Win a Free Rare Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Win a free, prefect conditioned, secret rare, Rainbow Dark Dragon by sending me paragraph of what Yugioh card is your favorite and why you like the card. Winner will receive this awesome card via mail.

This post is just to remind all of my readers that I am hosting a contest in my blog where you have the chance to win a secret rare, mint condition, Rainbow Dark Dragon. All you have to do is write a one paragraph (three to four sentences) post about your favorite Yugioh Card and why you like it. You can give me your story through the comments box. The top five stories will be listed on my blog. The number one story will recieve Rainbow Dark Dragon via mail and will get a sneak peak of my next post. Spread the word and good luck!

45 thoughts on “Win a Free Rare Yu-Gi-Oh Card”

  1. i guess my favourite card would have to be crystal beast sapphire pegasus, i know its kinda werid but i love that card and all crystal beasts.

    i used to be into the game in 2003-2004, and left around 2004, but i recently returned to the game. and i randomly choose sapphire pegasus as my tin card, well when i opened the pack, the image was just capitvating, i must have just stared at it for around 10 minutes, something about the card just clicked in my head.

    anyways luck found me again when i opened a box of se force of the breaker. and there again, did i find this same card, but the force of the breaker edition.

    i guess something about that card that calms me. i know its sounds werid, but thats why


  2. my most fave Yugio card in the whole wide world are the gladiater beasts because they are awesome and wcked cool! i love how all there effects help each other plus they have balanced atk poeints and defence points, with kick-buttt effects! i always win when use gladiater beasts because they are like a big, huge, team when they battle. gladiater beasts are my destiny cards, like the pharo has dark magician, i got the gladiater beasts baby!

  3. Sorry Jesse, you lost to The Duelist… I really liked your story though it’s just his was better… However, if my readers disagree with me, you still have a chance to win Rainbow Dark Dragon!

  4. my favorite card is red dragon archfiend beause he is awesome and powerful.some day i might get him.this cardmakes me feel comfident and powerful.i hope i win the rainbow dark dragon.

  5. my favorite card is red dragon archfiend beause he is awesome and powerful.some day i might get him.this card makes me feel comfident and powerful.i hope i win the rainbow dark dragon.

  6. Sorry man, but contest was won by The Duelist. I 1have one more other Rainbow Dark Dragon which I will be using as the prize for my next contest. So you still have another chance to win it!

  7. My favorite yugioh cards are ”The Winged Dragon of Ra,” ”Cyberdark Dragon,” ”Volcanic Doomfire,” ”Rainbow Dragon,” ”Rainbow Dark Dragon,” and ”Stardust Dragon cause they just awesome

  8. my faavorite yu-gi-oh card would have to be relinquished no arguments. Although it may only have a attack and defense of 0 both it is practically unbeatable. you can use your opponentsmonster cards as a shield against there own attacks. Whenever they attack relinquished they attack their own monsters sending them to the grave yard automatically. although you have to wait for a card to summon it once it’s on the field you better watch out. I saw the card on tv when i was 6 it belonged to pegasus i think any way being 6 it was real easy to get my mom to get the card. That is why relenquished is my favorite card.

  9. I already wrote this but it didn’t go through so i have to write it again. My faorite yugioh card in the whole world is relinquished. Although you have to wait until you get his ritual card to summon him he is still the coolest. Once you get him on the field he is practically invinceable. He is able to take your opponents monster card and use it as a shield so when your opponent wants to attacks relinquished they destroy their own monsters making him untouchable. I remember being 6 and i had just seen relinquished on tv being used by pegasus. Being 6 years old it was real easy to beg my mom to get it for me. that is why relinquished is my favorite yugioh card.

  10. my bad computer had a problem so i thought it didn’t go through so i did it again my bad. sorry!

  11. I know this has already been won, but i still wanted to share. My favorite card ever to be released to us at least would have to be Jinzo. I know he’s an oldy, but he dominates. And now he has support and is unlimited. How can somebody not like a 2400 atk decree, or 2600 atk decree (Jinzo-Lord). I know i won’t win, but i love talking about Yu-gi-oh.

    Thanks for listening

  12. sorry, forgot to add something. if we are going by cards from the show, then trap request. it goes with jinzo anyway, but it just makes the deck better. you get to look through your opponent’s deck and set a trap on their side. and with jinzo they can’t use it. you can get their best trap, and diffuse it.

  13. i wish i could duel some of you these are great storys and i wish that a tournament was coming soon

  14. My favorite card would be dark magician girl. because i had a really bad deck and the only good card i had was dark magition girl and this guy i met saw i had a dark magition deck and decided to give me all these spell caster cards and after that i had remembered how my dark magition girl always helped me so now i always have to win with her doing the last blow or ill just surrender

  15. My most favorite card of all time would be Blue Eyes Dragon. Mostly because its one of the origanal Yu Gi Oh cards and because it was the the first one in my life I ever had. Another reason would be is that its one of the cards that started it all along with Dark Magician

  16. my favorite card is obelisk the tormentor.his attack is 4000 and so is his deffence.i like him because hit picture is awsome and he saved me many times he was my first card.hes my best card other than the other gods.i dont care if i win but it would be nice.if you dont believe me when i say favorite heres a story.

    once apona something

    this guy offered all 5 exodia cards and 500 cards and i refused THE END

  17. Vennominaga is my favorite card. She’s immune to everything excluding battle. She’s i guess even more powerful than the egyptian god cards.

  18. my fav yugioh card is stardust dragon because its really cool i love also because its a synchron.

  19. My favorite card would be Slifer the sky dragon because I like any dragon card and slifer is the ultimate dragon. I am currently trying to create a dragon deck around slifer. I am looking for extremely good dragon cards. I am currently the organizer of events for my schools yugioh club.

  20. Well this is my story,I have 2000 ygioh cards in my deck there are really impressive and there effect are very powerfull and I have 150 ultra rae cards when I duel with my friend I won again and again with my special cards(exodia the forbidden one,3 gods,and 3 lords)and there cards will be mine.

  21. My fav yugioh cards is the wicked avatar the effect are very awesome I used it to easy win.also when there are on your opponent have 5 different exodia the forbidden one the wicked avatar can increase it power to the strongst monster on the field +100 oh that is a very helper card.

  22. My favorite, oh i’ll tell you! =^_^= my favorite yugioh card of all is KURIBOH. Noone really understands him, but i do. He is always there for me when i am in the dumps. Although he may look weak, there is no monster that he can not take down, even if he takes himself with it. KURIBOH is also the most fluffy little guy in all of yugioh. KURIBOH may be small but he will always make a huge difference in my life =^_^=

  23. @Spirits

    Aww, I can tell you guys have a good bond! But you’re wrong when you say no one understands him. He is a staple in most decks and every dark deck. I use in my Dark Revolver deck and he’s great! He’s saved my butt a lot!

  24. @Spirits

    Uh, I think you’re mistaken. Kuriboh’s effect does not allow him to destroy any card. Plus, you can only have three in a deck. Second, you can’t just discard three Kuribohs from your hand and third, you can’t revive all three with one card.

  25. I would have to say Light and Darkness dragon as my favorite card. It is such a rare and powerful card. Ever since I bought the card, I’ve been able to win most of my duels with him. It has two great effects, but can’t be special summoned, but who cares (as long as I have Monster Reincarnation with me.)

  26. My super favorite card is obelisk the tormentor cause since I saw him in the anime I knew it was meant to be mine. Some people say that when you want something and finally get it you loose interest of it. But as soon as I got obelisk I knew I was never going to get bored of it. I still play with it.

  27. My favourite Yu-Gi-Oh card is Electronic Dragon because it was my first ever Yu-Gi-Oh card and it started my addiction to Yu-Gi-Oh cards, the most exhilarating card game in the entire world.

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