Seriously, Who Really Is the 5th Signer? (It’s Not Goodwin!?!?)

I have reading that Goodwin isn’t the last signer! Common! If it’s not him who is it! This is like Hatching Pete! However, I have a distinct hunch, it might be Mina, but we will see!

A couple of months ago I wrote a post inquiring about who the 5th signer was, (read here). I received many comments from my readers saying that Goodwin was the 5th signer. For some time I believed that to be true. However I have been reading some rumors that are changing my mind. People are writing that Goodwin is actually pretending to be the 5th signer. Goodwin is a dark singer who has a winged-beast Earthbound God and is apparently waiting to meet the King of the Underworld!

At first this might seem bogus to you but I’ve recieved some comments stating this and Yu-Gi-Oh!wiki is also saying that in episode 62 of Yugioh 5Ds, Rex Goodwin reveals that he is a Dark Signer and he that he is waiting for the King Of the Underworld. It also said he was keeping the actuall 5th signer hostage. Although these rumors have stymied me about the person known as the ‘5th signer’, it has also given me some hope. Think about it, if Goodwin is a Dark Signer, and is sacrificing the 5th Signer then he would ambush them during an episode or two before episode 62. I am positive that the person he kidnapps will be the 5th signer.

Now, because of this information, I continue to think Crow or Leo could still be signer(s). However, I have added another prediction to my list. I think Mina could be the 5th signer because she is so close to Goodwin (his secretary) that he could kidnap her at any time. Plus, why would he hire her if he had no use for her. I know Mina “looks after” Jack but I’m sure Goodwin knows that Jack can remain fine without Mina. Even though I have predictions, I am really confused about this topic! I feel I missed a detail or two… anyways if any of you have any clue as to what’s going on with the 5th singer, write as a comment.

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  1. well… (AND THIS IS A SPOILER) the 5th signer is revealed around episode 56, and it turns out to be Rudger, Godwin’s brother, who is also a dark signer. He cut off his hands about 17 years ago, which explains the hand in the jar or whatever. Or at least that’s what happens in the Japanese…

  2. I did here something about Rudger being a signer but how can you be a signer and a dark signer?

  3. there’s no rule that says you can’t be both, except for the fact that signers are alive, and dark signers are dead. so if you’re dead, you can’t be a signer anymore, but you can be a dark signer.

    I’m guessing what happened is, after Rudger was chosen as a signer, the Earthbound Gods chose him to be a dark signer, but because he was alive, he couldn’t fully be one, and they couldn’t fully control him, so they made him overload it so that he’d be dead and fully be a dark signer…

  4. ok i know who the fifth sighner is if you want rto lnow its kind of a very big spoiler so if you want to see who it ie look down

    its trudger goodwins brother goodwin is the legendary rider who tried to build the deadelas bridge thats how he lost his left arm his brother trtudger had the mark of the crimson dragon and a symbol of the dark sihner the drak sighner powers took over hs body so he chose to rip off his sighner arm witch was his left arm he gave it to godwin when all the sighners defeat the dark sighners godwin tears off his lef mechnical arm and puts on his brother trudgers arm and it turns out he turns into a dark sighner to he was able to control bothe gods powers he absorbes everybody sighner marks and a pcture of the crimson dragon appears on his cheat then he abtains the most powerful geogalyph wicth was the condor he says (i will destroy the world with the wicked god and recreat it with the crimson dragon and the yusei jack and crow engage him in a batle and that all i know and if you want to know how i know this go to google video and type in (yu gi oh 5ds episode 50 subbed) and watch 50 all the way threw 65 and it will reavel the truth

  5. anyone who wants to know who the NEW 5th signer is, and doesn’t want it spoiled, watch ep 64.

    anyone who wants to know RIGHT NOW, scroll down:

    IT’S CROW!!!

  6. I guess all the extra lines got compressed into 1 line. sorry those who don’t want it spoiled…

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