Yugioh 5Ds: The Third Arch, (Featuring a Contest)

This post features a card contest, and it also talks about the upcoming events of the third arc on Yugioh 5Ds. The third arc seems very cool; Yussei will be dueling a bandit turbo duelist in order to get back duel runner parts the bandit took from others. The third arc will also be the introduction to the Turbo Duel Grand Prix.

Before I start my post for today, I would like to say that Yugiohblog.com will start having contests where you can win rare cards.  If a post has a contest, then on my title I will have added (Featuring a Contest). This will be the first contest I am doing. All you guys have to do is write a one paragraph story about your favorite Yugioh card and why you like it. The winner will recieve a mint edition, secret rare, Rainbow Dark Dragon. Good luck!

I have talked about the Dark Signer arc many times in this blog, and I am sure many people have already found who the Fifth Signer due to some spoiler comments. However, on July 1, Japan will be airing the 65th episode of Yugioh 5Ds, which is also the beginning of Yugioh 5Ds’ third arc. The third arc is set 6 months after Yussei defeats Goodwin and Rudger and 6 months before the upcoming Turbo Duel Grand Prix.

Our main character Yussei, along with his friends, Rally, Blitz, Gnervin, and Crow have all moved to New Domino City. For the grand prix, Yussei, Crow, and Jack have made major modifications to there duel runners. However, there were rumors going around that there was a duelist who sabotages duel runners in order to the parts of the duel runners to his own. The rumors are confirmed when Lazar asks for the help of Yussei to stop this duelist who is known by ‘Ghost’. Lazar tells Yussei that Ghost hides in the outskirts of New Domino and uses fiend and zombie. Yussei drives off and the episode ends.

That’s all of the main things that happen with Yussei in that episode but I hope that everyone who was turned into a dark signer by revenge (Demak, Carly, Kiryu, and Misty) all come back to life. Because before they saught revenge, they were all friends of the signers. Yugio wikia says that after Ghost is defeated, the third arc will be all filler episodes leading up to the Grand Prix, which will be part of the third and fourth arcs. The third arc’s not going to be as thrilling as the Dark Signer arc, but I hope it will lead to newer monsters!

11 thoughts on “Yugioh 5Ds: The Third Arch, (Featuring a Contest)”

  1. all the dark signers except godwin and rudger were revived at the end of episode 64.

    and I don’t want a rainbow dark dragon, so I won’t be a part of this contest…

  2. Your welcome! Hey, if your ready, you can send me your story right now, if your the only one who participates, you win by default you know. Easy way to get a $80 card!

  3. Hey, I’m just reminding you that someone has already posted a story so you need to send me a story fast if you want to have a chance to win that card.

  4. Hi, I’m just reminding you that someone has already posted a story for the contest. If you want to have a shot of winning the card you have to send a post fast, by next week.

  5. doesnt 5d’s stand for 5 dragons and the free card won from a contest will you give the card or just a preview?

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