The Winners of the Monster Card Competition

The Yugioh Blog Monster Card Competition finishes with Frank MTF the winner and morfowt the runner-up. Both contestants creation amazing Yugioh cards and I had a very hard time deciding who should win.

Ai, ai, ai, ai! Choosing the two winners for this competition was extremely difficult! There were a couple of people who entered, but I narrowed the finalists to three. Out of those three finalists, (Yugioh fan, morfowt, and Frank MTF) I looked every aspect of their creations and made my final decision.

First place of this monster card competition goes to… Frank! The runner-up… morfowt! Congratulations to you guys! I am sorry Yugioh fan, your grammar wasn’t very good and your images were the same for each card. However, I still congratulate you for being one of the three finalists. Frank’s monsters stuck out to me a lot and I really liked his images as well his effects. Morfowt, your cards were just as impressive for you and Frank were tied in almost all of the aspects of judging except, the imagery. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked your images, but Frank’s images were a bit cooler.

Frank wins the Blue Eyes W. Dragon, the Blue Eyes S. Dragon, and the secret rare, limited edition, Green Baboon Defender of the Forest. Morfowt, you still get a secret rare E-Hero Thunder Giant! Frank and morfowt, please send me your adresses to so I can mail you your cards. Once again congratulations, and I wish to see you both contend in the next Yugioh Cards Blog contest!

Frank's Cloud Guard
Frank's Cloud Guard
Frank's Liquid Guard
Frank's Liquid Guard

13 thoughts on “The Winners of the Monster Card Competition”

  1. *applauds*

    well done frank. yeah. frank’s imagery was definitely better, no doubt about that. my photoshop isn’t good enough to make my images completely realistic.

    um… I personally don’t mind giving you my address (I trust you), but it’s a different story with my legal guardian. is it absolutely necessary I accept this prize?

  2. WOw. I am really happy ! Thanks a lot!
    And congrats to all that entered the contest.

    yugiohblogger I have just sent you my adress in your email. Can you confirm that you received it?
    Here is a part of the adress: “Monsenhor”.


  3. I use YugiCo, and it gives you an estimated value for the card, ebay is only what the owner is willing to sell the card for, the lower the price the less they know or care of the value. Or have enough that they just want to get rid of the cards.

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