Black Wing Monsters: The Strongest Yugioh Winged-Beast Monsters?

Blackwing Monsters are the newest type of winged-beasts and are going to be the next bing thing with their amazing swarming abilities, Armor Master especially.

Yu-gi-oh Blackwing Armor Master
Yu-gi-oh Blackwing Armor Master

Due to all the work I had to do before spring break, I didn’t have much time to write a post! Anyways though before I started my post, I wanted to answer a question I saw on Yahoo: How do you know if there are foil cards in your booster pack. Common and rare cards, foil cards have a special plastic over them that make them holographic which adds extra weight to the card. Therefore, you can get a pocket scaler and measure the weight of each pack and the heavier one’s will probably be the one with the foil cards.

In my last post, I talked about Assault Monsters, the new type of cards from Crimson Crisis. Today I will talk about the Black Wing monsters who also debuted in the Crimson Crisis. Black Wing monsters are the type of monsters Yussei’s friend Crow uses. Black Wing monsters are dark, winged-beast monsters. Black Wing monsters focus on changing attack and defense in order to weaken the opponent’s monsters. All Black Wing monsters can be swarmed, or summoned numerously.

The strongest Black Wing Monster is Armor Master. He’s a synchro monster so you can easily play him. When Armor Master attacks he can put a Wedge Token on that monster. The selected monster’s attack and defense are 0 for the turn. An amazing combo with Black Wing monsters is to summon all of them in one turn (it is possible due to their abilities) and then Black Wings Bora the Spear and Sirocco the Dawn will gain a ton of attack points with their special abilities.

I find the Black Wing Monsters interesting because their group abilities are very distinct. And in the show, Crow looks like a tough enough duelist to handle these cards. I’d like to see what they can do.

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  1. I love Blackwings! I agree with you, I think that they are the best Winged-Beast series. Thanks for the tip about the scale, I’ve always wanted to get a foil in every pack.

  2. What is the strongest card of all time and how come you cant use victory dragon in turnement play because it is my favoret card of al time bcause if i attack my aponet drectly and reduce it to 0 i win the match?

  3. The reason you cant use Victory Dragon is because of the fact that it is legal to give up during a duel at anytime.

    Therefore, if it becomes apparent that i am about to lose to victory dragon during duel 1, I can surrender right before the attack is declared.

    Because some people don’t know that, some people might take a victory dragon deck to regionals or some big tourney and be disapointed when someone surrenders to them if they are about to win with victory dragon, meaning it goes to a next duel.

  4. blackwings are like lightsworns in a way except cheaper and with synchros and there is even a honest version for blackwings the one i think kalut the moon shadow u can discard to have any blackwing gain 1400 attack when battling

  5. Blackwings are more like Gadgets than Lightsworn. Only similarity between BW and LS is that theyre both top-tier decks that merc. I wanted to do BW but I dont have that kind of money for the necessary cards.

  6. actually the strongest blackwing is blackwing silverwind the
    ASCENDANT i would know i own it its atk is 2800 and def is 2000
    and is a level 8 monster

  7. Hey im tryen to build a BW deck if some is willing to send me the cards i will send them one of my decks (please send sychros)

  8. Well matthias, some great cards to have in a Blackwing deck are the synchros Wingmaster and Blackwing Silverwing the Ascendant. Plus, Ghibli the Hot Wind is an essential part in Blackwing deck. Enraged Battle Ox would also be a good monster to have in a Blackwing Deck.

  9. I play blackwings competitively, I have gone to regionals this past month twice. NO ONE PLAYS GHIBLI!

  10. ghibli’s a nice card but not essential because it doesn’t help the blackwings’ strategy. it can’t special summon itself unless you’re attacked and it can’t special summon other blackwings.

    bora the spear and gale the whirlwind are practically staples. players seem to use shura the blue flame a lot too…

  11. there really doesn’t need any more blackwing support. blackwings have enough already.

  12. Victory dragon is banned because of its effect. when victory dragon inflicts battle damage, the owner of the victory dragon wins the game automatically.

  13. My blackwings:
    3 sirroco
    3 shura
    3 kalut
    3 bora
    3 blizzard
    The dark creator

    2 black whirlwind
    2 book of moon
    mind control
    brain control
    cold wave
    heavy storm
    giant trunade
    dark eruption
    allure of darkness
    cards for black feathers

    2 royal oppression
    mirror force
    solemn judgment
    bottomless traphole
    delta crow

    extra deck:
    2 catastor
    magical android
    goyo guardian
    2 BW armed wing
    black rose dragon
    armor master
    stardust dragon
    thought ruler archfiend
    black winged dragon
    must wurm
    colossal fighter
    silverwind the ascendant

    side board:
    3 prohibition
    3 starlight road
    3 nobleman of crossout
    book of moon
    2 dd warrior lady
    night assailant
    intercept wave
    system down

    my number counts are wrong because I’m to lazy to fix it. But you get the point

  14. I think you should a bit more monsters, and a few more traps. With only 7 traps, it’s easy to run out, and with no traps, victory is difficult to accomplish.

  15. victory dragon should not be banned, a simple ryko can easily destroy him. what were they thinking?

  16. nader, ryko can destroy 99% of all monsters, including many that are banned. are you saying black luster soldier, chaos emperor dragon, yata-garasu, etc. should all be unbanned?

    yugiohblogger: if the deck is otk happy, traps are only useful for helping prepare for the win. they are completely useless otherwise. so victory is very possible even with that few traps.

  17. Thank you morfowt. I agree. My deck has few traps because, well quite frankly, the monsters do all the work. If I could, I would only play spells. The limited traps I do have are for the purpose of secondary protection. For example, delta crow. Turn one I would summon a shura having a kalut in hand and set delta crow. Hopefully my opponent would set a bunch of spells or taps, so I can wipe them away before his turn ends. Thus setting me up for a clear backrow. If they MST’d or heavy stormed it, that’s ok too! They just wasted a magic/trap kill card on something less useful than like a bottomless traphole or mirror force.

  18. Victory dragon isn’t even that good. “tcg tournament rules state that a player is allows to scoop at any time”. This is contrary to the belief that one can scoop only during their turn. So you can effectively scoop before victory dragon hits you for game.

  19. it was a metaphor, and what i meant to say was that victory dragon is so easy to destroy. but no yata ced and bld should stay banned for their effects. victory dragon on the other hand. its effect is kinda hard to pull out, because you need major field cleaning on your opponents side of the field including any cards on the field.

  20. every attribute should have their own tech card against other attributes. so far that i can think of, consecrated light and brain golem are the only ones.

  21. ever heard of the ally of justice monsters? they’re at their most powerful when facing LIGHT monsters.

  22. Well. Every attribute does have their own tech card. Lol the barrier statues. Remember?

  23. i’ve heard of them, but the allies of justice monsters are somewhat of a pointless archetype. light decks are not uncommon but the most prominent decks and archetypes in yugioh are dark monsters. so most of the time an allies of justice deck will be virtually unplayable.

    i remember the barrier statues. they dont call them barriers for nothing. because they deny special summons for any attribute that isn’t each of the six’s type.

  24. why even call them allies of justice when all of them are dark? dark i think is supposed to mean the opposite of justice. and dark is representing something evil and bad. very ironic. i hope they make a light archetype called Axis of Unjustice, which will make them thwart dark monsters.

  25. I think it has to do with yu-gi-oh gx season 2. the main antagonist was the society of light, and judai (jaden in english) would be the hero that would save them with the kind darkness. in other words, the creators wanted to do something different and have light be evil while dark is good…

  26. Um did it ever occur to anyone that if they did make an ally of justice archetype fully with a bunch of support, that it would likely have cards like DNA transplant to make all monsters light? That’s how you make A.O.J monsters strong. In a such deck, it may be good to use some koa’ki meiru support. For example, use core blaster and use powerhand. These would flow relatively easy because they are machines

  27. well dna transplant will make it strong but still. come on, they only counter a specific attribute. koaki meirus on the other hand counter dark and light monsters. they also counter special summons. i can see a koaki meiru deck be on top of a tournament but allies of justice? you better pack in some extremely powerful spells and traps.

  28. personally I can’t see either on top of a tournament. there are way too many better decks out there…

  29. I don’t think anyones tried Gravity Deck. You have level 3 and lower monsters with high attack along with cards like Triangle Power and use Triangle Power and Gravity Bind to block your foe’s level four and higher monsters from attacking. Could it be good?

  30. Dude look at what you just said. Koa’ki meiru’s counter dark and light types. Ally of justices are light counter. DNA transplant would change everything to light and just dominate the field. And of course you need powerful spells and traps. What deck doesn’t? Yours?

  31. mine does have extremely powerful spells and traps. who doesn’t? that was kind of random to say that. koaki meirus also counter special summons. besides, allies of justice are such a pointless archetype. don’t judge my comment. its only my opinion.

  32. almost all decks have a solemn judgment, torrential tribute, lightning vortex etc. including mine. but anyways my ace monster is unaffected by everything besides battle. but just incase.

  33. Koa’ki Meirus are great for fighting light and dark decks, you are correct. However, would meshing one archetype with another archetype be feasable? Especially with Koa’ki Meirus, because they have a lot of costs.

  34. well it’d depend on the two archetypes. but in the case of koa’ki meirus, it’d be much better to use them as supports for other decks/archetypes instead of their own deck. it’s not that they have a lot of costs. it’s just that different cards have different costs so being able to cover each card’s cost isn’t easy. on the other hand, if you add say guardian and sandman to a rock stun deck, it’d be much easier to pay the cost of showing a rock-type because practically every monster is a rock-type.

    the deck I have in real life has parts of a gravity deck. it stinks but it’s still better than a real gravity deck because real gravity decks only work if you draw gravity bind within the first few turns. so no, gravity decks would never be good.

  35. my bw deck is alright my friend lost 2 synchros but found my ghost rare black winged dragon.
    my deck contains:
    3 shura
    3 bora
    3 kalut
    1 gale
    1 fane
    1 elphin the rave
    1 sirroco
    2 backlast
    2 ghibli
    1 mistreal
    1 blizzard
    1 necro gardna

    black whirlwind
    raptor wing strike
    heavy storm
    against the wind
    black winged strafe
    threatning roar
    blackwing backlash
    black thunder
    fake feather
    widespread ruin
    blackwing bombardment

  36. anime expo on october 31. loads of cards there and other anime plus i think assasins creed 3 will be there to play(release date november the 16)

  37. how can you all par crystal beast. I used to use them and i completed the deck. But blackwings are the knew crystal beasts. Shura and sapphire’s effects both are to monsters from your deck.

  38. um, are all your spells and traps at one? it’s not necessary but I prefer to at least put the good spells and traps like lv at 2, or 3 if they’re really good and really crucial to the deck. it gives the card more chance to be drawn when you need it and another to use if your opponent negates the first.

  39. chris, even if you have a good point, just saying “it has too much garbage” isn’t helpful at all. you’re not critiquing and helping make the deck better. it would be more helpful if you listed “the garbage” he doesn’t need in the deck and even more helpful if you explained why you didn’t need them.

  40. what cards do you think i should take out then? and what do you mean garbage my deck still kicks butt on a regular basis

  41. No offense peanut, but your build has a lot of garbage in it. Refer to my build for answers. If it weren’t for xsabers and infernities, I would be playing bw’s in regionals next week. Funny thing too, I already have my nationals invite, and I used bw’s.

  42. No don’t copy, but cards that no blackwing player that does well at higher levels are in there. My build is oppression wings. Other people play straight up bw’s. But no good bw player uses any cards like blackwinged strafe, backblast, raptor wing strike, fake feather, ghibli, fane, or anything like that. Use “popular” cards. They work better and are more reliable with more uses

  43. Yugiohblogger: every deck bw deck that plays boras or gale (which all should) are capable of swarming. But swarming isn’t the main focus. The main focus is depleting your opponents moves such that when you do swarm, you don’t get burned

  44. i understand fane but i haven’t got any spare blackwings or any of the rare ones so they have to go in my deck to make it 40 cards and i want my deck full blackwing(except necro gardna)

  45. If you want to make fane a good addition, use swallows nest. If you can swarm the field with boras, one fane, and one sirocco. Play swallows nest after using siroccos effect onto fane, use swallows nest tributing sirrocco for another sirocco and use it’s effect again. OTK…….

  46. swallows nest is a quick-play spell card that activates by tributing 1 winged beast-type monster. then you can special summon another winged beast-type monster that’s the same level.

  47. can someone advise my budget blackwing deck? Monsters 20 3x sirocco 3x shura 3x bora 3x kalut 2x blizzard 1 kycoo 1 gale 1 gorz 1 dark creater 1 elphin 1 vayu Spells 9 1 brain 1 heavy 1 mind 1 mst 1 allure 2x black whirlwinds 1 swallows nest 1 trunade Traps 10 1 d prison 2x bottomless 1 dustshoot 1 delta crow 1 t-roar 2x icarus 1 torrential 1 call of the haunted Extra deck 15 2x armor master 2x armed wing 1 catastor 1 brionac 1 stardust 1 colossal 1 light gazer 1 gaia knight 1 flamvell urquizas 1 ancient fairy 1 black rose 1 rda 1 b-w dragon also 1 spirit reaper sorry rate 1-10

  48. I would recommend 3 boras, 3 shuras, 1 gale, 3 blizzard, 3 kault, 3 sircco. 3 icarus, 2 cards for black feathers, 1 gold sphafogus, 2 against the wind, 2 elphein the raven, 1 black whirlwind, and a bunch of popular traps (mirror force, sakuretsu armor, magic cylinder, etc)

    Also ALOT of level 6 synchro monsters because blackwings can synchro VERRYYY fast in one turn

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