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Contestants for the third Yugioh Cards Blog contest used Yugioh Card Maker to create an original card(s) that was judged by me. The Yugioh Card Maker Cards have turned out pretty good, but they still need some improvement.

Though it was a couple of posts ago, I started the third contest for Yugioh Cards Blog. The contest revolved around Yugioh Card Maker. I recieved some okay creations, however the creation I going to talk to you about today is very well thought and realistic. I will show you two Yugioh monster cards created by Frank MTF.

When I first saw Frank’s monsters, I was very surprised because the picture of his monsters look like an image that would be on an official Yugioh card.  So, good job on your picture choice Frank! Plus, one of his cards, Liquid Guard, has an ability that can make pretty good combo with 5-6 leveled water monsters and his other monster, Cloud Guard. Though it is a helpful effect, I recommend that you strengthen Liquid Guard a bit. I think it should be able to stay the whole duel rather than  be destroyed on the turn it’s summoned. Same thing with Cloud Guard. Yes it does have 2000 atk points, however that isn’t as much as let’s say, Goblin Attack Force (2300) or Giant Orc (2200). So instead having it lose 500 atk points a turn, you could change its effect into something like discarding a card a turn or losing 200 life points a turn.

So far, Frank’s cards are in the lead for the grand prize, and second place is Yugioh fan’s cards. However, if morfowt is able to find pictures for his two cards, he will climb to first place. So good luck guys, you have one week left!

Click on the card’s name to have a look at them:

15 thoughts on “Yugioh Card Maker Cards”

  1. Hi ! I made some modifications as suggested. Here they are ^^ :



    Cloud Guard is a level 4 monster with 2100 attack, it’s not forced to defense position after it attacks and it doesn’ have it’s ATK points reduced. So the cost of a discard to attack and the opponent’s draw if the attack is succesful, make the balance even.

    Morfowt and yugiohfan congratulations for your cards. They are great!

    I look forward to the results !

  2. um… to be honest yes. me entering this contest was more of showing off some of my custom cards, not winning

  3. Check that one.


  4. hey morfowt, how about that: polymerization with 3 blast meteors. Summon destruction meteor. Send all 3 blast meteors out of play to give 1500lp damage. Next play return from the different dimension and resummon 3 blasts. Activate destruction meteors effect and over time give anothe 15oo lp damage. Last but not least, resend 3 blasts out of play to give a total of 4500lp damage. Blast meteor cards should be limited cuz imagine makin a deck out of them!!!

  5. well first of all, monsters summoned through return from the different dimension only last on the field for one turn, so that wouldn’t work for all 3. plus, if I use destruction meteor’s effect to destroy my cards, I lose 500 life points.

    A better combo, I think would be to use 3 rock bombardment trap cards to send 3 blast meteors from your deck to the graveyard, and inflict 500 each (1500 total). then use blast meteor’s effect to inflict 1500 more damage (3000 total). then use 3 release from stone to special summon them to the field, use polymerization to summon destruction meteor and send the 3 blast meteors to the graveyard to use their effects again (4500 total). then use destruction meteor’s effect and destroy one of your opponent’s cards and inflict 500 damage (5000 damage). if destruction meteor can attack directly, that’s 7000 damage, and finally 1 or 2 damage dealing magic cards to finish it off…

  6. oh sorry. seems there’s a mistake on the card.

    well that’s what the effect was supposed to be.

    here’s the corrected version: [img]http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/2654/253006.jpg[/img]

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