A Quick Win: Very Strong Yugioh Dragon Deck

Very easily won duel with a very little amount of cards. This deck however had one hit kill combos; then duel was almost won in 1 turn!

Hello readers! For quite some time I have only been talking about the newest installments in Yugioh, Yugioh booster packs, and the latest Yugioh games. I thought to my self, why don’t I answer some questions my readers have? If any of you have any questions about Yugioh topics that interest you, I will answer them. Just leave your question as a comment and the first 10 questions I receive will be posted on my ‘Readers’ Questions’ post(s).

During a duel I had with my friend, I decided I wanted to use my 25 card dragon deck. This consisted of the rarest dragon cards such as Blue Eyes, Blue Eyes fusions, and dragon powered cards like Dark Paladin. The results I had found were astounding. It took me five turns to defeat my friend. How? The first six cards I drew were 3x Blue Eyes W. Dragon, Polymerization, Future Fusion, and Blue Eyes S. Dragon

What I did was fusion summon Blue Eyes U. Dragon and then attack my friend directly. Next I special summoned Blue Eyes S. Dragon and attacked directly with it. My friend had 500 life points left! After a three turn skirmish, he activated Dark Hole. I would be finished if my monsters were destroyed so I activated Quick Fusion and fusion summoned Dark Paladin. With its effect, I destroyed Dark Hole and attacked him directly.

I was stunned about how fast I won the duel. It usually takes me 10 turns to win with my main deck but it took 5 turns to win with this one. This shocked me because there is hardly any cards in this deck! This shows if your monsters/combos are strong, you can win no matter how little cards you have in a deck.

15 thoughts on “A Quick Win: Very Strong Yugioh Dragon Deck”

  1. Why did you only use a 25 card deck? Decks are supposed to have 40 cards in them. I know that that is not a very important question, I just wondered.

  2. Having less cards in your deck doesn’t make it harder to win, it makes it easier. Except if your opponent uses a deck destruction deck.
    If you have less cards it’s easier to draw the cards you need. That proves that you aren’t a real yu-gi-oh! player, or that you are just a moron.

  3. a 25 card deck is not a good way to measure a decks calibur, also you cant attack on the first turn of a game, furthermore quick fusion is not a real card, i would recommend if you actually want to build a dragon deck to you know use the official rules and dont use restricted cards, furthermore dark paladin is good but dark magician blows and buster blader isnt much better fusions should be five headed dragon and ultimate dragon.

  4. I attacked on my first turn Keith or the second turn of the duel. Plus Quick Fusion is a card however it hasn’t been released in the U.S. It will be out in the Ancient Prophecy Booster Pack. My friend, Surav, happened to have some recent japanese cards, one of them being, Quick Fusion.

  5. Yea lets see.. It’s a reason for the 40 card rule…

    Where did I put my 6 card Exodia deck again…

  6. i bought a felgrand dragon deck and in using it i gained an excellent combo [gives you the ability to win in 2 turns] it requires gilford the lightning and metal morph you tribute summon gilford and his effect says if you do that u destroy all monsters on your opponets side so you can atk his life points and with the equip card your atk will be 3100 and after you atk his life points gilford gains more and more atk points every time you destroy a monster. ps watchout 4 traps!

  7. hey,
    ive always wondered if there ever was a fusion for dark magician and blue eyes white dragon? please respond via email, or go to my website and post. email is preferred. thanks

  8. future fusion comes during the standby phase on the 2nd turn after you use it.
    so even if u can get it in ur hand the first turn, u can’t summon the monstor at least till your 3rd turn.
    also, the less card you have, the easier it is to win

    yea and ur deck sucks cuz u have all high level monsters and u dun have much way to summon them. Polymerization is a waste cuz u can’t get ur materials onto the field. If you don’t get future fusion in ur hand quick enough, ur screwed. If the opponent manages to kill you in 2 turns or destroy future fusion in 2 turns (which is quite easy), you’re screwed too.

  9. Lol, I know that deck sucks because it really hard to summon my monsters. I was just dueling with a prototype because my friend didn’t let me play with my main, (always whoop him)!

  10. you are very good but is it possible to win in one turn ( because I have a 40 card deck and I have won in one turn

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