Opening Retro Pack 2: A Strong Yugioh Booster Pack

Retro Pack 2 is a strong Yugioh booster pack with its large variety of strong “old school” cards. The cards from this powerful Yugioh booster pack would bring victory to any duelist!

Yesterday, while my parents and I went to Target, I decided to buy a Yugioh booster pack. Although, it wasn’t any Yugioh booster pack, it was the Retro Pack 2 booster pack, a pack filled with “Old School” cards. I wouldn’t say the cards I got were amazing, but they were pretty rare. Though it wasn’t the most valuable, my favorite find was three of the F, I, N, A, L cards; N, A, and L.

Two really good cards I got from Retro Pack 2 were Hino Kagu Tsuchi and Thousand Eyes Restrict, both ultra rare. Okay, I was hoping were something grander, like a Mage Power, but I realized that these two monsters were actually pretty powerful. Hino Kagu Tsuchi is a level eight spirit monster, which is the only catch to his power. When he inflicts damage to your opponent, your foe discards all cards from their hand during the next draw phase. This is almost as good as Yata Garasu! Instead of locking your foe down though, your making him/her waste all their cards, which is easier to do, due to the fact that Hino Kagu Tsuchi has 2800 attack points!

The other extremely rare card I gained from buying the Retro Pack 2 Yugioh booster pack was Thousand Eyes Restrict. Yes he is a fusion monster but I have the cards to play him (Relinquished – with ritual card, Thousand Eyes Idol, and Polymerization/Future Fusion). When it’s played, other monsters cannot attack or switch their battle positions. Like Relinquished, he can be equipped with one monster from your foe’s side of the field, stealing its attack and defense points. If Thousand Eyes Restrict were to be destroyed, the equipped monster would be destroyed instead. Thousand Eyes Restrict has a great ability because he could steal the attack and defense points of a strong monster and destroy all of your foe’s monsters, but thanks to its ability, your foe wouldn’t be able to overcome Restrict with battle.

Though some would say I got crappy cards, the cards I got from the Yugioh booster pack, Retro Pack 2, were very rare and valuable. Hino Kagu Tsuchi would be great to have in many decks, while Restrict would be perfect in every deck if, the user has Polymerization, Relinquished/Ritual Spell, and Thousand Eyes Idol. These cards are just a small fraction of the true power of the Retro Pack 2, Yugioh booster pack.


19 thoughts on “Opening Retro Pack 2: A Strong Yugioh Booster Pack”

  1. Even with people telling me that for a duelist its better to buy single cards, I think that opening the booster packs is one of the most fun things in a card game. I will probably buy me some packs of Retro Pack 2. Last week i bought some RP1 packs and got a Summoned Skull ! 😛

  2. Nice! Yeah, buying single cards aren’t very smart because you only get ONE good card for like 20 bucks! It depends on what single card your buying, but buying a pack is usually better.

  3. But there is that old problem in buying booster packs: the stores that weigh them and get all the holos to sell later.

  4. I like it because it’s a strong level 6 monster. the only level 6 monster I can think of that’s stronger (in terms of ATK only, not effect) is frostosaurus…

  5. oh yeah… I guess since I was going by atk points only, and not effect, I subconsciously took out all non-normal monsters…

  6. actually the japanese is demon, not archfiend. while I’m on the subject, what’s wrong with keeping demon? what no one’s heard of a demon before?

  7. At first, when yugioh was released, it was aimed towards kids, so they could not scare the christian parents who would buy the cards for their kids. It seems the only reason to me.

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