Yugioh 5Ds: Who is the Fifth Signer?

One of the biggest asked questions in Yugioh5Ds: Who is the fifth Signer?” and I think it is soooo Crow! He has beast Winged Beast monsters!

Yugioh 5Ds has always revolved around people known as Signers. There are five Signers, one of which is unknown. Rex Goodman, tries to bring the Signers together in order to summon the Crimson Dragon Each Signer has a dragon and later in the story, they fight Dark Signers, duelists who try to revive the Grand Earthbound God. Now as I looked around the web, everyone was wondering who was the final Signer? I don’t have an answer but I might be able to give a guess.

Many people thought that Rex Goodman was the fifth Signer, however that cannot be true because when Akiza and Yussei summon Black Rose Dragon and Stardust Dragon, every Signers’ arm starts glowing except Goodwin’s. Plus when he showed his metal hand to Jack, there was no mark. If Goodwin was the last Signer he would immediately have a meeting with all the other Signers.

I thought the last Signer was Sayer, the leader of the Arcadian Movement, because he was always appearing in the scenes. Plus, I thought that he put Akiza in the tournament to find the other four Signers. However if he was the fifth Signer, than Akiza and Goodwin would have known and they would both say something to him. Sayer also lost his life when he lost a shadow duel against the Dark Signer, Carly. Important people of the plot such as Signer’s don’t just die like that.

My best guess for who the fifth Signer is Crow, because he has the same personality as Yusei and he also has a powerful dragon monster in this deck. Crow also looks like Singner material. However I may be wrong but it is still a fun mystery, who really is the fifth Signer?

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  1. I really think the fifth signer is Leo. Let’s look at the facts…

    1. Leo’s key card is Power Tool Dragon. It looks like the fifth dragon only in a mechanical form. What if the fifth dragon was so injured when he tried to save Ancient Fairy Dragon that he had to be reconstructed into a cyborg? There are stories out there that are alluding to this story.

    2. Power Tool Dragon shares a bond with Leo. It’s like the monster is protecting Leo, connecting with him on a spiritual level, like the other four dragons have connected with the other signers. When Leo lost to Sayer, Power Tool Dragon looked directly at Leo like there was something waiting to be unleashed.

    3. Leo is very protective of his sister and fights the Dark Signer, Demak in her place. His willingness to be a hero even though he’s not a signer alludes to his bravery and dedication to the cause, making him more than worthy to be the fifth signer.

    4. Lastly, Luna is in the spirit world trying to free Ancient Fairy Dragon’s spirit while Leo fights to regain the actual physical card. If Luna frees the spirit what about the card? She needs the card and Leo has to defeat Demak to get it. Who else if not a signer can beat a Dark Signer?

  2. 1. Some people thing Crow is a Signer because he survives the devastation of Satellite in a fridge, but his deck is all birds, crows specifically. Although the 5th dragon we have already seen and edited pictures to get a clear image of him and it does not look like a bird more specifically a crow at all.

    2. We know that Godwin was or is a signer. But his arm was destroyed. He now has a mechanical arm in the place of his arm. Maybe when the sign was detached from the signer the dragon was destroyed and remade…

    3. Leo has a Dragon that looks a lot like the 5th dragon we have seen so far but reformed mechanically. He also has a very close bond with his dragon like the other signers do.

    So my idea is that Leo will unlock his signer powers when Godwin finally lets go of his past and destroys his sign so it passes on to Leo.

  3. I am completely 100% sure that it is Goodwind, or however you speel his name because i’ve seen up to ep 26 in 5Ds

  4. Goodwin is the 5th signer. He has a severed arm with the birth mark its a right arm like his metal right hand arm. Goodwin also said that the 5th signer would appear when they are in trouble and ep 55 is called The Signers’ Miracle: Savior, Rex Goodwin.

  5. The 5th signer is also a dark signer. It is the leader of the dark signers. He is also Godwin`s brother. I am 100 percent sure about this. The 5th dragon is still a mystery to me though.

  6. If you to go to narutowire.com and watch ep.57, it shows Rudger with a mark. He was being taken over and cut and preserved his arm and gave it to Godwin. So Godwin and Leo are NOT signers.

  7. its rudger he was killed and turned into a dark signer but later on there is a flashback where he has the head mark and the other 4 dragons in his hand

  8. first off, despite what it says in the Dub (at least that’s what I heard other people say was said in the dub. I haven’t actually watched the dub yet), it’s not Goodwin. the final signer’s arm is in some kind of jar or vat, and there’s no reference that Goodwin’s right arm is mechanical as well.

    it is, or rather was, indeed Rudger, a dark signer.

    however, I do believe Leo is, in spirit, the fifth signer. what I mean is, there needs to be five signers, but the fifth can’t currently be the fifth signer, so Leo takes his place as the fifth signer. I’m not sure if that made sense…

  9. the last signer is Rex Goodwin but however he is also the king of the underworld(dark signer) he has the power of dark signer and a signer he pretens to offer one of the signer(last signer) to welcome the king of the underworld to earth and crow,jack, and yusei triple shadow dueled him and that will be on ep 62

  10. I’ve been reading he is a fake signer and will ambush the real signer. If that’s true, do you think the real signer is among the side characters?

  11. i think that crow is the signer because he is dueling rex along with yusei and jack at the end of the dark signers arc. And also who cares if he use bird cards yusei uses junk cards and warrior cards and stardust dragon seems out of place in his deck. And all of four satelite friends signers except kalin whos a dark signer. It would just be right for someone of crows attributes to make him a signer and that arm he has is his brother’s arm that was severed in an explosion that has the mark on it. It would seem Leo would be a signer because of his power tool dragon but its too obvious like that its just a coincidence he has dragon that looks like the fifth dragon

  12. oh yeah Crow is the fifth signer in episode 64 rex takes all of the signs of the dragon and go on his chest when jack and crow are knocked out of the duel yusei summons savior star dragon then the signs return to the signers but yusei gains the dragon head instead and crow gains the tail. so crow is the fifth signer and power tool dragon is not the fifth dragon. crow gonna get the fifth in the third arc which starts on episode 65.

  13. goodwins the 5th signer and dark signer first it was rudger but he chose the earthbound gods not the crimson dragon and he told rex to become good but rex became a dark signer on purpose then he put his brothers arm on in place of his metal hand in the end he loses the crimson dragon mark and yusei gets the head and crow gets the tail

  14. Oh thanks, I haven’t seen 64 yet, I’m up to 62. And please, if you don’t want to be part of the contest, be polite and don’t comment about your dis-interest. Also, yes you can’t use Pyro Clock of Destiny to speed up the effect of Wave Motion Cannon, well at least you couldn’t in 2006, that was the year that wiki post was made. According to the latest 2008-2009 rulings, that rule is banished because the Yugioh franchise couldn’t see what fault that could bring when you duel. So rather than trying to find all the faults in my blog, check the latest sources before you do, thanks!

  15. I thought I was being polite when I said that. I guess it didn’t seem that way to you.

    I didn’t know when that wiki page was made, and it was also written on another site, so I assumed it was an accurate source. I suppose that site doesn’t update either. sorry about that then.

  16. Ok im gonna explain this to all the retards who think its goodwin and Leo. Goodwins brother was the fith signer and he cut off his arm and put it into a glass container, then later goodwin cuts his NORMAL arm off and puts the fith signers arm on as his own. Then Yusei gets chosen by the crimson dragon and gets the crimson dragon mark, then crow was chosen as the next worthy one to become a signer and gets the mark Yusei had before so technically Crow is the fith signer.

  17. As of Episode 64, Crow is the official 5th Signer, and he’s inherited Yusei’s Tail birthmark (Yusei, in turn, has inherited the Head birthmark), courtesy of the Crimson Dragon. To those who were earlier saying that Crow’s deck wouldn’t facilitate a Dragon, bear in mind that Yusei’s deck has Warriors and Machines (as has been pointed out earlier in this blog), Jack’s deck has mainly Fiends, Akiza’s deck has Plants, and Luna’s deck has Faeries, yet all four of these people are Signers and have Signer Dragons. So it’s not surprising that Crow, whose Blackwing monsters are Winged Beast-types, would have the 5th Dragon as well…it’s just that he hasn’t gotten it yet. Let’s hope it’ll be revealed in Season 3 – I’m getting impatient to even know what the dragon’s name is.

    As for those who’ve been saying that Power Tool Dragon is the reincarnation of the 5th Dragon, that claim is wrong for several reasons: (1) Leo is not a Signer. If he was, he would have had the 5th Dragon as a card and would have gotten an invitation to the Fortune Cup, but he didn’t; his sister did, and she’s a Signer. (2) In Episode 36, Luna says that Power Tool Dragon is too high-tech to have taken part in the ancient battle against the Earthbound Gods; she only tells Leo that it did to cheer him up. (3) Later in Episode 36, PTD does look at Leo after his defeat; however, that can simply be interpreted as a Duel Monster showing concern for its owner, which has been demonstrated many times before – Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl with Yugi; Blue-Eyes White Dragon with Kaiba; the Elemental Heroes and Neo-Spacians with Judai Yuki, etc. (4) In Episode 42, when Leo goes with the Signers to Goodwin’s house, Goodwin tells him he wasn’t invited because he’s not a Signer, and asks him to leave, but Leo only gets to stay because Luna says she’s not going anywhere with him.

  18. goodwin is the fith signer he has the left or right arm of the dragon.also leo is a signer.yusei.leos sis black rose witch. and jack. guess wat theres a twist that cop guy is to .i think he has the head or something.

  19. Actually, Trudge, the cop, isn’t a signer and neither is Leo. Goodwin was a signer and a dark signer but when he died, his head mark was given to Yusei and Yusei’s tail mark was given to Crow. So technically, Crow is the 5th and last signer.

  20. a mate tould me that goodwin id the 5th signer not leo. she also tould me he ends up becoming a dark signer aswell. maybe when he becomes a dark signer the crimson dragon feels he can no longer trut him a takes the mark and give it to leo.

    and maybe he got the last signer dragon by mistake!

  21. unless you’ve only been watching the english dub (and not the original japanese), you’re kinda behind…

    goodwin is NOT the fifth signer, though he does possess the fifth signer mark for about 3 episodes.

    Leo/Rua is NOT the fifth signer, though I personally like to think he’s half a signer. the other half being Ruka/Luna because they’re always together.

    Crow is the fifth signer starting from the last episode of season 2…

  22. Like morfowt said, Goodwin is a signer for a couple of eps, however when Yusei defeats him, Yusei gets Goodwin’s head mark, while Crow get’s Yusei’s tail mark.

  23. Goodwin because he’s the one who held the fortune cup to get all the signers together for the crimson dragon to appear, and he kept it a myster who the 5th signer was, secretly knowing it was himself.

  24. Goodwin he held the fortune cup to gather 4 out of 5 signers
    yusie akiza jack luna to get the crimson dragon to appear
    he’s the 5th signer cause he would have held the fortune cup ans invited everybody with marks of the dragon. his shirt also has the claw of the dragon. and his mark glowed when the crimson dragon appeared.

  25. i agrre with paul.. it is probably leo.. i think there willl be a card that will “unleash the dragon” sorta like gearfreid the iron soldier!

  26. The fifth signer was Goodwin but when he was defeated Crow became the fifth signer. However, i am thinking that both Leo and Luna are half signers, meaning two of them are one signer because they are always fighting together, (when they dueled Demak).

  27. Crow Hogan Receives the Dragons tail after him, yusei and jack defeat Godwin. Originally Rex’s Brother is the 5th Signer

  28. I know that it’s crow and the proof is in yugioh 5D’s episode 66 part 3/3 ( watch it from a guy who user account is user microsoft on youtube)

  29. It can’t be godwin because i hear he is the seven Dark signer he can’t be both signer and dark signer, i also have readen that crow is the last signer but i would like it to be Leo

  30. crow is the fifth sighter because in the japaensse eposide 64 crow was the fifth sighter and then the the head of the dragon oes to yusei and crow gets the tail so that proves ccrows the fifth singher

  31. I know up to episode 64. Goodwin is the fifth signer. In episode 26 he says ” so, with the power I possess as the fifth signer, I will show the other signers the future”. Then, later somewhere around episode 63, goodwin’s mark transfers to crow., since the crimson dragon doesn’t like goodwin.

  32. Crow Hogan is one of Yusei Fudo’s childhood friends from Satellite. Like him, he’s also a Signer, upon obtaining Yusei’s tail Mark of the Dragon, after the battle against Rex Goodwin

  33. I’m not concerned with who the fifth signer is, having followed the series I am currently awaiting the dubbed version of #57. But I have been following the rumors hoping to find the identity of the fifth Dragon.
    I do, however, see no reason to suspect Goodwin. Even though he has said he was a signer. To back up my point, lets take a trip down memory lane to the original series.

    How many of us expected Yami/Atem to be an Egyptian Pharaoh?

    We’re we expecting Kaiba to have a strong connection to Ancient Egypt?

    Did you predict Noah to be Seto’s half brother?

    You can’t tell me you expected the three Legendary Dragons to have actually been humans to begin with.

    And anyone who knew Bakura would be the last character Atem saves the world from since the beginning, is lying through their teeth.

    The point is, the guys who write these shows have a knack for throwing in unexpected twists. When Goodwin claimed to be the fifth signer, I had a suspicion it was a ruse to surprise us with the real one, and all while we wait for Goodwin to duel with the last dragon.

    I do have my suspicions on the final signer.

    Leo, because twins do share a powerful bond, which has been proven time and time again.

    Crow, because of his spirit and determination. He also has yet to lose a duel when he’s got something serious to fight for besides his pride. {Don’t believe I’m seen him lose yet.}

    I had believed Carly might be, but we’re all wrong sometimes.

  34. Crow is already confirmed to be the fifth signer.
    The fifth one was original Goodwin’s brother Rex but after Rex became a Dark Signer he cut off his arm and he gave it to Goodwin. Then…k these are all major spoilers so I’ll stop for other people’s sake lol
    And the fifth dragon is called Golden Gaia Dragon or something close to that.

  35. um… goodwin and rex are the same person. his full name is Rex Goodwin (Goodwin Rex in japanese format). his brother’s name is Rudger, who is the original fifth signer…

  36. I came across it in a forum somewhere, and like SunShadow said it seemed to fit so why not. Also yea my bad about Rex, I meant Rudger.

  37. The Fifth Signer is indeed Crow. If you need proof, go watch Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds Episodes 94 & 95 on Youtube. By the way, his dragon is called Black Feather Dragon(Blackwing Dragon in English Dub).

  38. No but Power Tool Dragon Does. And whose to say that it wasn’t fatally wounded in that first battle. Enough so it became more machine than dragon and couldn’t be the 5th Signer Dragon anymore. So like the 5th signer changed, which we didn’t think could happen, the 5th Dragon changed as well. Makes sense to me.

  39. Yeah, I guess that could happen. But it doesn’t seem likely. Crow became 5th signer because Goodwin was killed. The 5th Dragon hasn’t been destroyed yet because we haven’t even seen it!

  40. Look at GX, once GX started we believed yugi’s part in the show ended after he gave Jaden Winged Kuriboh, and even though there was no duel between Jaden and Yugi in the original series, we saw it at the end of GX.

    Like I mentioned in one of my prior posts on this topic. Just because we haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Look at Capsule monsters, I didn’t see that mini-series until after finishing the original series. There was no hint or reference to Capsule Monsters and aside from the mini-series the game never took off as much as the mini-series said it had.

    Another theory however, could be that since Crow deals with Blackwings the dragon changed to suit him, the Dragons DO have a bond with their Signers. Who is to say how deep the bond goes?

  41. i do not believe it is crow.corw’s dragon,black feather dragon looks nothing like the fith dragon.crow has a mark but does not have the right dragon

  42. i think its goodwin because when there at the fortune cup he says know with my power as the fith signer the crimson dragon will be reserected or somthing like that

  43. director goodwin is the fith sugner if you watch the last part of the finial duel of the fourtion cup he even says it dumb ass

  44. well thats bull shit cause im in amarica and the japanes haven made any other episodes that i havent seen so sorry but the signers are yuse akisa luna jack and crow now thats big bull shit i think cause whats crows dragon blackwing dragon or what oh and what ever happens to lunas brother and girger can you answer me that bitch………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………so go ro it
    oh p.s. i will probly win if we dule

  45. uh i find it unlikely that surging dragon knight dragonquetess will be the fifth dragon. even the name of it looks nothing like the pic. what a horrible name….

  46. The Five Signers are:

    The present day Signers in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s include Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, Akiza Izinski, Luna, and Crow Hogan. (Although in the dub Rex Goodwin has stated he is the fifth Signer, this contradicts the original anime until later on, when he infuses Roman’s arm onto himself thus only technically making him the fifth Signer by proxy.)

  47. leo is the 6th signer power tool dragon hold the gold dragon it life steam dragon leo dies in duel to svae his sister witchis in 142 he come back to life as the 6th signerith the heart mark w light wffact give 100 life points then he summon life steam dragon witc is the gold signer draon we all saw in luna dearm power tool dragon amror fells off show it is life steam dragon then he use it effact go heal there life poitns save luna sene leo had died luna start to die it was duel where there lifes are linked to there life pointsen saw luna heart was borke when shere sawleo die she cant live with out her brother

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