The Number One Yu-Gi-Oh Duel!

Here is the #1 duel in the top ten duels in yugioh history. I chose Judai versus Darkness because it was an epic duel that decided the overall fate of the world. Please enjoy!

Hi readers! I apologize for not have written for a while, but here is the post you have all been waiting for! The number one Yu-Gi-Oh duel in  history! Jaden Yuki a.k.a, light, versus Darkness!

#1 The Ultimete Duel-Jaden versus Darkness

The duel starts slow at first as Jaden sees all his peers and friends dissapear into the darkness because they are eaten up by their fears of failing in professional world. After that is when the fight begins! Darkness plays a trap combo know as Zero-Infiniti. It randomly plays 5 traps on the field and each turn Zero and Infinity show. The trap card chosen depedns on the number of trap cards between Zero and Infinity. Jaden would be inflicted with the destructive effects of the trap card chosen. Jaden makes a comeback with playing Yubel and fusioning her with Elementel Hero Neos. Together they formed Neos Wiseman. Wiseman destroys a fake Elemental Hero Neos inflicting Darkness 2500 and giving Jaden 2000 life points.

Darkness plays Darkness Seed which evolves every turn and allows Darkness to see his traps. Over turn Darkness Seed evolved into Darkness Neosphere, giving Jaden a lot to deal with, whit Neoshpere’s 4000 attack points. Jaden sees another vision of his friend’s suffering but gives them confidence about their futures with his words. With the darkness in their hearts gone they return into the real world giving Jaden a moral boost. Then Jaden special summons his strongest monster, Elemental God Neos, 3000 attack and 2500 defense points. God Neos gained 5400 attack points due to its effect and easily defeated Neosphere. With Darkness gone, peace was restored to the Duel Academy.


Over the internet, I found many people thought that Yugi versus Jaden was the best duel ever, however the reason I did not put that duel in my list is because:

1. It is short

2. You never find out who the winner is; it just showa Neos attacking Slifer and thats it

Well, thanks for watching! I hope you guys liked my list of the Top Five Duels in Yu-Gi-Oh!

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  1. How about yugioh 5-Ds cradle ark (the final penultimate episodes) where yusei faces Z-one and his broken timelord monsters?

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