Warrior’s Strike – The Newest Yu-Gi-Oh Structure Deck

Warrior’s Strike is a very strong Yugioh deck because of it’s main card Phoenix Gearfried. This Yu-Gi-Oh deck easily comes in the top 5 strongest Yu-Gi-Oh decks due to its good usage of Gemini Monsters.

When I found Warrior’s Strike I was incredibly excited! It was a new structure deck! I assumed it would be coming out in a couple of months, but it is ready for pre-order and will be shipped by early September. Warrior’s Strike was a very unique deck. It not only consists of warrior type monsters, but fairies, spellcasters, and other various monster types as well. Also, this deck revolves the usage of Gemini Monsters, one of the couple types of effect monsters.

Yugioh Phoenix Gearfried is a warrior type monster card

I have always liked Gemini Monsters; they were very powerful and strong but I never found a place into my deck, and for that reason, anyone else’s. I am glad to see Warrior’s Strike largly uses these monsters. What’s great about this deck is that you can add more Gemini Monsters in it, which only benefit your deck. Monsters like Grasschopper and Chthonian Emperor Dragon would make Warrior’s Strike even deadlier.

The cover monster in this deck is Phoenix Gearfried. He has an awesome ability as well as great stats (2800 attack and 2200 defense)! Like Gemini Monsters, his effect is activated when you Normal Summon him from the field. If your foe plays a spell card, Phoenix Gearfried allows you to special a Gemini Monster from your graveyard. Also, by sending an equip-card  you control to the graveyard in order to negate the activation of a spell or trap card that targets a monster on the field. Evolector Chevalier, another powerful Gemini (1900 attack and 900 defense points), allows you to destroy one card your foe controls just by sending an equip-card to the graveyard. He can be easily played with the help of cards like Marauding Captain and Field-General Rahz.

This deck is very powerful and comes with a very rare card, Exodius The Ultimate Forbidden Lord. I think the image for Phoenix Gearfried looks cool too! Though the Dark Emperor deck is much more structured and balanced than Warrior’s Strike, I think this deck would easily come in the top 5 decks.

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