Ancient Prophecy Sneak Peak

One of the worst packs of all time, the Ancient Prophecy has nothing to do with fairy monsters or Luna’s type of play, instead all it is, is a mixture of cards continued from various packs. If you like fairy monsters, (ironically), do not buy this booster pack.

The latest Yu-Gi-Oh TCG booster pack, Ancient Prophecy, is set to be released in the first of September. The Ancient Prophecy booster reveals a new type of dueling with its mainstream card, Ancient Fairy Dragon. As many already know, Ancient Fairy Dragon is the fourth of the five legendary dragons. With a card like that Ancient Prophecy is guarnteed to be a hit, or is it?

An exceptional booster pack, which Ancient Prophecy is anticipated to be, usually as a card theme. For example, Elemental Energy was a debut pack for many Elemental Heroes, and it was the first pack that introduced Jaden Yuki’s type of play. Ancient Prophecy however, has a mixture of cards that do not relate at all to Luna’s style of play, and has hardly any fairy monsters. This pack is pretty much a continuation of the Raging Battle Booster Pack, it has more Earthbound Gods, more Koa’ki Meirus, and more Blackwings. This might be a result of the Ancient Prophecy being released in the climax of the whole Dark Signer series.

If you love fairy monsters, do not buy this pack. It has nothing to do with fairy’s at all,  and there aren’t any support cards for Ancient Fairy Dragon. However, this isn’t a horrible pack either. If you like to collect rare cards, this pack has a lot of them. Plus there are many different variety of archetypes. Still, this pack is very un-structured and is in a no way a “great” booster pack.


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