The 6 5Ds Dragons Versus the 6 Earthbound Immortals

The Earthbound Immortals are some of the most powerful monsters in Yugioh. Yes, better than the 5 Dragons. Here are some videos of them….

Pretty much everyone knows about the 5 dragons, but what about the 6 Earthbound Gods? The Earthbound Immortals are the sworn enemies of the 6 dragons. There has been a lot of controversy and speculation about which ones are better. Uru, Piscu, Apu, Challua, Ccaryhua, and Cusillu versus the, Stardust, Red Archfiend, Black Rose, Ancient Fairy, and the Final, Dragons, who would win such  a hardcore competition?

I really do like the effects of the 5 dragons, but the 6 Earthbound Gods have the upper-hand in terms of stats. Ccapac Apu, my favorite Earthbound has 3000 attack and 2500 defense points where as compared to his opposite, Stardust Dragon, she only has a mere 2500 attack and 2000 defense points. What I don’t understand about the Earthbound Gods is why can’t there be multiple ones on the field?

The Earthbound Gods do have an advantage in size as well (if you’re excluding Crimson Dragon). There are 6 Earthbound Gods and only 5 Dragons. Even though the Dragons won the war 3000 years ago, the Dark Signers of the current day are much stronger than 3000 years ago. Another thing I like about the Earthbound Gods is that they each have burn effects, read here.

Though this a very tough decision to make but if I could have one of these cards I would choose an Earthbound God. They are tough, their effects are great, and their stats are tremendous as well. However you might argue with me! Write in your comments why the Earthbound Gods are/aren’t the better monsters between the 5 Dragons.  Here are some links to some Earthbound Gods scenes:

Ccapac Apu



38 thoughts on “The 6 5Ds Dragons Versus the 6 Earthbound Immortals”

  1. I think the dragons are more powerful. For example, Red Dragon Archfield is equal to Ccapac Apu in stats. And the effects of the dragons are better. Of course, that is just my opinion.

  2. i like both the dragons and the looks of the earthbound gods
    id want them in my deck
    are they available in packs at random or are they in starter decks
    i want to know
    how can i aquire them
    i need to know

  3. As you know, you can get Star Dust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend are available in the first Yugioh 5Ds booster pack. Black Rose Dragon is available in Cross Roads of Chaos. Ancient Fairy Dragon will come out in the Ancient Prophecy, the next booster pack. I don’t know about the fifth dragon. Earthbound Giant and Earthbound Hummingbird are out in Raging Battle. I think the other three are in Ancient Prophecy and I think the 6th, Goodwin’s Earthbound is in the booster pack after Ancient Prophecy.

  4. ok, i read Yugioh wiki and hears what it said: The Giant and Hummingbird are in Raging Battle, the killer whale and monkey are in Ancient Prophecy, coming in september, the spider, the lizard, and the condor, (goodwin’s earthbound) will be in the booster pack stardust overdrive coming in december

  5. i have a black rose dragon,red dragon archfeind and a stardust dragon plus i have 3 earthbound immortal ccapac apu and 1 aslla piscus and i think that the earthbound gods are way better because there are more of them plus none of them have attack lower than 2500 (except the condor). acient fairy dragon has 2100 attack and 2800 defence and black rose dragon has 2400 attack and 1800 defence

  6. ancient fairy dragon has 3000 DEF, not that it matters too much. you also have to take in their effects. ancient fairy dragon’s effect to destroy a field spell card is immensely powerful against an earthbound immortal because they’re destroyed when a field spell card is not on the field. Black Rose Dragon can also destroy earthbound immortals with it’s first effect.

    all in all, which one’s better usually depends on which one was summoned last, and on the individual card. ancient fairy dragon, red dragon archfiend, and black rose dragon are stronger if they were summoned after the earthbound immortal was, red dragon archfiend because it has 3000 ATK which is equal to or more than all Earthbound immortals. Stardust dragon, I would say is weaker since, as ace lee said, all earthbound immortals (aside from the condor) have at least 2500 ATK, and Stardust dragon’s effect isn’t that helpful in destroying them.

  7. wat chance do i have of getting the earthbound immortals?
    do i have like a 50/50
    im mainly wondering
    if i got say 20 packs how manyof them might contain an earthbound god
    and one last thing i have to ask is if its only in the packs
    cuz i got 2 of the raging battle boxes with 3 packs in them n i didnt get a earthbound

  8. You have to remember that Earthbounds are extremely rare. The chances of getting a Earthbound, is equivalent to the chances of getting a ghost rare Honest n Light of Destruction. I would say for every 20 Raging Battle packs, 3 or 4 would have an Earthbound.

  9. Wiraqocha Rasca, goodwin’s earthbound is by far the best monster i’ve seen, because if you have a dark effigy, Wiraqocha Rasca, and oozaki in your hand you could win in one turn!!! for instance, first you use dark effigy to tribute for Wiraqocha Rasca since dark effigy’s effect is that it counts as 2 tributes for a dark attribute monster, and then you can sacrifice him to summon Wiraqocha Rasca then instead of a direct attack you can use his special ability which allows him to take his opponents life points to 1 in exchange for the battle phase, then instead of battling use oozaki which is a spell card which does 800 direct damage to your oppenent after that, viola! you won 🙂

  10. That would be cool, except Wiroqua Rasca’s effect is completely different from the one you stated. He can attack directly yes, he cannot be an attack target, but he cannot lower his foe’s life points to 1. His actual ability is that you return up to 3 cards on your field to your deck. He gains 1000 atk points for each card returned. You might be thinking of Maric’s Winged Dragon of Ra.

  11. actually he’s thinking of wiroqua Rasca’s effect in the anime, which can lower your opponent’s life points to 1 in exchange for your battle phase…

  12. oh yeah, dark effigy can only be used for NORMAL dark monsters. for wiroguq Rasca, you’d have to use double coston (which is actually stronger. I wonder why anyone would want to use dark effigy…)

  13. 10 stars is a double tribute. level 1-4 no tribute. level 5-6 1 tribute. level 7-12 2 tributes. you only tribute with 3 monsters if it’s part of the effect.

  14. Oh, I always thought it was three tributes because Yubel was so strong and I couldn’t comprehend the idea it was only a two star tribute monster along with the other gazillion strong ten stars. Weird ruling.

  15. you also have to count that yusei and jack are gonna get savior demon dragon and majestic star dragon that over power all the immortals cause star dragon has 3800 hundred and demon has 4000 and there effects can wipe em out

  16. I have the hummingbird (Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu). It came in the the raging battle booster pack

  17. earth bound immortals i find better but if i could have the crimson dragon that is the only card i can think of that could actually beat the earthbound immortals besides the god cards…does anyone else agree

  18. the best way to get a stardust dragon archfiend,or black rose,is to buy the tins.they cost like 15.00 each.oh yeah and what episode of yu gi oh 5ds are you guys up to.i’m up to episode 75

  19. Overall, I’d say Earthbounds. BUT, there are ways to overpower them with the 5DS;

    Use Ancient Fairy Dragon/ Black Rose Dragon for Instant Eartbound Immortal killer.

    Say you’ve got Red Dragon Archfiend under your control in Defense Position and Stardust Dragon in any battle position, with Aslla Piscu on your opponent’s field in Attack Position, and Zero Gravity and Ojama Trio facedown. Activate Zero Gravity, forcing Aslla into Defense and RDA into Attack, then activate Ojama Trio, putting three Defense Position Ojama Tokens on your opponent’s field. Attack a Token with RDA, kill Aslla with its effect, and afterwards save your monsters with Stardust.

    Summon RDA, use Skill Drain on the whole field, and attack the Earthbound(unless it’s Ccapac Apu, Uru, or full-power Wiraqocha Rasca, in which case you need to first activate a card that will boost RDA’s ATK).

  20. i think that i can beat the earthbound immortals by one card dust tornado. because earthbound immortals have one weakness there field spell. once destroyed you loose everything

  21. I hate the five dragons and the earthbound immortals. I like the dragon lords and legend of the blue eyes

  22. I just found the rarest version of the EARTHBOUND IMMORTAL CCAPAC APU . It is the most amasing thing I have ever seen.

  23. there are seven earthbounds. Aslla Piscu is the best since it can destroy all monsters your opponent controls and inflicts 800 battle damage for each one destroyed. Wiraqocha Rasca is very disappointing.

  24. Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua is pretty useful, out of all the Earthbound Immortals. His effect CHANGES the way of the duel.
    No Battle Phase = Blackwings and Red Dragon Archfiend are useless.

  25. Actually, there are seven earthbound immortal cards, the last is

    Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca, I should know, I have it.

  26. black rose is better than chacca apu but in turbo duls you are dead because field spells cannot be destroyed

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