The Number One Deck In Yu-Gi-Oh

The Number one Yu-Gi-Oh deck in the world is the Dark Emperor. Why? Because the Dark Emperor Deck has a variety of combos and strategies that could destroy your foe in like two turns. It revolves around removing your monsters from play and swarming them back on the field.

This deck is the number one deck in Yu-Gi-Oh for many reasons. Mainly for its large variety of combos and for it’s unique offensive capabilities. The number one deck in Yu-Gi-Oh is… the Dark Emperor Deck!

Yu-Gi-Oh-Dark-EmperorThe Dark Emperor deck has some of the best combos in all of Yugioh! Its premier card is Ciaus, The Shadow Monarch. This deck revolves around removing cards from play and swarming them back on the field. However, with cards like D.D. Dynamite and Gren Maju De Eiza, removing cards from play causes tons of havoc for your opponent as well. What I love about this deck is that it’s so structured. This deck has only one major weakness, cards like Imperial Iron Wall, and has a few minor weaknesses however, this deck is so balanced and versatile, those weak spots are hard to find.

A great combo in this deck is the Macro Cosmos-Soul Release combo. With Soul Release, you could remove from play, 5 cards from each players graves.  Then with Macro Cosmos, all cards that would be sent to the graveyard are removed from play instead. This includes spells and traps.  Then if you Gren Maju De Eiza on the field, (he gains 400 attack for each of your out-of-play cards) his attack would be at least 2000 due to Soul Release, but it would be much higher when you add a a Macro Cosmos. So one of your monsters has like, 4000 plus attack and defense points. To make matters worse for your foe, if you activate D.D. Dynamite, for every one of your foe’s cards that have removed from play, they lose 300 life points! That would be a lot of damage.

Before I end my post, I want to note that this list is made up of decks you can buy in stores, not home made decks. If this was the Top 5 Home-Made Decks in Yugioh, number one would be the TeleDAD deck. Anyways, I hope that some of you will buy one of these decks for the sake of improving your own decks.

12 thoughts on “The Number One Deck In Yu-Gi-Oh”

  1. where can i get the number one yugioh deck and for how much i used 2 b called the king of duling in my town well because we used to have tortments n i never lost but since i stoped playing 4 7 yrs now and have no more cards well any good ones i would like 2 start off with that deck is there any way possible that you can give me a link 4 this deck it would help me so much i want 2 b the number 1 dulest in my town again so any info would help any at all kause the worst off all with my cards i cant even beat my gf at the game n she has been playing 4 2 yrs now she has much bettter cards then me i can tell u taht much so if u can give me a link so i can buy the number 1 deck that would really help me out alot thank u for your time

  2. dark emperor deck is not the best. my friend destroys my dark emperor deck with his dinos rage deck. so the dark emperor is not the best.

  3. i think the reason he can beat me is because the monsters are to weak and he destroys all my cards that remove other cards from play . but even if i remove cards from play he will just play some other card that gets 1000 points for all dinos removed from play.

  4. This structure deck is a good deck indeed. The problem nowadays is that everyone runs exactly the same 2 or 3 kinds of deck. If you go to any yugioh boards to ask for advices on how to improve your deck, most of people will say: Remove everything and buy some Lightsworns, GB’s etc….
    Basically if you run any deck other than “tier 1 or 2” decks, you will hear comments like the one made by people like “setsuna f seiei ” (look for his post above).
    Its obvious that LS and other top decks are very powerful, but its pretty much fun to play with a deck you made without following the same recipe everyone uses. For example, try to build from scratch a spellcaster, a fiend or even a BEWD deck. Its really cool. Unfortunately if you aim Tournaments you will be forced to choose one of those top decks everyone runs.

  5. It’s really fun (but also a bit confusing) creating different kinds of decks.
    I’ve done both a spellcaster and fiend deck. as well as an elemental hero deck, rock deck, stall deck, beatdown deck, dinosaur deck, fairy deck, dragon deck, warrior deck, sea serpent deck, army-theme deck, ancient gear deck, crystal beast deck, machine deck, beast deck, winged beast deck, reptile deck, zombie deck, ritual monster deck, insect deck, burn deck, pyro deck, plant deck, thunder deck, gemini deck, toon deck, VWXYZ deck, batteryman deck, and my all-time favorite: a red-eyes/blue-eyes/chaos emperor dragon deck.
    virtual decks, not with real cards, since I don’t have that many cards, and there’s at least 1 custom card in each deck, but none of them are too overpowering. they just help make some of the combos that already exist even stronger…

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