Yugioh Trap Cards: The Most Important Aspect of Dueling

Trap cards are outstanding cards in terms of defense and being clutch. I guarantee that someone can win from 8000-1000 life point deficit by using solid trap cards.

Yugioh Magic Cylinder
Yu-Gi-Oh Magic Cylinder
Yu-Gi-Oh Mirror Force
Yu-Gi-Oh Mirror Force

Usually, when people are thinking of a strategy to defeat their opponent in a pressure situation, their ideas revolve around summoning a super strong. Yes that is a basic strategy and it works (occasionally) but have you ever thought about this? What if summoning that monster is incredibly hard? What happens then? Duelists now a days are making winning to complicated by focusing on thier monsters. The key way of defeating an opponent is by using trap cards. Not only are they easy to play, hardly any trap cards have any restrictions or certain ways to play them. They are easy to use and many trap cards have clutch effects.

When I think of trap cards I think of cards that inflict damage to your foe while protecting yourself. That is why Magic Cylander is my favorite trap card. It is simple old-school card, and it can really help you in clutch situations. Magic Cylinder is a deadly card that negates your opponents attack and inflicts damage equal to the attack of the attacking monster. This is a must of card to any decks because it provides major defense when you have useless cards in your hand.

The other trap card I really like is Mirror Force/Dark Mirror Force. While they don’t destroy the attacking monster(s), Mirror Force destroys all attack position monsters on your opponent’s side of the field and Dark Mirror Force destroys all defense position monsters on your opponents side of the field. So if they are both played as a chain, they work like a Raigeki card.

Both of these cards are very effective in ANY deck. Samething with Negate Attack or Compulsory Evacuation Device. Whether you have a Warrior deck or are testing deck, these are some cards you would absolutley want on your deck because they can save you from close situtaions and make your opponent pay for falling to one of these traps. This is why trap cards are THE most important aspect of dueling.

9 thoughts on “Yugioh Trap Cards: The Most Important Aspect of Dueling”

  1. I love trap cards! Without them, my decks would probably stink. I think 2 other important trap cards are Sakeretsu armor and Scrap-Iron Scarecrow. Sakeretsu armor destroys the attacking monster, and you can play Scrap-Iron Scarecrow over and over again. Was there a reason that you didn’t include those 2?

  2. Oh don’t get me wrong, they are both great defensive cards, but I just think Magic Cylinder and Mirror Force/Dark Mirror Force are more balanced cards in terms of offense as well!

  3. hey bro you forgot one of the most important trap cards and i agree trap cards do help a lot in situations but u forgot one important card SOLEMN JUDGEMENT it negates your opponent normal summon special summon flip summon it negates effect of spells and traps but you have to pay half your lifepoints its worth it

  4. Yeah, it is a good card to have but paying half your life points to negate one card summon isn’t really worth it. You could have a blend of Trap Hole and Mystical Tornado! Tornado destroys 1 spell or trap and Trap Hole destroys one normal or flip summon for no cost.

  5. but trap hole only works on monsters with 1000 or more ATK points. Plus, Solemn Judgment is a counter trap, so cards like dust tornado and mystical space typhoon can’t be used to respond to it. still, i wouldn’t recommend it unless the deck focuses on increasing life points…

  6. wow just no. Remember, trap cards cant be played the turn u draw them, they must me set on the field first. You dont always have to go with trap you can also substitute them with any other spell speed 2 effects you got like monsters such as ghost gaurdna and crow or honest and cards of those such, and dont forget about quickplay spell cards.
    Remember as well, cards such as mirror force or magical cylinder require the monster to atk, which means you can destroy these traps before you can use them. Unlike traps like threatening roar, u can use them anytime u need.

    IMO cards that give you options and accessibility will win you the game.

  7. Mystical Space Typhoon can’t negate Spells/Traps, and Trap Hole is ineffective against Special Summons. The whole point of Solemn Judgment is that it fits the situation, no matter what. Half your LP is nothing if you’re about to face a DAD or JD. Cards like Negate Attack and Magic Cylinder are weak, in my opinion. They can easily be wiped off with Mass S/T removal. Chainable Traps, and Multipurpose Counters, like Solemn and Dark Bribe, are much more useful.

  8. Mystical Typhoon is a chainable spell. It might not negate the spell/trap but it destroys it and the destroyed spell/trap’s effect wouldn’t have ever activated. Plus your forgetting, Solemn Judgement and Dark Bribe can be easily destroyed as well, with mass s/t removal cards. Solemn J. and Dark Bribe are more for a defense against spells and traps and monster summons, however Magic C. and Negate Attack are defenses for monster attacks. So they are completely different aspects of trap cards.

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