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This is the second Yugioh blog contest. Contestants have a chance to win Ultra Rare Dragon Master Knight or Enishi, Shien’s Chancellor. Both extremely rare cards. Here is your contest criteria: You must write me a one paragraph (3-5 sentences) of a card combo that you made up or found in the internet. The best card combo will win first place as well as one of those two monster cards. If your combo does not take up 3-5 sentences you can also add on to your paragraph if you the combo is strong or weak and/or why. Good luck, and spread the word!

Yup, you guessed it, this the second Yu-Gi-Oh Blog contest, with your chance to win your choice of an Ultra rare Dragon Master Knight or an Ultra Rare Enishi, Shien’s Chancellor. Both are very strong cards, Enishi if you have Sixth Samurai monsters and Dragon Master Knight if you like playing Seto Kaiba style. Here is your contest criteria: You must write me a one paragraph (3-5 sentences) of a card combo that you made up or found in the internet. The best card combo will win first place as well as one of those two monster cards. If your combo does not take up 3-5 sentences you can also add on to your paragraph if you think the combo is strong or weak and/or why.

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  1. 3X Blue Eye’s white dragon, 1X Polymerization, 1X Black Luster Knight, 1X Paladian of white dragon (and ritual), 1X Dragon Master knight, 1X Blue eyes ultimate dragon, 1 X paroah’s treasure, 1X Fusion Recovery, 1X blue eyes shining, 1X wrought wiler. This makes a awsome, powerful combo. I use it in my dragon deck. The wrought wiler, fusion recovery, and paroah’s treasure all allow for polymerization to be brought back from the graveyard. (this helps alot, because polymerization is so rare, i only have 1 so with theese cards, that is all i need!) I have won loads of duels just with part of this combo.
    Hope i win, (if i do please e-mail me!) and also everyone check out my website! (

  2. Uh, you haven’t explained to me the combo in detail however. I see where you’re trying to go with the combo but if I were someone who had no idea about Yugioh, I wouldn’t understand this combo. Explain it some more.

  3. I’m not convinced this can be called a combo.

    A combo is a combination of two or more cards that are activated in a way that the end result is different from what would usually happen with each card.

    1. I don’t really see what the end result is. there’s both a blue-eyes shining dragon and a dragon master knight.

    2. either way, it can usually be achieved without pharaoh’s treasure, fusion recovery, or wroughtweiler (not to mention you need an elemental hero to use wroughtweiler), and therefore don’t really count as part of the combo

    of course, I’m no expert at this. This is just as far as I know.

  4. well i saw this combo in and it was brought to you by KillAWatt1705 and this is what he/she said:


    Cards Needed:

    – The Immortal of Thunder (TIoT for short)

    – Mystic Box

    This is my favourite of the two strategies. It’s far more simple, and deals some considerable damage to your opponent at the same time. First let me explain Mystic Box’s effect, it is as follows:

    “Select 1 monster on each side of the field. Destroy the selected opponent’s monster and shift control of your selected monster to your opponent.”

    I’m sure you can see where this is going, this where TIoT becomes a truly powerful card. You set TIoT, then flip summon it during the next turn, after you have gained your 3000 LP, use Mystic Box, choose which monster to destroy on your opponents side of the field, and shift control of IToT to your opponent. Then take any monster card with an attack of 1500 or more and destroy TIoT, due to the card’s effect your opponent will lose 5000 LP.

    As you can see IToT is no longer a useless card, I would personally say it’s one of the best, use this strategy twice and you’ve won the duel. Hopefully you guys will find this tip useful and use it wisely.

    I love this combo because like when u flip summon The Immortal of Thunder you get your 3000 life points. Then your opponent is probably thinking what a weak monster and when I destroy it he/she will lose 5000 life points. Then you use Mystic Box and “flip the script” on your opponent and kill one of their monsters and switch control of The Immortal of Thunder to your opponent and then kill it causinng them to lose 5000 lp!! I think this is an awesome combo because like if you are able to use it twice the duel is over and you come out victorious!!!!! YAYA!!!!!!!!

    – Geronimo21 email:

  5. I’m not sure that works. according to card rulings:

    If your opponent takes control of your face-down “The Immortal of Thunder” and Flip Summons it, they gain 3000 Life Points. When it is sent to the Graveyard, you lose 5000 Life Points.

    this seems to imply that even if control of the immortal of thunder is switched to your opponent, you still lose the 5000 life points.

  6. well actually u r supposed to flip the immortal of thunder on your side, gian the 3000 life points then switch control of it to your opponents and then destroy it. does this help any? i will see if i posted it wrong or if this combo doesnt work i will see to find a different combo…lol

  7. unfortunately no. it may not be the exact same combo, but the main point of the two is the same: changing control to try to change who gains and loses life points. according to the ruling, changing control does NOT change who loses 5000 life points, which presents a problem for your combo.

  8. Strongest? perhaps
    Cutest? HELLZ YEAA

    Found this baby online, really want to try it against some friends and videotape it.

    Rescue Cat (x 1)
    Milus Radiant (x 3)
    A strong Level 3 Beast (Gyaku-Gire Panda, Des Koala)
    Book of Moon/book of Taiyou (optional for Des Koala)
    Last Will (Traditional only)
    Monster Reborn (for advanced format)

    Start by summoning a Rescue Cat and send it to the Graveyard, adding two Milus Radiants to the field. Activate Last Will,or Monster Reborn targeting the Rescue Cat now in your Graveyard. Sacrifice Rescue Cat again for another Milus Radiant and either a Gyaku-Gire Panda (if they have any monster on the field) or a Des Koala (to inflict damage). Each monster on the field will gain an additional 1500 ATK, 1800 for the 3 Milus Radiants (a total of 5400) and 3000 for Des Koala, or 2800 for Gyaku-Gire Panda (assuming 1 monster on your opponent’s side of the field). Proceed humiliating.
    Also try clearing the field before you start this.

  9. Yea I was surprised at how feasible and easy it is to pull off. And brownie points for Rescue Cat being so gosh darn adorable.

    BTW when does this contest end?

  10. Requires
    1x relinquished
    1x Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare
    1x Black illutionist ritual
    1x Mystical space typhoon

    Use Black illutionist ritual to summon relinquished(you’ll have have to give up a 1 level monster) and play 3 Mystical space typhoons face down ASAP. Once you special summom Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare The duel is in youre favor. If they attack Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare they damge themselves with 1/2 the damage of the attacking monsters attack. They might think its best they attack relenquished but they end up destrying their own monsters. Only other option is spell and trap but whats this! they cant destroy either because you play mystical space typhoon and destroy it. Either they damage their LP with Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare or destroy all their monster cards with Relinquished.

    Hope I win

  11. ok you want a combo i’ll give you one.
    first you set the traps swift samurai storm, breakthrough, and backs to the wall. then you play 2 twisters, and 3 mystical space typhoon to destroy all of his trap and spell cards. then you play lighting vortex to destoy all of his monsters and then you activate backs to the wall to special summon all of your six samurai in your graveyard. then you attack him directly and win. but if he destroys lighting vortex you can play breakthrough and if your six samurai monster attacks all of your six samuraican attack directly . just to make sure you win you can play swift samurai storm which gives your six samurai 300 extra attack after one of your six samurai attackted a monster which works with breakthrough.
    this is one of my best combos so please chose me.

    ps. no hard feelings about the best deck thing.

  12. One of my best combos consists of:
    1x Future Fusion in Hand
    1x Twin Swords of Flashing Light – Tryce in Hand
    3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon(BEWD) in Deck
    3x The White Stone of Legend in Deck (WSoL)
    1x Five-Headed Dragon (F.G.D) in Extra Deck
    1x Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon(BEUD) in Extra Deck
    2x other Dragon-Type monsters in Deck
    (Preferably Red-Eyes Wyvern and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon)
    1x Polymerization in Hand
    (or at least in Deck if you have Fusion Sage in Hand)
    AND a other card in hand

    Play Future Fusion and Select 3x WSoL and the other two Dragons. Thanks to the WSoL you have now 3 BEWD in hand.
    Play Polymerization and Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
    Equip it with Tryce.
    Now you have a monster with 4000 ATK that can attack twice during the same Battle Phase.

    If you used this combo after a field clearer or have another
    card on the field with that blocks traps then your opponents
    you have at least a 90% win chance.

    If you didn’t normal summon and sent Wyvern and Darkness Metal
    to the grave you can summon Darkness Metal back via Wyvern.

  13. In all i think that the best combination is a simple one, noone ever thinks simple. People think that you have to be stronger to be better. Well the combo i always use and have even beatn all the god cards with. Use discard spell for 3x KURIBOH then summon a KURIBOH to the field. your next turn use grave yard summoning to bring back 3 cards, sins you only have the 3x KURIBOH cards bring them back. have 3x attack taking out any monsters then last to take out the lifepoints.( keep in mind KURIBOHs effect lets it destroy any card(even the gods).

  14. Stanley says:
    March 11, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    My very best combo that I have is this:
    When I synchro summon Ifernity Doom Dragon I use Synchro Change(Spell card) to remove it from play to play my Red Dragon Archfiend, and because of the effect of Synchro Change it’s effects are negated. Then I can special summon Synchro Magnet from my hand then, normal summon Effect Veiler and synchro summon Red Nova Dragon. Then it gains at least 500ATK for each tuner in my Graveyard, making it an instant 5000.Then equip Megamoroph if my life pointes are lower than my oponent’s.then I have Mystical Space Typhoon if they have a trap that can negate the attack and detroy it, then activate Chian Worlwind to obliterate 2 other spell/trap cards they control and win!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @stanley

    Great combo! Let me fix something though: You can’t play Synchro Magnet after playing Red Dragon Archfiend because you aren’t synchro summoning it, you’re special summoning Red Dragon. So play Synchro Magnet when you synchro summon Infernity Doom Dragon THEN commence your combo!

  16. paladin of white dragon ritual white dragon ritual special summon 1 blue eyes white dragon plus megamorph 6000 attack equip with fairy meteor crush then use enchanted javelin to increase life points by 6000 use ring of distruction and wipe out opponents life points.

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