Creating a Good Yugioh Deck

Creating a Yugioh deck is simple. The basic rule of making a Yugioh deck is simple: keep your Yugioh deck balanced. This post teaches beginners and some veteran duelists the basic steps on how to make a good Yugioh deck.

While I was searching for new topics for my blog, I found that many duelists need help to make a new Yugioh deck. Well, making a Yugioh deck is simple, you just have to have balance in your cards. Your Yugioh deck will lose in a duel if you have too many spell cards, traps, monsters, and especially high level monsters. Here’s a trick I used to make a good Yugioh deck when I was a kid.

I loved (still do) to play Yugioh when I was a kid. I would play Yugioh with all my friends! So by dueling with them and building decks with them, I learned a good trick to use when making your Yugioh deck. Now, many of you might know/remember this trick, so it will be a mind refresher.

  1. When you’re make your Yugioh deck, separate all of your traps, spells, monsters, and high level monsters (level five+, includes ritual, fusion, and synchro) into three different piles.
  2. Now choose your deck theme (read here for a basic list).
  3. Based on your theme, select traps and spells that would contribute to the theme.
  4. Now, based on your theme you selected, as well as the traps and spells you chose, get monsters that would be strongly assisted by the spells and traps, and contribute to the theme. For example, if the theme for my Yugioh deck is to use weak monsters with great effects and use equip cards to raise their attack/defense points, one monster I would select for my deck is Maha Vailo.
  5. Finally, try out your Yugioh deck in a duel and see if it’s good. If you need to make changes in an area of your deck, repeat the previous steps and keep dueling until you are completely satisfied with your deck.

Now I know that advanced duelists already have special tactics on making a Yugioh deck, but for beginners, this is the basic steps you must take when you are creating your Yugioh deck.

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  1. People also need to keep in mind that there are some cards that are essential in any deck. For example, you will always need a card to destroy those troublesome spells and traps. For this example we have Mystical Space Typhoon, Dust Tornado, Twister etc.
    Brain control is also a very useful card when your opponent puts a big level monster against you.
    Those examples are good and cheap cards that should not be forgotten.

  2. um… haven’t you already created a post about making a good yugioh deck? or did you just make another one for… whatever reason?

  3. I usually use a variety of themes. I have an Inaba, a Yata Garasu and the old school man-eater bug but it doesn’t stop me playing an card like rainbow neos, ultimate gear golem or great Maju Gazzet

  4. Hey guys Im trying to make a Blackwing deck, anybody have some extra Blackwings that they’re willing to trade or give away or something?

  5. Ok, I’m making a spellcaster deck from scratch because my friend is havng a tournament on monday. Here is what i have(abc=magic/trap ABC = Monster or ritual summon/fusion):
    Black illusion ritual, MIND ON AIR, mystical space typhoon, monster reborn(2x), AQUA MADOOR, sword of dark distruction, DARK SAGE, axe of dis., call of the H, BIG EYE, MAHA VAILO, mystic box, RAPID FIRE MAGE, APPRENTICE MAGE, FLAME MANIPULATOR, SPIRIT OF THE HARP, trap hole, gravty bind, PENGUIN SLDR, SKILLED DARK MAGE, TIME WIZ, mag. cylender, WITCH OF THE B. FOREST, yami, chain destruction, RELINQUISHED, MAGE OF FAITH, D. MAGICIAN, pot of greed, DARK MAGICION GIRL(limited edition), black lust. ritual, JINZO, exchange, KYCOO GHST DESTRER, de-spell, change of heart, BLACK LUST SOILDER, enchanted javelin, tornado wall, NEMURIKO, G. SLDR OF STONE, swrds of light, MYSTICAL ELF, pot of greed/generosity, BLAST MAGE. Sorry for the long comment

  6. I have been playing duel monsters since I was a teenager. I refer to the card game as the anime does, because I am a big fan of the show and separating them like this makes it easier for me to explain which aspect of the media franchise I am talking about. Being 26 years old, and cursed with OCD{Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, for those unfamiliar with the acronym.}, I have found a special method to my madness through these cards. I won’t get into the basics of that, instead I will explain a trick I learned about deck building that has helped me.

    I prefer to play with the 40 card standard{Not counting Fusions and Synchro Monsters.}, and do understand balance is important to any deck. But seeing as how monsters are the sole defense guarding your life points, because there is no guarantee that the Spell/Trap card you rely on for a monster-less scenario will come up when you need it to, I usually pack my deck with monsters.

    So because this post has no limits and I can become quite the forum/blog geek, I will explain my basic deck building method and even how to set it properly{As in the non-cheating method.}. And for argument’s sake, I will be explaining this, on the assumption many novice players will be reading it, I also wish to state that I am NOT ridiculing anyone’s intelligence.

    1 – Find a theme, an important tactic to any deck. Unless you want something different, I do believe a few characters from the anime had seemingly theme-less decks. In this case find the one monster you want to play with.

    2 – That settled pick out six high level monsters, and like the Blog Creator stated, this includes Ritual Monsters. In the case you just want to see that awesome new card in action, find five more high levels that work well with it.

    3 – Dig through your levels one through four monsters and pick out fourteen of them to go with your theme, which does include your Tuner Monsters. Building around one monster doesn’t apply here, instead try to pick some that work with all your six chosen “powerhouses” monsters{This is for those of us, like myself, who do not have enough multiples to ensure a single strategy will always come up.} The reason for this is because it gives your deck multiple ways to win, and keeps your opponent guessing on your strategy. Especially since statistically, you’ll end up drawing some of one and some of another before being able to pull of one successfully{Providing your opponent isn’t prepared to stop you, of course.}. I recommend that you do not put all your chosen monsters in the same pile.

    4 – Now pull out your Spells and find ten, of any number of specific types like all normal or equip spell cards, you can even change it up and randomize it. I recommend finding ones that will generally work with each strategy your deck can produce, that is if your going for that kind of deck.

    5 – The same goes for traps, here I mostly try to pull a few Counter Traps, because they do come in handy sometimes.

    6 – Now is where you pull your Fusion/Synchro Monsters, that is if you plan on playing with any of course. The Synchros only have to fit with your theme if you have one, otherwise you can throw a surprise in for later. Like Stardust Dragon in a deck of Machines.

    Now that you’re cards are chosen, you can shuffle them.

    First grab your monsters, setting those in your Extra Deck{If any.} aside. Now your going to evenly distribute your high levels with your low levels{For those not good with math, they will distribute evenly.} You do this by placing two low levels in a separate pile, then place one high level in that same pile and repeat until left with only one monster pile.

    Now you’re going to want to cut this pile in half, having a twenty card pile, it’s fairly simple. Then flip one pile upside-down. Your spells and traps will be placed on top of either of these piles, facing the same direct as the piles they are placed on.

    Now flip the face-up pile and shuffle them three times, I would not recommend using the same shuffling method as seen in the anime, I have tried and the games weren’t very promising.

    Now that your deck is ready, play with some friends, I usually let a friend use my best deck against me. Much like flinging pebbles at a steel wall, using each game to test a different strategy, this way you can see how they play out and can find the flaws and eventually tweak your deck with different cards to remove the ones you don’t like.

    And as I said, balance is essential, and this method is no different. Because of the various strategies, unless you possess enough cards to make one work with either of the other two, there will be a few games where nothing works and you might have to break a sweat to win or add another strike to your loss count.

    I created this style, as in have met no one else who uses it aside from those I have showed it to, because I have played with some decks where monsters were in less quantity. More often than not finding myself drawing only spells and traps. Most requiring monsters or specific ones to be in play.

    You can change it marginally and lose the near perfect balance of cards, like for example using five high levels and 12 low levels. Leaving you to add spells and traps until you get an even 40. I have not tried this yet, but if you do you can still shuffle it the same.

    I do apologize for the long comment, and I was really bored when I found this blog. I will probably be commenting on more topics in the future, and even come back to take any negative comments directed at me. =^D

  7. All good yugioh decks should have:

    Powerful 4 star monsters

    Spells, traps, and effect monster effects that remove cards from the field.

    Cards that help you gain control of the field, unless you have a burn deck.

  8. not true on the 4-star monsters. decks that special summon a lot don’t need them because they can quickly bring out higher level monsters to beat the opponent’s monsters.

    synchro decks, for example, can have mostly level 3 and 2 because the synchro monsters are powerful and easy to summon. my junk destroyer deck actually has mostly level 1 and 2 monsters. there are 4 level 3, only 2 level 4 (2 mystic tomato), and 2 level 5 (2 quickdraw synchron)

  9. None of my friends used to like yugioh until age 13. But I still did for like 4 years. So with all of that time I had hours every day to rearrange my deck and make it all awesome. Even though none else I knew likes them i still used all of my money on them. So. Had no one to make bad trading deals to so I had a amazing deck the whole time and 1 of my friends started to like them and evenually all of my friends stared playing to. After all of that time I had the perfect deck and beat them all. Then they all wanted to trade with me. They would ofer ridiculous deals like my junk warrior card for there dark magican and the winged dragon of ra. ( of course I explained the stuff to them after. I never took there deals. It was just unfair)

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