Yu-Gi-Oh Cardmaker: Your Own Yu-Gi-Oh Cards!

Yugioh Cardmaker is a very cool Yugioh website. Yugioh Cardmaker allows you to create your own Yugioh cards. You can put your creativity to the test with Yugioh Cardmaker. Heck, print your card out and have a made-up duel with your friends!

Though it has been out for a couple of years, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cardmaker is one of the coolest Yugioh websites on the web. You do exaclty what the card says; create cards. Any card you want! Whether they’re funky giraffes or hobos dressed in a karate suit, any card you want to create you can do it on this website. Plus you can make a fantasy deck as well. Simply save the image on to your “My Pictures” page and give a name for your deck.

Yugioh Cardmaker gives creators a lot of settings to alter. You can write your name on the card rather than having Tazuki Kakahsi’s name marked on it. You can make it a synchro monster or a divine monster and you can put in picture you like as the card’s image! I have a Cardmaker account as well. I will show you a card I made as an example:


The Angel Who Gave, I know, it’s a very cheesy name. It’s a fairy monster with 2000 attack and defense points. My friends said that its effect is tremendous: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by the effect of Path of Light (a different card I made). When this card is Special Summoned successfully destroy all dark monsters, fiends, zombies, and spellcasters on the field. This card gains 800 atk and def for each monster destroyed by this effect. I know it’s a very incredibly strong, unrealistic effect, but I was obsessed in creating strong monsters at the time.

This is such a cool website! You get to create your own card; your own monsters, your spells and traps! You can print your cards and have an “imaginary” duel with your friends! Yugioh Cardmaker is ineed, the best Yugioh website!

7 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh Cardmaker: Your Own Yu-Gi-Oh Cards!”

  1. would the site you’re talking about happen to be this? http://www.yugiohcardmaker.net/

    if so, I have an account. I’ve made enough card to make a deck or two. I mostly made them for an online rp I was in once, but that place is now dead. oh well.

    one of my most favorite cards that I made is blast metoer. it’s a level 2 FIRE rock-type monster with 600 ATK and DEF. When it’s in the graveyard, you can remove it from play to inflict 500 damage to your opponent. And you can fuse 3 of them to summon Destruction Metoer, a level 6 FIRE rock-type monster with 2000 ATK and DEF. Once per turn, it can destroy 1 card on the field and inflict 500 damage to the owner of the card. the meteors work especially well with rock bombardment and release from stone (since they’re the reason I made them in the first place).

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