Top 5 Best Yu-Gi-Oh Decks Part 2

The number 3 and 2 decks in the top 5 decks in Yugioh. I thought these decks were amongst any other Yugioh deck I had seen and due to their offensive capabilities, they were ensured on the list.

Here are the 3rd and 2nd best decks in all of Yu-Gi-Oh:

3. Starter Deck 2007- Neo Spacian Deck

yugioh-starter-deck-2007This was a deck that I thought was very ordinary until I carefully examined each card that is listed in it. The Neo Spacian deck is one of the best help-side decks ever released. Not only do the effects of spells and traps help further utilize monster effects, it causes tremendous disruptions towards your opponent’s strategies. Though they’re old cards, traps like Sakurtesu Armor and spells like Smashing Ground really help destroy strong monsters that you want to get rid of as quickly as you can. The main focus of this deck is to strengthen Elemental Hero Neos in order to make it invincible. Most of the monsters in Starter Deck 2007 make that task much easier. The only thing I would change about this deck is to remove random monsters. Though the Neo Spacian deck is strong, some cards in there are not a good fit. For instance, Cyber Alligator, should not be in this deck because there are no strategies it can strengthen and it has nothing to do with Neo Spacian theme. Other than that, I think this deck is very strong. If you like your cards to work as a team, this is the deck for you.

2.  The Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure Deck

yugioh-starter-deck-rise-of-the-dragon-lordsAhhh, Dragons, the most popular mythical creatures of all time. They are the strongest mythical creatures of all time too, so just imagine how strong their structure deck would be? The Rise of the Dragon Lords is arguably one of the, if not, the best structure deck of all time. The Rise of the Dragon Lord’s main strategy is remove their powerhouse monster, Felgrand Dragon, and bring it back to the field. That’s fairly easy when you have cards like The Shallow Grave and Call of the Haunted. Then Felgrand Dragon can gain attack points equal the level of a monster in your graveyard x 200! Dark Blaze Dragon also has a graveyard effect. When it comes back from the graveyard it’s attack and defense points are doubled! Plus, when it destroys a monster, your opponent loses life points equal to the destroyed monster! A combo like to pull when I use this deck is the Decoy Dragon combo. I get Dark Blaze Dragon to my graveyard somehow then I play Decoy Dragon. If it gets attacked I can special Dark Blaze Dragon back from the graveyard to wreak havoc! This is works with Felgrand Dragon as well. Rise of the Dragon Lords is the example of the perfect, balanced, deck. It doesn’t compromise offense for defense however  it doesn’t fail to compromise defense for offense as well.

The next post will be the last to the Yugioh Deck series as the number one deck in Yu-Gi-Oh is revealed.

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