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Though there are many Yugioh sites, I think my Yugioh Blog is the top Yugioh site. You can see the list of top Yugioh sites from the link in my post. My Yugioh Blog is in the top 5 Yugioh sites.

Like every other genre of websites, my Yugioh Blog has a lot of competition. So once in a while, I see who they are by going to the Top Yugioh Sites page. Some of the top Yugioh sites are vlogs, picture galleries, as well blogs like my own. Many of the top Yugioh sites were very cool. They were had alot info about Yugioh and you can really tell that those people are putting efforts in to their blogs.

Of course, as much as I like those other Yugioh sites, I think the top Yugioh site is my own, Yugioh Cards Blog. When you go to the link above, you will see my site is at rank #5 (though it might change time to time). I think my blog is the  most informative and the most simple than any other top Yugioh site or Yugioh site for that matter. However, I am being bias, for, this is my blog.

What is a top Yugioh site? How can you determine if a Yugioh site can be considered as “top-notch”? One thing I use to tell a top Yugioh site from an ordinary one is the google page rank. It is a bar that is usually on the toolbar of your internet browser. The bar ranks a site (out of 10) based on the relevance it has with the topic. So when I was looking at top Yugioh sites, many of them had page ranks of usually two and three. My Yugioh Blog, despite being 11 months old, already has a page rank of two.

Of course, what you think is a top Yugioh site and what isn’t is your decision. The page rank is just something that shows what Google thinks of your site. However remember that the link above will have a list of top Yugioh sites, and if you ever want to check, you can go to the website through the link on my post, as well as my blog.

7 thoughts on “Top Yugioh Sites”

  1. Besides yours, the only decent yugioh site I go on is the Yugioh Wiki, and that’s run by like the entire community lol.

  2. The first site on that list is there just because it offers episode downloads. I agree with CBas92, but besides and the Wikia I also visit some 2 other sites. There are only a few good yugioh sites left nowadays.

  3. I think a major deciding factor in your popularity is the fact that if someone were to Google “yugioh blog,” then yours would be first, as that is in its name. Then, because you have more views, search engines look upon it more favourably. Others have more obscure names, and therefore may not get as many views.

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