The Three Most Deadly Yugioh Spells

These are the top three spells in yugioh (in my opinion). The spells in this list are strictly chosen on efficiency and how it helps you overcome circumstances to win a duel.

I’ve written a couple of posts about trap cards, a lot of posts about monsters, now it is time to give spell card fans my top three list of the most deadly spell cards I’ve seen! Making this list wasn’t easy. I looked up several spell cards I thought were good on the internet and saw what others thought of them. From there, I concluded my list. Here it is:

3. Raigeki

Though its effect is short and simple. Raigeki is the one deadliest and simplest spell card in Yu-Gi-Oh. When it is activated, it can destroy all monsters on your foe’s side of the field. This is especially helpful when your opponent has crazy strong monsters and the only you have for a defense is one weak monster. Because Raigeki is probably the most effecient spell in the game, it was banned for tournament usage

Yu-Gi-Oh Raigeki

2. United We Stand

United We Stand is the most effective and efficient, offensive equip-spell in Yugioh. Why, because it raises one of your monster’s attack by 800 for every monster you have on your side of the field, (including the equipped monster). This spell can change a battle between a strong monster and a weak monster fast. United We Stand also came up the most as the best the spell card ever in the forums I searched up in. However, you can only have one United We Stand in your deck, but other than that, this card does not have any catches!

Yu-Gi-Oh United We Stand

1. Wave Motion Cannon

After reading the description of United We Stand, I’m sure many of you are thinking, “What spell can be better than this one?” Well, many would argue Mage Power, but I say the best spell card in Yugioh is Wave Motion Cannon. Wave Motion is a very destructive card, when you play the card it doesn’t do anything. However, the card is triggered when you remove it from your field. For each standby phase that passed before you removed it from play, your foe loses 1000 life points! 1000, not a 100, not 500, 1000! Even though it is this destructive, you can still have one Wave Motion Cannon in your deck! If you can protect Wave Motion Cannon until eight standby phases have passed, you win the duel!

Yu-Gi-Oh Wave Motion Cannon

Well, this is the list of my top three spells, if you disagree with any of these spells just tell me what card you would have put instead as a commment.

29 thoughts on “The Three Most Deadly Yugioh Spells”

  1. harpie’s feather duster ain’t bad either. it’s a spell/trap card version of raigeki.

  2. Er, United We Stand is Limited, so you can only use one. But I agree, Wave-Motion Cannon is definitely THE best Spell card in Yu-Gi-oh. It should be banned.

  3. ah, you are right. I will change that and apparently Wave Motion Cannon is limited too. I guess I looked at an old ban list, sorry!

  4. um… wave-motion cannon’s effect is activated by sending it to the graveyard from the field, not removing it from play

  5. Raigeki is a good card but banned, united we stand is a reallygood card, and wave motion canon is also but you need it protected for at least 7 turns and have a marshmallon or 2 princess of ____ face down…

  6. Their is a huge problem problem with your reading of Wave Motion Cannon’s effect: It doesn’t do any damage until you send it to the graveyard, and then it does damage equal to the number of your standby phases it has remained face up on the field x 1000.

    It doesn’t do any damage unless you send it to the graveyard at least one turn after you activate it.

  7. Um, I sort of said all of that. I think your confused because I said remove from the field, which means it goes to the graveyard. Removing from play means it goes out of the duel, not even to the graveyard. I’ll change that part so it is less vague in the future, thanks!

  8. Although those cards are fundamentally good, the only I would run (if it weren’t banned) would be Raigeki. United We Stand is too weak a card, simply because it stays on the field. Wave-Motion Cannon is decent if you can build a deck around it, but there are faster, more preferable decks to make.

  9. I think for spell cards, the card Graceful Charity is crazy! Specially with a Dark World Deck!!! Discard 2 Dark Worlds, at the same time, you get to special summon monsters and you draw 3 cards, and the three cards could be a raigeki and a Dark Grepher and another Dark World Monster, then you special by dumping the Dark World Monster and you already have a full field just because of one card!

  10. the seal of orichalcos. oh wait that’s illegal. by far the best spell card ever. if you lose to it, you lose your soul.

  11. Wave motion cannon? Really? And how many magic/trAp kill card staples are there? Hmm lemme see….MST, dust tornado, heavy storm, giant trunade……these are why wave motion cannon won’t be limited or banned. It isn’t that great. Not even top 10 quality.

  12. Dust Tornado is awesome, I run it in my infernities, because you can set cards from your hand, so it leaves you with a handless combo just in case 🙂

  13. tisk tisk tisk the seal of orichalcos i don’t think that is even a spell card more like a HOMICIDE card.

  14. Wave motion cannon would be deadly if you could play 10 solemn judgments. But since you can’t, the best way to ensure victory is usind herald of perfection. But even great herald players decided that that tech was a waste. So how is someone gonna win with wave motion cannon? How is it top 3 quality powerfullest spell if it ain’t gonna work? Explain

  15. I made a perfect circle deck utilizing raiza, Phoenix wing wind blast, and back to square one. Hella fun is all I can say. Oh yes, and legendary jujitsu master. Fun

  16. Why wait 8 turns? The wave-motion cannon is basically finisher card, and you don’t necessarily need to stall it that long. A single cannon might not be all that great, but a lucky three in the first hand is quite lethal. If anything, beat them down with your main strategy, then sack it when you’re ready to deal the final blow.

  17. I agree but I think that the card Solemn Wishes since it restores 500 life points every standby phase and Berserking because if you ar against a very powerful enemy and you have a weak card you can turn the game around instantly.

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