!!

  162. now who says exodia can’t be long good duel? I’ve had very good and close duels using my blackwing-exodia deck. one of which involves drawing the last piece when my opponent negated my trap (which I activated in response to an attack that would’ve dropped my lp to 0) using dark bribe.

  163. also, this post was made LONG before Red Nova Dragon came out (might even have been before synchro monsters came out, though not sure on that). that could be part of the reason why it’s not on this list.

  164. I think this Yubel card is very strong, but it’s vulnerable to spells and traps, and it has no attack points. I know that the ATK doesn’t really matter due to this card’s awesome effect… BUT, I prefer Majestic Red Dragon and Red Nova Dragon, even though they both require a powerful synchro in Red Dragon Archfiend to be summoned. Also, Yugioh Blogger, I wonder if you still think this card is the best.

    Anyway, I have trouble making a very good theme deck because I have a few monsters from almost every archtype ever made! I don’t really own a dominant amount of a certain archtype.

    -Double Mvp

  165. @MvP

    I definitely do not think Yubel UN is the best card anymore. In terms of power, Red Nova Dragon or even Stardust Dragon Assault come high in my list.

  166. in these days of dueling people depend on spells and traps right so yubel really for me is a speed bump not a mountain!!
    there really is no good MONSTER , they all have weaknesses. Spells and traps do most damage and can change a duel in one turn

  167. @bluelegend

    That is true, but you need strong monsters to make a strong deck. You can classify ‘strong’ many ways; I think monsters like Sangan are strong and monsters like Yubel are very strong. You need a balance of these type of monsters.

  168. @bluelegend

    That is true, but you need strong monsters to make a strong deck. You can classify ‘strong’ many ways; I think monsters like Sangan are strong and monsters like Yubel are very strong. You need a balance of these type of monsters.

  169. I think that Mystical Beast of Serket is the best card in the game (with Temple of the Ruins in play) because you can destroy it to get ANY monster from your hand, Deck, Graveyard, or EXTRA DECK to your side of the field instantly.

    Please, check out my website at yugiohphilosophy.wordpress.com

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