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Questions from readers are all answered in my Yugioh Fan Page called Readers’ Qs. A couple of good questions fans!

Hello readers! I told you in my last post that I would be answering some fan questions today. I didn’t get much, but they were some good and curious questions:

1. From SomeBoy

Q: I got 4 common exodia arms and legs, and 1 ultra rare Exodia head. How about selling some stuff?

A: SomeBoy, the most you can get for those cards on eBay is $48, IF your ultra rare Exodia T.F.O is from Legend of Blue Eyes. Common legs of Exodia cost around $2. The arms cost $2.50, and Exodia T.F.O costs $30 at the most.  However you still get about $48 money off selling those on eBay.

2. From jeremy Austin

Q: What is the strongest card of all time and how come you cant use victory dragon in turnement play because it is my favorite card of all time bcause if I attack my opponent directly and reduce his/her life points to 0 so I win the match?

A: The strongest card of all time in my opinion is Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare. You can read about Yubel here. The reason you can’t play Victory Dragon in tournaments is the same reason you can’t play any other card in a tournament. They are all too strong! Like you said, one direct attack from Victory and if your opponent’s life points goes down to 0, you win the match not just the duel. A match is three duels that decide the winners in tournaments.

3. From Yugioh Fan

Q: Why did you only use a 25 card deck? Decks are supposed to have 40 cards in them. I know that that is not a very important question, I just wondered. For info about my 25 card deck, click here.

A: This an important question Yugioh Fan! Why did I only use 25 cards in that duel? Well I guess that deck is not complete so I just wanted to try to see its future potential!

4: From jeremyAustin

Q: Is there a monster called Blue Eyes Emerald Dragon?

A: No jeremyAustin, there is not a monster called Blue Eyes Emerald Dragon. There might be one someday, but currently I have not heard of a Blue Eyes Emerald Dragon.

Well, thank you for the questions readers! Just keep sending me questions and I will be obliged to answer them!

9 thoughts on “Yugioh Blog’s Readers’ Questions”

  1. if i have 10000 yugioh cards and i want to sale them how mutch money will i have because i have 9 god cards 3 egypsion 3 sacred and 3 wiked and they all worth 800 dollers each?

  2. Well, Terror Incarnate are also in Phantom Darkness, so just buy more packs. You can trade a valuable card with someone or buy it at Amazon through my website.

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