The #1 Yugioh Elemental Hero

Elemental Hero Divine Neos isn’t the best Elemental Hero in terms of stats, but it’s awesome effect makes it the best Yugioh Elemental Hero. No Elemental Hero in Yugioh can match it’s power!

I don’t think I will have any objections in this choice, the number one Yugioh Elemental Hero is… Elemental Hero Divine Neos!


Sure, it might not be your best monster in terms of stats, but it has one of the, if not, the best effect out of all the Elemental Heroes! To play Divine Neos, you must fuse together at least one Neos monster, a Neo spacian, and an Elemental Hero, as well as two other monsters (can only be an Evil Hero, a Destiny Hero, a Elemental Hero, a Neo Spacian, or Elemental Hero Neos). Okay, okay, it sounds hard to play doesn’t it? However, summoning Elemental Hero Divine Neos is worth it.

While Divine Neos is on the field, you can remove from your graveyard one Evil, Destiny, Elemental Heroes, a Neos monster, or a Neo Spacian monster. Elemental Hero Divine Neos gains 500 attack AND that monsters ability. That is crazy. You can remove from play one of those awesomee monsters, and Divine Neos would be amazing! You could give Divine Neos Magma Neos’s effect and it would gain 400 attack points for every card one the field, or you could give Divine Neos Destiny Hero Dogma’s effect and half your opponent’s life points the next turn! Possibilities, possiblities! This is what makes Elemental Hero Divine Neos, hands down, the strongest Elemental Hero!

52 thoughts on “The #1 Yugioh Elemental Hero”

  1. Let me get this right: rainbow neos is the number 2 top guy but is weaker than the Divine which is not even in the top 10 list.

  2. Rainbow Neos isn’t an Elemental Hero, it is a Neos monster. Hence it doesn’t say Elemental Hero on his card name, he’s just, Rainbow Neos. Of course, if he was an Elemental Hero, he’d be the best one.

  3. He should be called Elemental Hero.
    Its probably one of the many mistakes made in Yugioh, like “Darkness Neosphere” that is treated as an Neos monster just because the english translation messed up what should be Neo-Sphere.

  4. I don’t think so frank. I checked the japanese name of the card and it doesn’t have “E Hero” in it, so I guess yugiohblogger is right, rainbow neos isn’t really an elemental hero (I guess because its fusion material monsters aren’t all neo-spacians/elemental heroes)

  5. Well then you shouldve of counted any of Neos fusions since Elemental Hero Neos is like an entirely different archetype within the Heros. Prisma shouldve been on this list.

  6. even if it’s in a completely different archetype (it is actually. neos is in both the elemental hero archetype and the neos archetype), the fact remains neos is an elemental hero but rainbow neos and neos wiseman aren’t…

  7. walao wei i disagree! haha.

    E-hero stratos is the best e-hero monster hands down…

    and e-hero absolute zero is the best fusion monster, and in 2nd place:e-hero the shining.

    Shining may not be released into the TCG yet but absolute zero is =) so no doubt bout him!

  8. yet strangely, stratos is limited or banned or has some kind of restriction on it…

    I’m gonna have to disagree with absolute zero. he only gains 500 atk for ever other water monster. that’s at most 4500 extra atk. magma neos on the other hand, gains 400 for every CARD on the field, for a max of 8000 extra ATK… not to mention it’s second effect. though I’ll give absolute zero some merit because it’s slightly easier to summon.

    as for elemental hero the shining, it could potentially gain more atk if played correctly, but because elemental heroes don’t naturally have a way to remove themselves from play within their archetype, I wouldn’t not say it’s the 2nd best.

    I would put absolute zero and the shining in top 10 though…

  9. No when absolute zero LEAVES the field , all opponent monsters go boom boom. yes he is too easy to summon IMO. Sadly, Magma Neos is almost impossible to bring out and he doesnt see play, so how is he the best?

    And stratos is one of the best searchers/ cards in the game okay. Immediate +1 and beat stick + warrior sub type.

    @morfowt: no way to remove monsters from play? You’re forgetting Miracle fusion and the newly released in OCG E-hero Flash.

  10. all right fine, but miracle fusion can’t remove any e-heroes from play. it has to be fusion material monsters, so around 2-4, more often 2.

    as for e-hero flash, well I never heard of it until now, since, as you said, it’s newly released.

    …uh, 1800 is not what I would call a beatstick. a level 4 beatsick needs at least 1900 ATK, preferably 2000 or above. and being a one-time searcher is not enough to call it the best in my opinion.

    magma neos has the same field removing effect, but his happens more often.

    so absolute zero, sure I guess I would put him top 5. the shining I still have doubts about top 5, but would put him in top 10. stratos, i still don’t believe him to be best. maybe in top 5, but not the best.

  11. And stratos is speed, synergy, and consistency rolled in one.

    Wait, in this topic, when you say best E-heroes, do you count their summoning requirements or just their effects? Or is it the whole package?

  12. He’ not actually really hard to get out. All you need is to get E- Neos, Neos Spacian Grand Mole, and Flame Scarab on the field.
    – For Grand Mole and/or Flame Scarab you can use simply use Sangan(s) or Cross Porter to get them to your hand and special or normal summon them on your future turns
    – To quickly play E-Neos on your field, play cards like A Hero Emerges to (hopefully) get E-Neos on the field or useHero Signal to get Neos Alius on the field. After all, he is treated as Elemental Hero Neos so you can still conduct contact fusion with him instead.

    So if you have the cards, Magma Neos is actually easy to play. My friend who uses an Elemental Hero deck, has ways to play any fusion monster super fast, including Mamga Neos. In fact, it was him who told me this little trick.

  13. Im guessing it’s effects mike cause Ive never seen anyone summon a Divine Neos. Fusing five monsters is ridiculous. Might as well attack five times.

  14. not really CBas92. I summoned FGD quite a few times actually. it’s just I used Dragon’s Mirror instead of polymerization. cuz getting 5 dragons in your graveyard is easier than summoning 5 dragons or keeping 5 in your hand.

    same thing with divine. get the 5 required monsters in your graveyard, then use miracle fusion. you have now summoned divine neos.

  15. I suppose future fusion could work too, but I personally don’t like it cuz it can be canceled by destroying future fusion

  16. That’s still pretty tedious when you couldve probably fused for two decent monsters instead. Unless you’re absolutely guarenteed the game, 5 for 1 is hardly ever a good idea. Plus FGD is easier since it uses any 5 dragons. Divine Neos uses pretty much 3 specific names along with 2 options.
    Im telling you guys, Synchros are where it’s at these days. Fusions are way too slow. And yes of course theres exceptions like in everything but generally Synchros>Fusions.

  17. actually it’s 3 specific archetypes, which is completely different from 3 specific names, and actually easier than it sounds if your entire deck is based on those archetypes.

    you only need 1 miracle fusion to bring out divine neos. to bring out 2 decent fusion monsters, you’d need 2 miracle fusions, or something similar.

    even if you fuse from your field, it might not be good. neo-spacians and elemental heroes aren’t very good beatsticks usually. what if your opponent had exxod, master of the guard, or blue-eyes ultimate dragon on their side of the field? 1 monster with pretty high attack or awesome effect, is better than 5 monsters with low attack or bad effect (if any) in this case.

    I agree 100% with your comment about synchros though. basically, if it needs a specific card (polymerization), it’s bad. if it just needs a group (tuners), it’s… not great, but better. but fusions can be pretty supportive in a synchro deck

  18. I’m guessing you classify these heroes in terms of “fun” and casual play. If it is,then its a different story.

    But in competitive play, and referring to the meta, both TCG and OCG, you cant deny Stratos, Absoltue zero, and the Shining. Stratos gives you excess to ANY one hero. And its a compulsory to include in any hero deck (d-zero), (dimension eatos), or any sort.

    @morfowt: its very hard to play if you deck is based on those 3 archetype. I’ve never seen an archetype of that sort or a deck like that actually works. Its inconsistency level is above 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10). And you commit to playing those Neos Fusions alot but then your opponent just takes it out with Gemini Spark, Dimension prison, Mirror, torrential, solemn? Not worth it man…. =( i like eheros alot too tho, sorry but i cant agree that god neos and magma neos are the best. =/

    In short, neos are uncompetetive and just pure fun. Although they dont have much support 🙂 and there are alot more fun decks out there.

  19. maybe any random 3 archetypes, but e-heroes, neos, and neo-spacians are closely interwined. I’ve never made a deck of them before, but I can’t see it as very hard. if you want I’ll make a deck with those 3 archetypes.

  20. Actually, 2 archetypes. Neos and Neos spacians are about the same I think?

    Its easy to make a fun dek, yes its true, 🙂 but can you make a competitive tier 1 deck?

    There is 1 current really good E-hero deck. I’m not sure if it reaches tier 1 yet but on paper it looks really good. See this. It clearly shows AbZero and Shining as best heroes =D c’mon man, heroes at tier 1!!

  21. what’s the difference between competitive and fun? either way you’re trying to make the best deck possible to win, aren’t you?

  22. Competitive is like tournament level play where theres strict rules and guidelines to adher to. Fun would be more casual with your buddies.

    And Neos and Neo-Spacians are pretty much the same. Like Flamvell/Neoflamvell or X-Sabers/XX-Sabers. Im not even sure if Neos itself is an archtype but dont quote me on that.

  23. Well against your buddies, sure you have to play properly, but no one cares if your using forbidden cards or not. It’s just for fun, well with me and buddies at least. In tournaments, duels are purely for victory so that’s when you HAVE to follow the banned cards rule so that everyone has a fair chance.

  24. Well Neos isn’t an official archetype, but many people think it is because of the numerous amounts of Neos fusions. Neo Spacians are totally different from Neos monsters, because they are what makes a Neos monster. So saying Neo-Spacians and Neos monsters are pretty much the same is like saying, Hydrogen and Water are the same. Hydrogen is one of the elements the make water, just Neo-Spacians make Neos Fusions.

  25. … ok… so it really makes no difference to me, because now when I play with my friends, or even when I’m just making decks for no reason, I stick to the banned list. of course, we usually follow the traditional list, but I’ve made decks following advanced format as well…

  26. no. it’s harder just choosing 40 cards (which I rarely do). you realize how many useful cards there are?

  27. I can’t even mange to get them down to 40 cards. lowest I’ve ever gotten is 46…

    I don’t believe you should increase your chance of drawing a card by keeping your deck to 40 cards if you feel all the cards in your deck are useful. You should keep it low, yes, but not necessarily exactly 40. 55 or less is fine by my standards.

  28. I think 50+ is way pushing it. As long as you’re not getting too many dead draws than thats fine but if you’re consistently losing cause you just keep drawing that trap at the wrong time or you have too many tributes in your hand, somethings gotta give.

  29. hmm… I definitely never had too many tributes in my hand as a problem, except with my lv monster deck, but that’s kind of expected considering how lv monsters work…

    That’s not to say I don’t get dead draws. I do, but I don’t think it’s so common it’s a problem…

  30. No offense to morfowt and ygoblogger, but it’s quite obvious that both of you are quite low in true experience and skill at yugioh.

  31. pretty much all of the e hero fusions suck. (un)divine neos especially because it is very dependent on other monsters.

  32. Making it to nationals doesn’t mean jack. So what if you made it years ago. It’s all about the now. Only skilled players will write articles about cards skilled players use and care about. None of us care about elemental heroes. They haven’t been in format for god knows how long. How about write stuff about cards people are more inclined to use? How about help other people less skilled than “yourself” get the game better. Divine neos is a biotch

  33. i agree. but you gotta agree that konami’s yugioh card making is a lot better than the past formats. better decks, better effects etc.

  34. Well, Elemental Heroes may not be used among pros, but they are the most popular archetype amongst beginners. I am more of an old-school duelist, as you probably can tell from the fact that I use Dark World and since I don’t buy a lot of these new boosters, there are some things about these recent formats (Hidden Arsenal, Duel Terminal, etc…) that I am just learning about. I am trying to adapt to this new style.

  35. Yugiohblogger: my apologies for my criticism, I just feel that old school cards are too well known to write about. I think that the people here want to read/talk about cards that will help us in this format. Now do you know why I believe that sabers are strongest in this format?

  36. When making your deck at 40 cards, you have to take out cards that are dead draws. When planning the deck, take the worst possible scenario and see what you get, are they bad cards to have in that scenario? Then take them out, limit them, or change the deck entirely to make those cards good draws. If you keep your deck anywhere above 40-42 cards because you feel that the cards worth taking out are too “good”, all you accomplish is decreasing the chances of getting those precious cards. So why do that?

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