What Is Your Duel Style?

For a deck to be unique, you need to have to have a theme to it, or a battle style. I have compiled a list of styles, each one has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Many of these styles are used by characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh show.

Lately, I have been trying to play Yugioh online, for free. I didn’t find anything besides advertisements your Yugioh Online, Duelpass advertisements, and Yugioh quizzes. There were Yugioh quizzes on facebook, the 4-kids homepage, even small on toy company website. The fact is, these quizzes were pretty simple but they asked soulful questions. My favorite quiz out of all of them was a quiz about type of duel style you had. If you dueled like Yugi, Kaiba, Joey, etc… In my latest post, I am going to give a list of duel styles I found, and on the comments box, I want you guys to write what you think is your duel style!

Having a duel style helps strengthen your strategies because you can revolve them around a certain type of style. I found a lot of decent duel styles on the internet. They were more like keywords than styles, so I mixed and matched them up according to similarity. Some might seem better than others, but choose the duel style which you know is the one you use:

  • On a tough situation, pull out your strongest monster!
  • Attack, attack!
  • Fill your deck with very high defense monsters, so your opponent can’t penetrate your defense
  • Use a couple of high attack monsters but use a trap in a bad situation
  • Kill your foe with traps
  • Focus your whole deck on summoning crazy strong monsters!
  • Use weak monsters with awesome effects and use traps to keep them alive
  • Use weak monsters with awesome effects and use equip spells to boost their attack and/or defense
  • Play field spells to protect certain type of monsters
  • Activate ritual spells to dish out high attack monsters with decent effects
  • Other

Here are all the compilations of styles I found. I would say that I use a lot of weak monsters that have good effects and help them with my traps.  Remember, we all have dueling styles that make our decks unique, one battle style isn’t necessarily good as another. So if you write down your dueling style on the comments box, please write with all honesty.

57 thoughts on “What Is Your Duel Style?”

  1. Definitely blow your opponent up by using traps. Usually, my decks have more traps than they do spells! I love trap cards!

  2. high defense and stall cards until I draw my trump card, or my opponent decks out.

    p.s. I’ve tried posting this many times this week… all failed…

  3. Well i neutralize my opponents by using spells and traps to counter other then i whip out their monsters with effects then tribute them for more powerful monsters and equip the with spells like axe of despair and black pendant, im an old school duelist i dont use nothing farther than the Gx series of yugioh my trump card is the wicked avatar

  4. my deck is a syncro deck that revovles around getting my syncros out fast but i have some wicked tr5aps in my deck so there really no point in atking me cuz i can A. destryoy ur card B.send it back to ur hand/side deck C. negate the atk plus my deck is houseing some pretty insane card like R.O.T.A and my fav syncro card is my red dragon archfiend

  5. My deck is a Destiny Hero deck that uses cards like Different Dimension Capsule and Elemental Hero Stratos to bring out my strong monsters, and Soul Exchange to kill off my opponent’s cards, and until I draw something good I stall with Clock Tower Prison, D-Shield and Destiny Hero – Defender.

    My trump cards are Destiny Hero – Dogma and Dark Armed Dragon.

  6. we’ll my deck is based on only cards wich let your opponent to not play trap spell and monsters a BEAT DOWN Deck

  7. My deck focuses on traps, and LP draining monsters. My main aim is to summon YUBEL UN and in extreme cases( DESTROYED YUBEL) I go for ULTIMATE gear golem.

  8. I am generally conservative, to prevent my JDs from going to waste. I clear the backfield before making any explosive plays, and always keep my options open. I normally save my PlagueSpreader for when I actually NEED it, not just when it will strengthen my field.

  9. An easy hopeless dragon deck with a lot of draw engines
    (AoD,Card Destruction, DW Dealings…)
    field clearers
    (Sky Scourge Norleras+Phantom of Chaos)
    and swarm beatsticks
    (Infernal D, RE Metal Darkness D + BEWD…)
    Just as fast as furious.

  10. I don’t really have a duel style ijust play for fun iwould like to become a better player but I don’t get enough money to get all the new cards that come out

  11. I use 2 strategies from the list:

    1.)Use weak monsters with awesome effects and use traps to keep them alive

    2.)Use weak monsters with awesome effects and use equip spells to boost their attack and/or defense

    This is mainly because I use morphtronic monsters. I like using cards like morphtronic Radion and then using Morphtronic Forcefield so that if the opponent tries using spell or trap cards to destroy my morphtronics the opponents spell or trap is destroyed instead and then I get to search my deck for another Morphtronic monster, Also all Morphtronics effects depend on their battle position like Morphtronic Cameran while in defense can protect all Morphtronics from being affected by cad effects or Morphtronic Boarden or Magnen while in defense can protect all morphtronics on the field unless they are destroyed.

  12. Morphtronics are a nice set of archetypes. I think the only downside of Morphtronics are that they aren’t popular enough to have a lot of support. However, I can see how you use those two strategies with Morphtronics. Those are scary combos…

  13. I totally agree. anyhow when i watched my 3rd episode of yugioh 5D’s I found this boy named Leo. His personality matched mine and I actually looked up to him so I formed a whole morphtronic deck. It contains 49 cards and from that 49 about 12 are originally mine. The rest I got through trades. All of the cards are morphtronic related except 7. Thats why Leo is my favorite charecter.



  15. Well unless if im an unexperienced duelist I know that she depends on the graveyard . A lot of monsters nowadays depend on the graveyard for survival i.e. Dark Armed Dragon, Judgement Dragon, Archlord Kristya. I keep some Mystical Space Typhoons and Mask of Restrict and a Shrink to make her feel extremely safe.

  16. eh, mystical space typhoon is only good against traps, because it can destroy them the turn they’re set. it’s completely useless against spells unless it’s a continuous spell.

    mask of restrict is kinda pointless since no one really tribute summons monsters anymore, unless they’re playing a monarch deck. Everybody special summons high level monsters instead, and uses royal oppression to counter them. I wouldn’t recommend adding in royal oppression, though, since that would completely stop vennominaga.

    and actually, none of the cards you listed depend on the graveyard for survival. they only depend on it for summoning. once summoned, their graveyard can be completely removed from play for all they care. well ok dark armed dragon might depend on the graveyard just a little bit for its effect but it’s still a 2800 beatstick without the graveyard.

  17. True pretty much. The reason why i added mask of restrict was for a fear of tributing it for lava golem.

  18. Well the only people who would put lava golem in their deck are people whose deck revolves around gravity bind or something similar. Otherwise, you had just given your opponent a 3000 beatstick…

    but I suppose to be on the safe side, you could add vennominaga to your hand with dark eruption to play again.

  19. i say focus on summoning CRAZY strong monsters, gain life points, and swarm the field. i have one winged dragon of ra(egyptian god) stuck in my dragon deck, soon to get slifer. i have 3, that’s right, 3, red eyes darkness maeal dragons in there th weak havvoc by summoning beast dragon types like blue eyes from hand or grave, and hve some spells, traps, and synchro monsters that gain life. not to mention i also have stadust in it.

  20. I trump my opponents style by interrupting their moves early game. Basically don’t let them stand on two legs.

    But honestly I have studied playstyles and what I use is what I term, the doomsday style. Basically you can win if you counter your opponents playstyle. No one style is better unless compared singularly. Doomsday adapts. That’s what you should do in this game. And always for that matter

  21. kinda late. but for me i like to stall early game and then punish mid to late game. i run very few traps as they tend to slow down on me, thats why i mostly run monsters and spell cards. in fact the only trap cards i run are solemn judgment and torrential tribute. just wondering, would solemn judgment be better if it was a spell card?

  22. no, solemn judgemnt would be worse as a spell. the fact that it can counter almost anything wouldn’t work if the highest spell speed it can be is spell speed 2 (quick-play spell).

    I’ve changed my duel style. I’m not sure into what, but it might be instantly clear the opponent’s field and attack for game.

  23. no actually i do run traps but not alot. i mostly run stuff like torrential tribute and solemn judgment and bottomless and stuff but not alot as spells and monsters normally win a lot for me. thus running too many traps is bad as it slows down your potential chances of winning. but its nice to at least have traps for defense.

  24. My cards revolve around dark types.. My deck leans more on the favour of defensive structure.. I have quite a lot of counter cards that will stall and counter my opponants until i have my two trump cards Poly, thousand eyes Idol, relinquish to summon thousand eyes restrict neutralizing my opponant, getting Destiny hero plasma out… Since my thousand eyes restrict can equip cards i usually have a double summon or Ultimate offering for some backup Summons. And then its just tank’n’spankz from there on.. As thousand eyes restrict neutralizes attacks and position change.. and Plasma Just negates the effects of monsters.. Usually if i can get my Prime material dragon out.. With Prime material dragon summoned any cards effect (card(s) meaning Spell trap.. effect synchro w/e) that destroy card(s) i can discard one card to negate and destroy the card.. Lol sounds awfully hard to summon out but actually its an ease… Only lost to 2 players with my deck and they are my best friend who runs 2 decks Crystal beasts and Yubel/Synchro’s and my Cousin who runs 2 decks aswell an arcana force and an assortment of light/dark cards..

  25. I’m guessing you only play traditional format then if your trump card is a forbidden card (thousand-eyes restrict is banned).

    also prime material dragon does not negate any effect. it only negates effects that are certain to destroy something. effects that flip it face-down (book of moon), return it to the hand (brionac), return it to the deck (raiza), remove it from play (caius), decrease its atk (gale the whirlwind), sends it to the graveyard (norleras), or only has a possibility of destroying a card (snipe hunter) still work, and most players these days use these effects instead of destruction effects because there are so many cards to counter destruction effects.

  26. I power up monsters to insane power levels, like last time i got turret warrior out with 13,600 ATK pionts, epic kill.

  27. the only way I can see that happening is if you changed turret warrior to machine-type and activated limiter removal. and even then you would’ve had to use at least 1 major atk boosting effect (like united we stand, mage power or megamorph) because the most atk turret warrior can get with just his effect is 5700 (by tributing rainbow neos).

  28. I like trying to get out my big strategies first before my opponent. I like to get Stardust Dragon Assault Mode and Royal Decree on in a pair and then finish off my opponent with Scar-Red Nova Dragon. I designed my deck so it is easy.

  29. yeah, the only ways you might stop it is just to prevent special summoning if they are not already on the field or by negating their summons or their effects.

  30. cool strategys but try this one

    pull ou strong attack and deffense monsters and use cards like wall of reaviling light to stop ur opponent from attacking then use cards like healing wave generatur to boost urlife up also use traps like mirror force if wall fails

  31. I play a spam warrior deck where i normally on the first turn summon marauding captain and comrade swordsman of landstar and synchro summon gaia knight the force of earth and use destructive traps. I use stardust dragon and red dragon archfiend while tearing away at my enemies monsters with colossal fighter and i use jutte fighter and kuraz because then i can synchro summon nearly second turn. My fave character is Yusei if u havent guessed!

  32. I run a morphtronic lockdown, with winged dragon of ra. I play it with magnen, boarden, dataren celfon, and just swarm enough that i get one morph out, do 600 damage, and keep on doing that whole process untill i get ra, i run alot of traps to keep them safe, it takes a little while, but if i wait long enough, i win the duel very easily.

  33. I mainly focus on not letting my opponent hit me (so i have cards like scapegoat, shield wing, and turbo booster) and then i have trap cards that can back those up just in case they get an attack on me, so most of the time i have enough monsters on the field to summon a powerhouse monster with a good effect and/or attack. Then I raise or lower the attack of my monsters or my opponents monster with spell or trap cards, and just in case they lay a trap or spell on me, i have cards like dust tornado or heavy storm to stop them. I also have cards like skull mark ladybug and zolga for extra defense.

  34. I tend to use a general style. I focus on keeping around 13-15 monsters level 4 or lower, about half with a good defense (1800-2000 each), and the other half with a good attack (around the same). I add around 3-5 strong monsters that require sacrificing, and a large majority of my cards are dark/light. My trump cards are Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, and Black Luster Soldire: Envoy of the Beginning. The traps I use consist of things to bide my time (gravity bind, swords of revealing light, scapegoat), cards to chain traps (primarily Sevel Tools of the Bandit), cards to destroy opponents monsters (Needle Ceiling, Mirror Force, Trap Hole). So yeah, my deck is pretty set. I occasionally change my deck style to an all out defensive, where I sit with cards whos effect is something along the lines of Wall of Illusion, or Gravekeeper’s Guard. I have a 21 traps, 23 monsters (5 of those needing to sacrifice), and 16 spells. All are tournament legal, and I do damage through card effects. It’s pretty annoying but also easy to beat.

  35. @Jordan

    Yeah, the deck I took to regionals in 2006 was built pretty similarly. It had a bunch of level 4 monsters and then ‘ace’ monsters that were high level and had strong effects (Barrel Dragon, Ha Des, and Airknight Parshath). Although, I had more destruction spells/traps like Trap Hole, Dark Hole, and Torrential Tribute than I had defensive spells/traps. I think decks that don’t have a general formula are called cookie decks.

  36. I like to run cards that prevent special summon like fusion devour and ritual seal and de-synchro my opponents monster I have found it is much harder with the new XYZ’s monster but cards that steal there overlays are always handy,I also usually very my monster type depending on what is doing well in tournaments i choose monsters that make the high ranking effects void then swoop in with a heavy hitter that is protected with spell and traps. Skill is key

  37. i used to have a bunch of dragons in my deck: black rose dragon, blue-eyes white(and ultimate) dragon, and dragon master knight. but i gave up on them. i even used to have exodia, crap monster, flaming skull head, and red eyes ultimate zombie dragon, but i gave up on them also.

    p.s. i got some counterfeit cards in a second hand store. What are the chances?!?

  38. Well honestly my style is to provent the opponent from activating any cards with my spell cards then dish out a lot of Damage with my monsters until I win

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