Yugioh Monster Card Competition

The third Yugioh contest is based off of Yugioh Cardmaker. In this Yugioh contest, you have to create a realistic monster card and the top two get prizes. Also, for extra points, you can make two cards (one monster and any type of other card) to put in the Yugioh contest.

Recently, I talked about Yugioh Card Maker, a website that allows one to create their own Yugioh card. Since I have been getting a lot of requests to start another contest, I decided that I would start one, however add Card Maker as the goal. What you need to do for this competition is go to Card Maker and create your own monster card. Be creative! Make a Sonic the Hedgehog card or a Barney monster card! Then, save the picture on to your hard drive and email to www.yugiohblogger@gmail.com.

The winner will be judged on three things:

  • Creativity
  • Grammar
  • Realism

I don’t want  monsters who have 10000 attack points or who wins the duel when played. It should be life-like stats, maybe something that matches the character and the effect should be real. Also, if you send another card  (has to be related to your monster), that will help your scores. For instance, if you send Naruto as your monster, you could also send me a spell or trap card called Rasengan or something. Because of the close victory by Cbas against Riley during the last competition I will allow two winners. Grand prize is 1 Blue Eyes White Dragon(Ultra rare), 1 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon(super rare), and a Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest. The second place prize is a secret rare Elemental Hero Thunder Giant.

Good luck everyone! I expect to see a lot of great cards and I am enthusiastic that this will one of the greatest contests yet! If you have any questions leave them as comments or email me at www.yugiohblog.com

33 thoughts on “Yugioh Monster Card Competition”

  1. Oooh. I’m entering, even if I don’t like the prizes too much.

    Blast Metoer (I’ve mentioned him before): http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/2654/253006.jpg
    Destruction Meteor (their fusion): http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/2654/253006.jpg
    Molten Rock Pit (rock-type polymerization): [img]http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/3115/253006g.jpg

    quite a few combos possible with rock bombardment and release from stone…

    I also have a lot of other cards. Let me know if you want to see some of them too…

  2. I guess I’ll skip on this contest since I won the last one just to be fair to everyone else. Good luck guys 🙂

    Also morfowt, how come you dont enter any of these? You would probably be a shoe-in for sure. My only guess is that you already have the prize cards.

  3. nope. I actually have only about a dozen cards. and I did enter this contest (not for the cards though). but for some reason, my entry is “awaiting moderation”. I guess it’s because I put links in it…

  4. no, there’s no problem. my cards don’t have pictures on them, because I could never be bothered finding/making pictures for them. if that hurts my final score, oh well…

  5. hi,

    here is mine:

    and: [img]http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/8708/396624.jpg[/img]

    hope you like em’

  6. I have to agree.

    1. summoning this card harms the opponent
    2. you completely destroy 2/3 of your opponent’s deck (remove spells and traps)
    3. it can’t be destroyed except by monster effect (and only if it doesn’t target)
    4. it’s attack and defense is AT LEAST 4000…
    5. your opponent loses life points for nearly 1/3 of his deck (most decks don’t have non-effect monsters)
    6. it has a way to completely win the duel in its effect
    7. it’s easy to summon
    8. you can summon it from your DECK

    in other words, you can summon it on your first turn, it’d have 4000 attack points, your opponent can’t play 2/3 of his deck, any monsters he summons just harm him even more, either by being destroyed in battle, or by inflicting damage through the monster’s effect. and if he doesn’t summon, he’s open to direct attack.

    way too over-powering in every definition of the word…

    and that’s not considering the equip spell card you made with it…

  7. *slaps forehead*. you do realize that no one wants a broken card? they want a balanced, realistic card. A card with good effects but drawbacks as well.

    and making a broken card HARMS your chances of winning… it’s in the rules…

  8. how about removing the effect of “this card can be summoned from deck by removing opponent monsters” and replacing it with “speacial summon from deck by removing monsters from own graveyard with 6 different attributes”

  9. no… if it could ONLY be special summoned (you can’t normal summon or flip summon) and only able to special summon from your hand, and the summoning requirements were really hard, then it would be better (still overpowering, but better).

  10. me and my friend made a full deck of mythology cards on a website and i’m going to enter them. also we are hosting a yu-gi-oh tournament in bowling green ky send me an email at tammiepickles2@aol.com if you want to enter there will be a prize and every time you beat someone you can take one card there will be no rules just dueling

  11. Frank those are amazing! You might win! I am going to write a post about these. Here’s a tip though: Strengthen those cards up a little bit before the winners are announced, then you will have an even higher chance of winning!

  12. Thank You yugiohblogger ! I appreciate your compliment.

    In which way do you think this card could be strengthened, stats or effects ?

    When I thought about those cards, my intentions were to make cards that really had the possibility of being a real card, with no overpowered effects, so at first one can miss their potential.

    For example, one can use Liquid Guard to summon Mobius, destroy spells and traps, special summon Cloud Guard.
    Liquid can also be used to summon Catapult Turtle, then Cloud Guard would be ammunition to Turtle’s effect.
    After Liquid gets to graveyard he can be removed from game to special summon Aqua Spirit or Fenrir.

    There’s also Salvage(to reuse Liquid’s effect), Shark Cruiser, A Legendary Ocean and many other cards that can be used in conjunction with Liquid and Cloud.

  13. ok ok, mine is not popular here is a new one:
    [img]http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/8708/396624.jpg’ onClick=’pageTracker._trackEvent(“done-click”,”old-link-direct-link”);[/img]
    [img]http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/8708/396624.jpg’ onClick=’pageTracker._trackEvent(“done-click”,”old-link-direct-link”);[/img]
    and the trap:
    [img]http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/8708/396624.jpg’ onClick=’pageTracker._trackEvent(“done-click”,”old-link-direct-link”);[/img]

  14. Cloud Guard’s effect is like a balancing effect, just like Zombyra, Goblin Attack Force, Goblin Elite Attack Force, Giant Orc etc.

  15. Sonic 2 Rocks! I love it so much! I’m such a sonic groupie ^_^ But this game is a lot of fun, especially Casino Night, that’s a great level. The storyline is zero, but thats okay because you get to run around and have fun with Sonic! The bosses can get hard also, but I’ll always love Eggman. Oh, when I was little I was sooo afraid of this game….I thought eggman would poison our city like in chemical plant…*end nostalgia moment* But then my Uncle threw away the Genesis and i got SO mad! Anyways, cool game, definetly recommended from me along with Sonic Adventure

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