The 2009 Starter Deck: 5Ds Unleashed

In two weeks the strongest Yu-Gi-Oh starter deck will be released. It is the 2009 Yugioh Starter Deck. This deck stuck out to me because of it s various usage of tuner monsters. It also makes playing high-level monsters easier with its destroy-bring-back strategy. Great Starter Deck!

As you all know, the Raging Battle was released about three weeks ago. On my post about the Raging Battle booster pack, I had written that it was one of the greatest booster packs released in the Yugioh 5Ds arc. The next booster pack being released is the Ancient Prophecy, which will be coming out in August. So if I couldn’t write about booster packs for a while, I thought I’d do some research on some new Yu-Gi-Oh decks. Just like Yugioh GX had its own trademark starter deck with the basic Elemental Heroes, Yugioh 5Ds also has its own trademark starter deck. However, that starter deck has the same old, boring cards Yussei uses. I found that in June, Yugioh 5Ds will have another starter deck to its name.

Starter Deck 2009, or 5Ds unleashed I call it is the newest 5Ds starter deck that makes the old one look like trash. It comes with a couple of never beofre seen monsters, including new tuners and sycnhro monsters Yussei will be using in future episodes. One monster that caught my eye was the new tuner, Road Synchron. Road Synchron is the best tuner I have seen in Yugioh 5Ds. Its stats are that of a mediocre 4 star monster monster but its effect is very helpful. When is used to synchro summon any monster other than Road Warrior, his level decreases by two. If Road Sychron attacks, his level increases by one until the end of the duel. His first effect makes it very easy to synchro summon medium-level monsters like Junk Warrior or Nitro Warrior, however his second effect makes it easier to synchro summon high-level monsters like Star Dust Dragon.

Yu-Gi-Oh Road Synchron
Yu-Gi-Oh Road Synchron

The main monster of the deck is Road Warrior, but he’s not really strong in terms of effects. He does have 3100 attack points and 1500 defense points but he’s extremely hard to summon because you have to use three monsters to synchro summon him (a level eight monster). The reason I like this deck much better than the old 5Ds starter deck(s) is because this one has many strategies to work, mainly the destroy-and-bring-back startegy, but it also revolves around summoning any high level monster. Plus, the tuner monsters in this deck are much stronger than any tuner in the old deck. So for readers who just starterd playing Yu-Gi-Oh, don’t buy the Yugioh 5Ds 2008 Starter Deck, by this one, the much improved starter deck.

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