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I have only received three combos, and even though the combo listed in this post is the best I have gotten, it is still horribly weak. There is still exactly a week left for this contest, and if one of you sends me a combo, there is a high possibility you will win this contest along with an ultra rare card.

Hey guys! One more week until the winner is announced for my second Yugioh contest. You all still have a chance to list a combo so hurry while you can! Good luck! By the way someone recently sent  me a combo and it is by far, the best I have gotten yet. However, I still cannot call it a “great combo.” What do you guys think about this combo?

This combo uses: X1 Rescue Cat, X3 Milus Radiant, X1 Monster Reborn, and X1 Des Koala. First you summon Rescue Cat and remove him from the field. Due to this ability, you can special two beast monsters from your deck. Special summon two Milus Radiants. As long as Milus Radiant is on the field, Earth monsters gain 500 attack points. Next, activate Monster Reborn, and special summon Rescue Cat. Then somehow again remove it from the field. This time, special summon another Milus Radiant and Des Koala. Due to the three Milus Radiants’, they each have 1800 atk and Des Koala also gains 1500 leaving him with 2600 attack points.

This is a mediocre combo because the Milus Radiants do have a total of 5400 attack points but its not like they can attack all three at once. The only good that comes out of this combo is Des Koala having 2600 attack points. If I had more combos listed, this combo wouldn’t even be considered for victory, however, I have only been sent three combos and right, this one is the best. What do you guys think? Is this a combo worthy of winning the contest? Or do you have a combo worth showing off?

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  1. lol ok since my last combo I guess wasn’t too popular, here’s a simple combo I use pretty often.

    Cannon Soldier

    Jam Breeding Machine, and or Scapegoat

    Gravity Bind.

    First you would have to set down Gravity Bind and activated it during your opponents turn. When it’s your turn you will need to summon Cannon Soldier then use Scapegoat or Jam Breeding Machine. First you could throw down Scapegoat for a fast 2000 direct damage. Afterward use Jam Breeding Machine. Now on for every of your standby phase a slime token will be special summon and you won‘t be able to summon, special summon, or flip summon. So now you will launch the slime token to inflict 500 direct damage to your opponent’s life points. Your opponents won’t be able to attack Cannon Soldier because of Gravity Bind. And you just keep on inflicting 500 points to your opponent’s life point until they lose. Easy simple combo yet still effective. I also like throw in a Lava Golem so that your opponent loses 1000 lp each turn however they cant attack with Lava Golem because of Gravity Bind. Sound good?

  2. Thanks 🙂 I guess my last one was pretty gimicky but I thought it would funny to pull a otk like that. But yeah this one is one of my personal favorites and one I put to good use.

  3. might I make a suggestion to that combo? set scapegoat the same turn you set gravity bind and then activate it during your opponent’s turn along with gravity bind. Because if you activate scapegoat, you can’t summon any other monsters that turn.

  4. first you need “batteryman AA, batteryman charger, short circuit, batteryman micro cell and batteryman d and double summon”

    First you summon batteryman micro cell in face down defense position then on your next turn flip summon him to summon batteryman AA. Then activate double summon to summon batteryman charger who summons batteryman d. then activate short circuit to destroy all your opponents cards. Then your batteryman charger will be at 3900 atk then attack directly then BOOM!!! you win!

  5. The key cards to make this work are:
    •3 blue eyes white dragon’s
    •blue eyes ultimate dragon
    •blue eyes shining dragon
    •many weak dragons with a rockin combo
    •stardust dragon
    •sakuretsu armor

    Now before anything play a mystical space typhoon face down. Next play sakuretsu armor face down. You will do the basics. While having an ordinary duel you have alot weak dragons now they are all likely to be sent to the grave yard which is a good thing for you. Now before you let youre cards perrish to the grave yard make sure there effect gave you an advantage in someway cause you dont just throw in any random weak cards or you’re setting yourself up for defeat. now play a tuner to like alien ammonite which is only a level 1 monster and maybe 2 armed dragon level 3’s. now you can summon stardust dragon. Now play 3 blue eyes white dragons, now use a polymerzation to fuse them together to get a blue eyes ultimate dragon. sacrifice it to play blue eyes shining dragon. Now you are pretty much safe. If you are targeted by a spell or trap destroy it with mystical space typhoon, If a card targets your shining dragon stardust dragon will take a fall for the team. with these on the field you should be able to destroy your opponents monsters and attack with shining dragon. youre opponent has more then half their life missing. If stardust dragon is in the graveyard because he took the fall you should only have youre shining dragon. with his base attack plus 300 for every dragon in the grave yard. Now youre opponent shouldn’t be able to summon a monster strong enough to destroy shining but if they do and attempt to attack sakuretsu armor will destroy it. Now their field should be clear. Attack once more with shining dragon. DUEL OVER!

    Hope i win!

  6. To do this card combo the key cards will be
    ~3x Blue Eyes White Dragon’s
    ~1x Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    ~1x Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
    ~1x Sakuretsu Armor
    ~1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    ~1x Tuner monster
    ~1x Stardust dragon
    ~1x Polymerzation
    ~1x Dragon deck
    ~1x Harpie lady 3

    Now, within the first couple of turns play these 2 cards face down:Sakuretsu Armor and Mystical Space Typhoon. While palying theses cards dont be afraid to duel. Use your dragons make sure their not to strong so that after theyve helped (make sure you dont just throw in random dragons use ones with rockin effects.)
    they can go to the grave yard. Now once you have all the cards to summon shining dragon dont use them until you have a descent amount of dragons in the grave yard. Now once you do play your 3 blue eyes white dragon and use your polymerzation to fuse them for your ultimate dragon. Sacrifice it for a Shining dragon. It originally has 3000 atack so with your fusion material in the grave yard you should be at 4200 attack points.
    This is because it effect gives 300 more atk for every dragon in the graveyard. Now if you have enough dragons in the grave yard you should have a wonderful attack. Now have some dragons as back up. Attack a monster in attack mode with shining. If you dont have enough dragons in the graveyard you should still be able to take out more than half their lifepoints. Now use a tuner moster to summon stardust dragon. Now if youre opponent attacks shining play sakuretsu armor. If with a spell or trap play Mystical space typhoon. Now youre opponents field should be clear but if they are able to summon a monster strong enough to take down shining stardust will take a fall for the team. Play a harpie lady 3(Her effect wont let them summon monsters for 2 turns)so they cant summon monsters to protect their field. If the field is clear finish the duel, if their field has monsters clear their field with the first turn win with the second, or if they have a card in attack destroy with shining.
    Either way you win and have a awsome combo.

    Hope i win!

  7. sorry i for got to tell why i think its a strong combo. you can take out their life with 2 attacks from shining and with mystical space typhoon and sakuretsu armor your protected also once stardust on the field youre safe and harpie lady 3’s effect keeps you safe.

  8. I understand. I just for a moment thought that this was a blogspot blog, and that all blogspot bloggers are supposed to have profiles.

  9. …are combos and strategies the same thing?? Cause the whole Blues Eyes ones typed there are pretty much decks in themselves as opposed a couple of cards combo. I mean theyre cool and all, but the entire deck is focused on getting shining and stardust out. Its like saying Exodia is a combo or something. Anyway good luck to all.

  10. no combos and strategies are not the same thing, and while blue-eyes shining dragon with harpie lady 3 could be a considered a combo, the sakuretsu armor, stardust dragon and mystical space typhoon, as far as I know, don’t count as part of the combo.

    actually, I just checked and that combo doesn’t really work. harpie lady 3’s effect is that any monster that battles with it can’t attack for 2 turns, not your opponent can’t summon for two turns…

    also, stardust dragon can only “take a fall for the team” if it’s by an effect that destroys a card. it can’t protect your monsters from an attack.

  11. Hi, this a really good combo. Do you mind if I change it a bit though? If you play Batteryman AA instead of D, you will have two betterymens with 2000 atk each. Pretty cool huh?

  12. I know my first combo wasn’t that great (Blue eyes shining dragon and Harpie lady 3) so im going with my new one (relinquished and Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare) in case you didn’t read it here it is.

    1x relinquished
    1x Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare
    1x Black illutionist ritual
    1x Mystical space typhoon

    Use Black illutionist ritual to summon relinquished(you’ll have have to give up a 1 level monster) and play 3 Mystical space typhoons face down ASAP. Once you special summom Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare The duel is in youre favor. If they attack Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare they damge themselves with 1/2 the damage of the attacking monsters attack. They might think its best they attack relenquished but they end up destrying their own monsters. Only other option is spell and trap but whats this! they cant destroy either because you play mystical space typhoon and destroy it. Either they damage their LP with Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare or destroy all their monster cards with Relinquished.

    Hope I win

  13. eh… I still think you’re misunderstanding the meaning of combo… it’s not something you base your entire deck around to win. it’s something you create through combining different cards to get better effects out of them…

  14. I have the best yu-gi-oh combo ever and you only need 4 0r 5 cards it doesn’t mater only if you want to make your monsters stronger.Cards 1 Command Knight 1 raregold armor eney other moster but i will recomand a worriror and 1 metalsilver armor the command kight is for if there is an other moster on the fild he can’t be destrod in battle.Now that’s where raregold armor make’s it so thay can’t atk no monsters on your side of the fild so cammand knight and the other moster can not be destrod in battle.But only in battle that is where metalsilver armor comes in it makes it for your oponint can not yus monster effecs sell cards or traps so it makes all your monsters indistrtible but i will recoman a suijin because what’s the ponit of haveing monsters that can not died if your oppontes monster is to stonge to be destrod so thanks for reading p.s I have never lost a duel ever sens that day

  15. ok you want a combo i’ll give you one.
    first you set the traps swift samurai storm, breakthrough, and backs to the wall. then you play 2 twisters, and 3 mystical space typhoon to destroy all of his trap and spell cards. then you play lighting vortex to destoy all of his monsters and then you activate backs to the wall to special summon all of your six samurai in your graveyard. then you attack him directly and win. but if he destroys lighting vortex you can play breakthrough and if your six samurai monster attacks all of your six samuraican attack directly . just to make sure you win you can play swift samurai storm which gives your six samurai 300 extra attack after one of your six samurai attackted a monster which works with breakthrough.
    this is one of my best combos so please chose me.

    ps. no hard feelings about the best deck thing.

  16. my combo consists of:
    Blue eyes white dragon x3
    Blue eyes ultimate x1
    polymerisation x1
    defusion x1 and heavy storm x1

    first ativate heavy storm to destroy all traps and spells on the field then ativate polymerisation to fusion summon blue eyes ultimate attack the monster then use the quick spell defusion to special summon 3 blue eyes whitew dragons with 9000 damage directly.

  17. sry forgot to tell you why i thought it was a strong combo, its strong because you wipe out all defences with heavy storm and with blue eyes ultimate and the defusion to direct attack in a single turn …… hope i win

  18. oh come on… these aren’t combo’s, theyre strategies
    a combo would be something like:
    Blue eyes ultimate dragon

    summon cyberstein, activate his effect – pay 7k lifepoints to summon blue eyes ultimate dragon – or any other fusion monster
    blue eyes ultimate dragon has 4500 attack
    megamorph is an equip card that increases the attack of the equipped monster by 2 if you have less life then your enemy, and by 1/2 if you have more
    since you just payed 7k points, its likely that you have less
    the fusion monster in this case has 9k attack, combine this with some defensive cards or an equip to attack lifepoints directly and u win in the first turn

  19. The contest is over but here’s a good combo:
    Awsome Combo, by Harrison Swinson

    Okay you will need to have at least: A witch of the Black Forest in your hand, and a Chaos Emperor Dragon in your hand. Yata Gurusu in your deck, and at least 1 light and 1 dark monster in ur GY. First of all, you play Witch in defence mode. and you play all of your traps, you DO NOT want Witch to get destroyed this turn by ur opponent. Then when its ur turn again, you remove 1 light and 1 dark to SPECIAL summon Chaos Emperor Dragon. Then you pay 1000 LP to destory all the cards on the field and hand. And because of witches ability, you search for Yata. And bvecause u havn’t summoned yet, because Choas was speical summoned, you summon Yata, and because he has nothing in his hand or field, you attack with Yata, and because of yata special ability, your opponent cannot draw next turn, and because he doesn;t have a hand to play, he has to end his turn. Then you keep attacking with Yata to win the GAME!

    all the credits go to Harrison Swinson

  20. it’s an awesome combo… that everybody already knows about. in fact, if I recall correctly, it’s this combo that got yata-garasu banned…

  21. Combos:

    A legendary ocean + gravity bind

    3 Amphibious bugroth MK (can attack directly as long as legendary ocean exists on the field) + 3 united we stand or 3 axe of despair

    (If not 3, try fielding as many as you can.

  22. Here’s a combo:

    DNA Surgery(dragons) + Scapegoat(on opp turn) + Super Polymerization(w/opp monsters) = Five headed Dragon + no monsters on the opponents side of field.

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