A Strong Classic – Yugiog Retro Pack 2

I would recommend Yugioh Retro Pack 2 to any duelist because it has a collection of great cards from the Duelist Kingdom ARc all the way to the Battle City Arc. Yugioh Retro Pack 2 also has strong cards like United We Stand, Ring of Destruction, and Jinzo. This strong Yugioh booster pack would be a great buy for all players.

Last year, Yugioh Retro Pack 1 was released, and was a very popular hit to the TCG. Very recently, Retro Pack 2 was released and is becoming an even more popular pack than its predessecor. Though it is filled with cards you can get from old booster packs, Retro Pack 2 is an extremely strong booster pack. It has all the great “oldy” cards from the early episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh. It has Blast Sphere, Cloning, Raigeki, and the pieces of Exodia. However, the cards from Retro Pack 2 are much more modern and more rare.

Retro Pack 2 has cards that were showed during the end of the Duelist Kingdom Arc to the end of the Battle City Arc. Personally, I think the cards from Retro Pack 2 are much more stronger for you have monsters like Archfiend of Glifer and Revival Jam. One of the cards from Retro Pack 2 which caught my attention was Gorz, Emissary of Darkness. I assumed that card to be much recent so I explored the card list even further. I found that Retro Pack 2 was the booster pack debut for Victory Dragon, Dreadsycthe Harvester, and Green Baboon Defender of the Forest. These were monsters you can only recieve as a Shonen Jump Protional. Those monsters are worth a lot in the internet as well.

The best thing about Retro Pack 2 is that it has cards that everyone is looking for. Jinzo, Injection Fairy Lily, and Ring of Destruction, ect… Retro Pack 2 also has the first ever secret rare Blue Eyes Shining Dragon. Because all of the cards in Retro Pack 2 are exceptionally rare  in a deck, I would recommend this pack over Retro Pack 1.

Yu-Gi-Oh Retro Pack 2
Yu-Gi-Oh Retro Pack 2

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