Yugioh 5Ds – Turbo Duel Grand Prix

The Yugioh 5Ds turbo duel grand prix will be awesome! It’s going to be awesome and is going to have a lot of good duels. I am sure we will see a future Kaiba, possibly a future Pegasus and Yugi.

The first two seasons of Yugioh-5Ds were very suspensful and exciting; duelists used a lot of new cards and the whole idea of syncro monsters were introduced. Though I doubt it will be as good as the second season, Yugioh 5Ds third arc has started to get more and more excting due to the Turbo Duel Grand Prix. There are many filler episodes in the beginning of this arc (episodes that don’t have anything to do with the main storyline) but I would estimate by the 80th episode of 5Ds, the tournament should start.

In many forums, writers guessed that episode 70 would be the start of another Spirit World storyline. I think that this is true, because in that episode Luna goes into a mystical jungle and dissapears, where else could she have gone? In the following episode, Yussei Captured!, I suspect that Yussei will be dragged into the Spirit World from the forest, to assist Luna on her mission. However, after the terrible previous, Sprit World mini, (where Luna frees Ancient Fairy Dragon) I doubt this one will be any better.

Beside the Spirit World thing, I am really excited to see the following episodes of the third season. We all know that Yussei, Crow, Jack, and a lot of other great turbo duelists will be competing in that tournament.  There will be many intersting duels in that Grand Prix, which reminds me of the Kaiba Corp Grand Chapionship from the original Yu-Gi-Oh. I hope to see Future Kaiba at the Grand Prix, as well as a Future Yugi  and Pegasus.

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