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Many Yugioh cards are being labeled as a banned Yugioh card. However many shouldn’t be in the Yugioh ban list. Is there a reason for their placement, or are some Yugioh cards just randomly selected to be put in Yugioh cards ban list?

One turn kills aren’t unbelievable when your dueling with cards like Yata Garasu or Dark Strike Fighter. That’s why deadly Yugioh cards such as those two are put in the Yugioh cards ban list. The Yugioh ban list consist of cards that are extremely powerful and can take part in highly effective or even OTK combos. However, there are some cards in the Yugioh cards ban list that should not be there.

Jinzo is a monster many say should not be on the Yugioh ban list, but on the limited, or semi-limited list. I completely agree. Jinzo would definitely fit as a limited card. Yes it prohibits your foe’s usage of trap cards, but that effect applies to the owner as well. So doesn’t that create a balanced conclusion? In fact, I think that Raging Flame Sprite would be a more sensible monster to label as a banned Yugioh card. It can attack directly, and it gains 1000 attack points every time it attacks. Jinzo’s effect is much less potent than Raging Flame Sprite’s ability.

Tsukuyomi also should not be in the list of banned Yugioh cards. It shouldn’t even in the limited section or semi-limited section. It can flip one face-up monster to face-down defense position. That isn’t even in the tiniest way, deadly. Now you’re thinking, “there must be good combos for it.” It isn’t used for any deadly combo! Sure they’re some effective ones but nothing “OMG!” like a Yata-Lock combo.]

So the question comes, “Why are these cards in the Yugioh ban list?” I don’t know. Cards like Jinzo and Tsukuyomi are in Yugioh ban list for some weird reason. And they aren’t the only ones! Even Thousand Eyes Restrict is questionable due to the fact it’s a fusion and is difficult to summon. Of course, this is just my opinion. If you guys agree or disagree with me, write down as a comment(s).

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  1. I was thinking about the ban list some days ago, and I came to conclusion that some of the cards in the list are there just to force the players to buy new boosters. If a very good card like Dark Magician of Chaos were not limited, why would someone buy new expansions? It’s a way to keep the game new and fresh.

    Of course some of the cards like Change of Heart, Dark Hole, Raigeki are way too powerful and have a reason to be in the list.

    I also think that from times to times, cards like those above should be unbanned for a period and then get back to the list again. It would shake things a bit.

    PS: Jinzo is not anymore in the ban list ^^.

  2. actually frank, cards DO get unbanned for a period and get back on the list again… or at least they get unbanned anyway.

    I believe I heard somewhere that many cards on the banned lists are there because they were crucial parts to deadly combos.

    as for tsukuyomi, maybe it was part of a good combo, or maybe it’s something else…

    jinzo is definitely believable as being part of a good combo…

  3. Jinzo isnt banned anymore…
    He’s been completely off the list for like more then a year. You could run three if you really want to.

  4. I know. frank already mentioned it above.

    I’m just saying when it was banned, it’s very believable to have been part of a good combo…

  5. tsukuyomi can be used with a mask of darkness and time seal. With these you can, i believe stop the foe from drawing.

  6. I didn’t know that Cathedral exists.
    I just read the wikia and it can make a pretty good combo with Scrap Iron Scarecrow.

  7. Yea I wasnt replying to you morfowt. Anyway Jinzo was banned because back in the day people used alot more traps then they do now. It was mostly because of lockdowns.

  8. Yes you’re right. I never thought of that one. However you can easily counter that though. With a simple Blue Eyes and a Fissure. (Attack Horus, destroy it, then use Fissure on Jinzo).

  9. yeah… but how do you get the blue-eyes on the field? you’d have to tribute 2 monsters. good luck trying to do that with both jinzo and horus on the field

  10. Plus what if there are other monsters on the field. Fissure wouldnt work. As well as Royal Command which negates Flip Effects. Lockdown decks completely stop you from playing any card once the right cards are set up.

  11. hmm?

    I’m not sure about that. sure tsukuyomi can help man-eater bug, but neither man-eater bug nor tsukuyomi really benefit exodius the ultimate forbidden lord. exodius is just normally a powerful card.

  12. sorry, for some reason I made a mistake between Exodd Master of The guard and exodus. Man eater can be flipped to give 1000 lp damage each turn and destroy an opponents monster each turn. Even exudus is good cuz man eater can be used to destroy the forbidden one cards.

  13. only if the forbidden one cards are on the field. that’d be a waste of a summon if exodius’s effect can just send them directly from the deck to the graveyard

    as for exxod, yes that’d be a good combo, but it can be easily broken by just attacking man-eater bug while face-down. it’s effect still activates, but it’d most likely be destroyed.

    medusa worm is much better than man-eater bug in this case because it’d be able to flip itself face-down anyway, removing the need for tsukuyomi.

    even better would be golem sentry or moai intercepting cannons. they can flip themselves face-down as well, but have much higher defense than either medusa worm or man-eater bug. so if the opponent tries to stop the combo by attacking, they have a chance of losing life points.

  14. I found a good alternative to cathedral + scrap-iron scarecrow.

    scrap-iron scarecrow + the dark door. thanks to the dark door, your opponent can only attack with one monster, and scrap-iron scarecrow can negate that attack…

    of course this doesn’t work on monsters like Mataza the Zapper who can attack twice…

  15. quote = yugiohfan

    tsukuyomi can be used with a mask of darkness and time seal. With these you can, i believe stop the foe from drawing.

    Time seal only lasts one turn. MAsk of darkness…, if it’s unlimited, then it’s not THAT broken. Besides, everytime you use tsukuyomi, you waste your only normal summon for the turn. Also, many flip monsters’ flip effects are activated when they are attacked and destroyed and they usually don’t even have a chance to be flip summoned, let alone flipped face-down again.

  16. @ Frank
    i agree… nowdays there are like what, 50 card in my collection of 600-700 cards that aren’t on the ban list, and i can use only like, 10, cuz i don’t have the right cards for the others

  17. @ Bob
    yea i got horikati, but it won’t come cheap, i would be willing to trade for a few different monsters:

    A. all 3 LEGAL versions of the god cards
    B. stardust, black rose, AND rainbow dragons
    C. all 3 sacred beasts
    OR D. all 5 pieces of exodia

    your choice on which cards you wanna trade for horakati. A, B, C, or D. just message me here. if you accept, just come by the sports card shop in the pines mall in st. maries idaho, ask for orrin. hes ussually there on wednesdays, he’ll have the cards with him most likly

  18. @ Bob
    do u mean the gameboard version or the regular
    i got the latter. it sucks, cuz the back makes them look counterfiet the gameboard edition is much better in that case

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