How to Make a Strong Yugioh Deck

Creating a Yugioh deck is simple and I have seeing that duelists are having a hard time making one. Follow these tips and I guarantee you that you’ll have a beast Yugioh deck.

As I searched the web to find new topics for my blog, I found a very interesting topic that might be useful to any duelist. Many people were having trouble making a good Yugioh deck. Making a Yugioh deck is very simple. I’ve been noticing duelists are making it more complicated than it really is.

Once you’ve gathered up the cards you might want to use for your deck, sort them based on the type of card. Create a pile for effect monsters, normal monsters, spell cards, and trap cards. Ideally you keep on analyzing each deck you make and see if it has good combos and strong monsters, but what I’ve done in the past is I have made the deck and then tested its strength in a duel. If you find your deck and its cards flow together, that’s definitely the deck you want to use.

The most basic rule of making a deck is never put to many high level monsters. I would recommend adding four 5-6 level monsters, and two 7-10 level monsters. Also, you never just throw in l-4 leveled monsters. You have to make sure there effects match your deck theme, that they are strong effect-wise, offensively, and defensively. Chain effects help a lot in a duel as well.

The trap cards that you put in your deck must be a great defensive card. You need to be able to rely on your trap cards for instant defensive. Spell cards however can be offensive or defensive. Think of your spell cards as power-ups for your monsters. They should be able to help your monsters defeat your foe’s monsters.

Whether it’s a burn or a theme, the type of deck you want is ultimately your choice. These are just tips on how to format your deck. As long as you can win with your Yugioh deck, you know that is your deck.

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  1. YES! this is exactly what i’ve been missing. I used to play yugioh “back in the day” until i lost my cards. it seems like in today’s “meta-game” all decks have a special theme to go with archetypes, or only focused on summoning certain monsters. The real way to play is to use a deck where any card that you draw can help you win when:
    -it’s the only card you have
    -you have no cards on the field
    -your opponent has one crazy strong monster out
    -you have 1000 LP

    I’m talking about cards like copycat, magical cylinder, draining shield.

  2. Nice, but those days are over, that’s how i used to think too. That strategy is like trying to make a soccer teams with just a whole lot of good players without strategy. Individually, each of your cards may be more useful than those decks today, but when it comes to combo, and the ability to work together, those decks are better. the thing better is a deck that have cards that can work together as the archtype, but have the independent of the ones u were talking about. NOW, IT IS NOT ABOUT TO SURVIVE, IT IS ABOUT DOING MORE DAMAGE TO YOUR OPPONENT (AT ANY MEANS)

  3. Not exactly, it’s like scouting and gathering a bunch strong soccer players for your team, seeing if they work well with each other, and then recruiting them for your team. If you feel your strategy is just kill,kill,kill then thats not a good deck. You can keep on testing and testing until you find a deck that’s defend, attack, defend, attack. However you are right that people think too much about offense these days. Defense is the base of a good deck!

  4. Adding combos to your deck is essential. Some cards work well in several combinations, and these will add versatility to your deck. You may have a nice attacking strategy but all of sudden need to play defense for awhile, so be prepared for that. A theme may seem important, and it is …. yet another way to develop a good deck is to concentrate on removing your opponent’s monsters from the field while having the tools to keep yours on the field. If your opponent can’t keep monsters in play, he/she will have a hard time dealing much damage to your life points. (unless of course they’re using a direct damage deck – which is why you develop a side deck).

  5. i was wondering if you could help me make multiple attribute decks like for example one dark deck one light deck and so on with the attributes if you can it would be greatly appreciated just email me at i have a bunch of cards and i could send you a list of all the cards i have, Just email me. thanks

  6. Nowadays it is all about offense. Trap cards like magic cylinder and draining shiekd r over. Its all about powerful spellsa and attacking all the time. Defense is always good to have, but not in this day in yugioh bcuz all the monsters have below 2000 def, like even the ones with high attack. And it is NECESSARY to have a themed deck bcuz of all the meta game decks out there. If u don’t have a themed deck u suck lol. Its more like basketbal now, not soccer, bcuz u need good. Players yeah, but u don’t need the BEST to win, all u need is good teamwork and strategy. I have a blackwing has blackwing bora and shura. They only have 1700 and 1800 att and they still win without defending traps. Nowadays its all about attacking, spell cards, and trap cards like royal oppression, mirror force, and torrential tribute.

  7. Magic Cylinder is a must have. Obviously you have not been playing for a while, random yugioh player. With cards that have great defense, it doesnt matter that they have cards with attack power of 1900.

  8. I never said you shouldn’t have it in your deck, I said it should be a defensive trap. Magic Cylinder is a defensive trap, and it deals life points to your opponent too…

  9. as long as you have a trust in your deck you will never defeat.not only trust but you have also a great plan during the game.and if you lose, don’t call yourself a failure.

  10. no randomyugiohplayer is right. nobody really uses magic cylinder anymore. if it’s a choice between getting rid of your opponent’s monster and dealing damage, all players nowadays would choose getting rid of your opponent’s monster, unless they can deal enough damage to win. in a way, it makes sense because as long as your opponent has 1 life point, they haven’t lost yet. and leaving they’re monster on the field could really end up hurting you when their turn comes.

  11. i use magic cylinder a lot but it is a defencive trap. I know a lot of people who use enchanted javerlin and that even more of a life point saver. you just need to use them at the right moments and boom you have won the duel. p.s. the cards are old but really good i use them and came second in the world championship so im not lying about them.

  12. I use a beatdown earth deck, using powerful cards such as gene warped warwolf, berserk gorilla, and chainsaw insect as well as beast king barbaros and beast machine king. I also use spells such as gaia power and burden of the mighty to enhance my already high attacks and cripple the enemy monsters. Also, cards such as jinzo, ancient gear golem, giant trunade, etc. can ensure the safety of my monsters when they attack. I can very easily bring out high level monsters, using the trojan horse (which won’t be that vulnerable due to my spell cards) and immediately activating ultimate offering’s effect to summon powerful cards such as ultimate tyranno and ancient gear golem. It is nearly impossible to beat my monsters in a straight fight.

  13. thing is victor, not many decks fight a straight fight (and by straight fight I mean attack and counter attack). most decks prefer to remove from play, return to the hand, preferably return to the deck, send to the graveyard, or at the very least, destroy the opponent’s cards. in that case, it doesn’t matter how high your monsters’ atk are…

    I myself play decks focused on clearing my opponent’s field as quickly and as much as possible (junk destroyer, crystal abundance, ojama delta hurricane, gladiator beast gyzarus/mormolio/bestiari)

  14. bottomless trap hole and compulsory don’t do anything against those strategies, mine included.

    crystal abundance and ojama delta hurricane (and dark hole/giant trunade) are not monsters so are unaffected.

    gladiator beasts and junk destroyer (and black rose dragon) clear the field when summoned and neither compulsory nor bottomless negate the summon so their effect aren’t negated even if they’re removed from the field.

  15. This game is about using Offense as defense. My sabers are truly annoying to play against. You either have to deal with swinging at terribly high attack monsters really early, or trying to decide how to get around my facedown monsters. My facedowns are defense with offense because it could be a ryko, or to a lesser extent darksoul, which you don’t wanna let hit the grave because all you accoomplish is let me access up to half my deck. Powerful. There’s almost never a situation where a defensive monster cannot make an offensive move. Love my deck. It’s very polished right now

  16. @morfowt

    Although many decks do not fight a straight fight, a player is, one way or the other, going to have to face his opponent’s monsters in a all out attack sometime in the duel. And not being able to defeat opponent’s monsters can be a real pain.

  17. not necessarily. my ojama deck will NEVER be attacking the opponent’s monsters (unless my opponent happened to have a monster with 0 original DEF, which, while possible, is still rare). it clears the opponent’s field of all cards using ojama delta hurricane and then attacks directly.

    my law of the normal deck may attack the opponents monsters if I have both shield and sword and triangle power in my hand, but more often than not, it just stalls and waits for law of the normal (since the highest atk in the deck is 400).

    and my flint lock deck NEVER attacks the opponent, ever. there’s no point if the deck does what it’s supposed to do, which is give me any amount of life points I want; even 1000000000…

  18. well, try taking an online quiz. i did, turned out to be a spellcaster, made myself a spellcaster-themed deck. best deck i ever worked with.

  19. i ALSO took an online quiz on which card i was closest to. result was a bit ebaressing: Fire Princess

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