The Conclusion To the Signer Controversy

My opinion about the fifth signer, Crow, who inherits the roel after Goodwin dies. I would like to see Crow have upgraded Blackwing Monsters in the third arc of Yugioh 5Ds

Yu-Gi-Oh Crow
Crow with his tail mark

After reading tons of responses to my two “Who is the Fifth Signer” articles and reading multiple pages of Yugioh wiki, I have come to the conclusion that Crow is definitley a the fifth signer! This was my first guess (read here) but it was neglected so much I thought it wasn’t true! Apparently he inherits this role after Goodwin loses the duel against Yussei and dies.

Though Crow mainly uses all winged-beasts, you can’t forget that all Yussei ever uses are warriors, and Jack uses fiends, Akiza uses plants, and Luna uses fairies. Yet, they all have a dragon? So how was Crow any different. Plus, besides the fifth dragon, Crow has another dragon too! It debuted in his first, third arc duel, and it was called Winger Dragon or something. He was more close to being a signer than anyone else!

Even though he is a Signer, I think Crow has the worst variety of cards. Yussei has multiple Synchros, Jack has different fiends, Akiza has tons of plant tokens, and Luna’s deck is any monster who wishes to serve her (she could have an Egyptian God for all we know). However Crow has the same old monsters in all his duels. Armor Master, Bora the Spear, Silver Wind, etc… I wish he gets newer cards and that the Blackwings get an upgrade.

6 thoughts on “The Conclusion To the Signer Controversy”

  1. crow has a dragon that debuted in episode 65? I must not have been paying enough attention to his cards… although he didn’t duel that episode, so it’s not that hard to understand why I wasn’t paying attention to his cards…

  2. I’m not sure if its in that one, but like, he uses winger dragon in his debut third arc duel. I was surprised when I watched that episode as well. I think it is due to come sometime in a 70s episode.

  3. That isn’t his mark, its Yusei’s! Yusei has the head, Akiza the wing, Jack the Wing, and Luna the Claw, or something like that.
    If Crow is a singer, he has the peice no one else has. And he isn’t a signer! I saw Dark Signs 1 2&3 and noticed how Yusei’s arm was glowing, and Crow was close enough for his arm to glow if he was a signer. Maybe it will come eventually.

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