Yugioh Rare Monster Card Competition

Here are a list of seven strong, rare, Yugioh monster cards. Out of these powerful Yugioh monsters, select your favorite and give a reason of why you like the card. You can debate with others.

Through some comments I got about comparing of the strengths of different monsters, I got this really good idea! I will put down a list of ten popular and powerful monsters, and you guys can write in your comments which one monster you guys like the most and why. This will give you guys to debate with others through Yugiohblog and get an idea of people’s opinions of different cards. By next week, I will write about the monster with the most fans and five comments sent by fans. Here are the monsters:

  • Five Headed God Dragon
  • Yubel Ultimate Nightmare
  • Raviel Lord of Phantasms
  • Wicked Avatar
  • Savior Star Dragon
  • Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
  • Rainbow Neos

I will note that this is not a competition where someone wins prizes. This is more of a debate competition to favor a monster card. Here is my favorite out of them simply because his effect and stats are simply amazing:


14 thoughts on “Yugioh Rare Monster Card Competition”

  1. Five Headed God Dragon because it only needs five dragons…. any five dragons and cant be destroyed by any monster except light and doesnt take battle damage.

  2. I personally rate my monsters by how easy it is to summon. after all, with a few exceptions, a monster is useless if it can’t be summoned…

    so I’ll rule out rainbow neos and five-headed dragon because they are fusion monsters, and therefore, have to rely on either polymerization, or certain monsters’ effects.

    Savior star dragon is also hard to summon (needing a specific tuner, specific synchro monster, and a specific level monster) so I’ll take him out.

    Yubel – TUN also needs 2 other monsters (and specific conditions) for it to be summoned.

    The wicked avatar and raviel, lord of phantasms both need 3 monsters to be summoned, while black luster soldier – EOB only needs 2. furthermore, those 2 only need to be in the graveyard. sure, they need to be light and dark, but I think getting a light and a dark monster in your graveyard is easier than keeping 3 fiends, or 3 of any monster for that matter, on the field.

    so my opinion: black luster soldier – EOB

  3. I honestly couldnt have said it better myself morfowt, you expressed my exact opinion. Plus EOB’s effects are simply ridiculous, theres are reason it’s banned.

  4. Well i would have to say Wicked Avatar. Its always 100 points stronger. But than again its an effect monster which can have it effect nigated making it 0 atk.
    Fusion monsters can always be distroyed easy.
    The monster i would say is the strongest is not on the list given. but thats just me.
    But if i had to pick from the list it would be Wicked Avatar, than Five Headed God Dragon than Savior Star Dragon.

  5. Completely off-topic but anyways my card finally came in today yugiohblogger, thanks dude 🙂 The note was nice too.

  6. I Will choose Rainbow Neos coz i think the effect is the most amazing and it’s not difficult to summon it

  7. Five Head Dragon – boring
    Yubel – hard to summon
    Raviel – don’t like it
    Wicked – stupid
    Savior Star Dragon – A great card its not as hard to summon as u say
    Black Luster Soldier – anotehr great card, but its banned afterall
    Rainbow Neos – ITS NOT HARD TO SUMMON! I can summon 3x Rainbow Neos in my first turn’s Main Phase 1… that my favourite too…


    none of them win. thats the irony of this gorgeous post. dont take this literally yugiohblogger. i think that effectwise vennominaga pwns all of these monsters. the last effect of rainbow neos may be somewhat detrimental though. thats why i carry counter traps and flip effects to pwn that beautiful rainbow neos.

  9. in my opinion none of those 7 pokemon are any good at all. As we all know, a well trained Pikachu will kick any other’s asses. As shown on numerous occasions by Ash in series 1 of pokemon…

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