Yugioh Booster Pack: The Raging Battle

Earthbound Immortal Ccapac-Apu and Trident Dragon are the strongest monster I have ever seen! Their effects, their attack and defense power, I feel at awe!

Yu-Gi-Oh Trident Dragon
Yu-Gi-Oh Trident Dragon

Raging Battle, the newest Yugioh booster pack, is set to be out in May. Raging Battle has Power Tool Dragon on the cover and revolves around dragon and rock type monsters. One thing that caught my eye when I was going over the spoiler list was that this booster pack was the debut for the Earthbound Immortals, the monsters Dark Signers use. Though there are only two in the pack, they are immensely rare.

Earthbound Immortal Ccapac-Apu, the strongest of the Earthbounds, is a very strong level 10 monster with 3000 attack and 2500 defense points. Ccapac-Apu is a burn monster as well. Whenever it destroys a monster it inflicts life points equal to the attack points of the destroyed monster to your foe. Plus, like all the Earthbound Immortals, it can attack directly.

Another monster that caught my eye in this booster pack was a card Goodwin uses halfway through the season, Trident Dragon. At first I thought this card was the 5th dragon, however it looked nothing like the pictures I’ve seen of the 5th dragon. Trident Dragon is tremendously strong with 3000 attack and 2800 defense points. You discard up to two cards on your field. Trident Dragon can once more if you discarded one card, or twice more if you discarded two. Its effect and power make it one of the most powerful monsters I’ve seen.

The Raging Battle seems like a good booster pack if you’re a user of dragon or rock type monsters. Ccapac-Apu is the rock god and Trident Dragon’s effect goes well with the card, Dragon Eggs or Stray Lambs. I thought Yugioh 5Ds cards were bad but with booster packs like Crimson Crisis and Raging Battle, I’m reconsidering my perception.

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