Yugioh Special Editon Set: Alien Monsters

Alien monsters are some of the great underestimated monsters in yugioh. They focus on lowering their foe’s attack so that they can destroy them!

Recently, I received a special edition, four new booster packs set. In the set, was also a secret rare Riryoku card. Though there were not many rare cards in the pack, they were very efficient. I got a Gladiator’s Assault, Power of the Duelist, Forcec of the Breaker, and Phantom of Darkness booster pack.

Many of the cards in the set were Neos cards. There was a Instant Neo Space, Contact Out, and Hero Counterattack, some of the great Neos spells and traps. However there were also types of cards I had never seen before, the Alien cards. The Alien cards revolved around the usage of Alien counters. For instance, Alien Grey’s effect you can place an Alien counter on your foe’s monster and use Brainwashing Beam to take control of that monster.

Another great Alien combo is with Alien Grey and Alien Mother. When your opponent has a strong monster on his/her side of the field, flip summon Alien Grey on to the field. With Alien Grey’s effect, you can put an A-Counter on one monster on your foe’s side of the field. When it is your turn, destroy the monster with the A-Counter with Alien Mother. Due to Alien Mother’s effect you can special summon the destroyed monster on to your side of the field. You then launch an attack barrage.

Though the cards were not so great, this booster pack taught me a lot of great fundamental techniques. There many great Alien combos I learned as well. This special edition proves that no matter how un-unique your cards might be, you can always do something positive with them.

Yu-Gi-Oh Alien Mother
Yu-Gi-Oh Alien Mother

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  1. The alien cards are pretty sweet, I don’t know how many of them you have, but I’ll put a few of the Level 4 and below monsters to give the readers a clearer view of the power these beasts are packing..

    Alien Psychic is automatically changed to defense position when normal summoned or flipped face up, and with 200/100{ATK/DEF} that’s a bonus. But it also acts as a Spellbinding Circle for monsters with A-Counters, without the decrease in stats.

    Alien Infiltrator is a badass card. It can move to any empty monster card zone next to it. Why you ask? That’s where the rest of it’s effect comes into play. If your opponent doesn’t have a Monster and/or Spell/Trap on their side of the field “blocking” this card, it can attack your opponent directly. Regardless of what they have on the field.

    Alien Mars comes in handy too, it’s effect negates the effect of any monster with A-Counters except itself.

    A-Counters become really useful if you have Alien Hunter on the field, if it destroys a monster with an A-Counter, it can attack again. A few power-ups to it’s 1600/800 base and it can become quite the asset to your alien deck.

    Alien Shocktrooper isn’t an effect monster, but it’s 1900/800 base is pretty cool. Very few monsters in the game without needing a tribute can touch it. And the picture is pretty cool too. A centaur-lizardman. Can’t get much more creative than that.

    Alien Skull is like Lava Golem, you have to tribute 1 face-up monster on your opponent’s side of the field. And like Lava Golem, Alien Skull is Special Summoned on the field. But we all have that one card that gives you a benefit of some kind if a monster is special summoned on your opponent’s side, and when this guy is summoned he gets an A-Counter, so it’ll lose 300 ATK/DEF when you attack it with an Alien Monster. Having a 1600/1800 base isn’t too shabby either. But you can tribute a high level monster you just can’t seem to take down, and hand your friend this card in exchange. “Sorry I took your Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, but here, this’ll make up for it. =^D”

    I don’t have enough of these bad boys to build a whole deck around them. But you can bet when I throw a Reptile deck together, it doesn’t go without one or two of these cards. Keep in mind these are all the low level monsters, even Alien Skull is a level 4. And the best part is Alien Skull’s effect is completely optional, starting with the phrase “You can” So if you don’t feel like facing it, you can just use it yourself.

    You wanna see another cool special set, check out the Ancient Gear monsters, sure they are GX Era cards. But like Neos they have a special power all their own if you know how to use them properly.

  2. Yeah, same here. I think the Aliens are a dying type. Their effects and efficiency are so good, but due to X-Sabers and Tuners, they’re just not getting the attention they deserve.

  3. Aww, not that you explain it like that i form my own Alien deck.
    i have a couple. i have almost enough to make a deck, but they were cards i ignored and used in trades. ill make one and be just as dedicated to forming it as my morphs. My friend matt has alien overlord and i got alien mother in a booster pack a while back. thannks!!

    ~~~~~~~~~~MY DECKS~~~~~~~~~~~~
    *Morphtronics (my all time fav)
    *Plant (still in work)

  4. what is the name of the packet that the aliens come in cause i have a small amount but i want more

  5. Alien Monsters haven’t been as forgotten as we think, I’d opened a pack of Crimson Crisis and got a Super Rare called “Alien Kid” It’s a Level 4, 1600/700 Effect Monster, that automatically puts an A-Counter on any monster Special Summoned on your opponent’s side of the field. A Must have for all alien decks!

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