Yugioh World Championship Series

This is one of the best Yugioh games I’ve ever played! It is very addicting and the graphics are very good! I recommend it to everyone who likes Yugioh and trading card games!

Between 2007 and 2008, Konami released a decent amount of Yugioh video games. They created games for all sorts of systems. Nintendo DS, XBOX, Nintendo GameCube. I’ve played most of those games and I found them very fun. Sure Yugioh card games are fun, but Yugioh video games are a whole new level of entertainment.

My favorite Yugioh video games are the World Championship series for the DS. You start out as a Slifer Red and work your way up as you win tournaments. Like most Yugioh games, you start out with a structure deck of your choice. Once you start earning yen from winning duels, you can then buy booster packs and customize a deck of your own choice. Konami put good, realistic thought in to this game.

My favorite part about Yugioh World Championship is the wifi gameplay. You can connect your Nintendo DS to your mod and play anyone around the world! The game keeps track of your record, including your wins and losses, and you can add the people you’ve dueled to your friends list and duel them again! The wifi gameplay is the most fun part in the game.

You think you have skill in Yugioh? Test it out in Yugioh Worlds Championships using your own deck! You can type in the card codes and create a deck as well! Plus the new installment of the series is coming out as well. It is Yugioh World Championship 2009: Stardust Accelerator. These are the best Yugioh games available and I recommend it to everyone.

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