Aquiring New Yugioh Cards Through Trading and Other Methods

Getting new Yugioh Cards is a must because each time you upgrade your deck in a strategic manner it usually pays off. Improve your deck off your previous mistakes too! At the end of this post I have listed some cards that can be useful to deck improvements.

Like most duelists, my first deck was a starter deck. I was so excited to have that deck and I was ready to pummel my friends in duel. But sometimes I lost duels. This post will talk how one can improve their deck to be better than their previous one and I will be using common examples I found on the internet as well as my own dueling experiances.

When I was about 10, I entered a Regional Tournament. The night before I had bought a Raviel, The Lord of Phantasms tin deck and had stuffed my deck full of strong level 5-10 monsters. Yeah I had a few level 4 and 3 monsters and some weak spells and traps but I thought I was going to win with only strong monsters. I lost all four of my matches and was elimenated from the tournament. Now what I want to share with young duelists is to balance your deck. The cards I had in my deck only had high attack, nothing. Suupose I had threw in a Negate Attack and replaced some of my high level monsters with lower level monsters that had effects relating to my deck theme. I might have won some duels.

Another common mistake people make is that they only rely on specific type of cards. My friend who I always duel against only uses fiend monsters. He never accepts strong cards from me unless their fiends. Here is the good side about this type of play: You can make deadly combos, the bad side: You’re limiting yourself to a specific type of cards and if you lose duels your not looking to change your monsters or your combos.

Both of these examples show how key it is to trade and buy cards. Go trade with your friends, people you know who have cards you like, any duelist you meet! Trading exposes you to knew cards and teaches you new strategies you’d like to use in the future. My Weaken and Destroy deck has been undefeated since 2007. Why, because I have traded and traded and exposed myself to new ideas! That is my trading is so important in dueling.

I hope all of you have learned the good that can come out of getting new Yugioh cards. You can collect cards for a special deck or one can even acquire cards just to sell them! These are some cards I would recommend you should get through trading, buying, etc:

  • Magic Cylinder
  • Scrap Metal Scare-Crow
  • Raigeki
  • Big Shield Gardna
  • Ghost Gardna
  • Rocket Warrior
  • Tornado
  • Turret Warrior
  • Skull Dice
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Negate Attack
  • Dark Armed Dragon

5 thoughts on “Aquiring New Yugioh Cards Through Trading and Other Methods”

  1. Isn’t rageki a forbidden card? Try going to the It updates about every six months, so check that for details. They ( the duelists), must definately follow the lists for the advanced formats for tournaments and nationals; including regionals and world. Also the locals and shonen jump championships have the advanced format rules for the tournament. There’s also limited and semi-limited card lists for the specific cheap-like cards such as rageki. So try to include legal(cards).

  2. Sorry, meant to include cheap-like cards such as monster reborn, and that’s a legal card now, exclude call of the haunted, and finally. Well anyways rageki is a forbidden card. So please don’t include that card, and of course people cannot use it at all. I don’t mean to sound like a dumb shit, but I just mispronouneated or made a mistake during writing.

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