The 1st Birthday For My Yugioh Blog

One year has past since I started my Yugioh blog. Since then, I’ve had a lot of debating with my readers, making contests, and writing about all things Yugioh. So I want thank my readers for making my blog one of the most prominent sites in the Yugioh world!

Can you believe it? It has almost been one year since I wrote my first post in this Yugioh Cards Blog. Though there was a lot of controversy and arguing between my readers and I, it is because of them my blog has become a prominent site in the Yugioh world. This year, I had 70,000 views from around the world and my Google page rank rocketed from 0 to 2! Though my blog has been doing well, I want to further improve it; I want 100,000 views instead of 70,000! I want a four page rank instead of a two! So I need advice from the only people who know my blog better than myself, my readers.

  • What things about my Yugioh blog did you guys like?
  • What things about my Yugioh blog didn’t you like?
  • What things should I continue in my blog?
  • Should I have more/less contests?

I would love it if you guys would think about some these questions and answer them. It is through only your feedback that I can improve my Yugioh blog. After all, it is you guys I write for! Also, my next post will be a list of the best posts/moments of my Yugioh blog. So thanks for the great year guys! With your help, next year, my Yugioh blog will be even cooler!

35 thoughts on “The 1st Birthday For My Yugioh Blog”

  1. I personally love your top 10 posts. since they’re split up into parts, it like waiting for something good to happen if you know what I mean

    I also loved sharing our custom cards, simply because I have all these great ideas for cards, but no use for them

    Your deck construction/dueling tips were also fun to read about.

    finally, I also loved all our comments, especially parts where we debated, which is weird because I’m a terrible debater

    what I don’t like, mainly the poll in the sidebar… it doesn’t do anything after you vote in it.

    you should continue everything you’ve already done. if you just focus on the things we like, you’re narrowing down the things you could talk about and it’ll get boring after a while.

    contests… my personal opinion is to keep them cuz they’re fun, but remove the prize part. sure it would attract less contenders, but only about 3 ever enter a contest in the first place. plus you keep the cards that could have been prizes. I don’t know what for, but it’s a profit. And we should participate in these contests because, as a yu-gi-oh/duel monsters fan, these are fun, not because of prizes.

  2. Thank you for the advise morfowt! Yes, I too loved reading everyone’s comments and responding. That’s probably one of most amusing things about this blog haha. I will consult with my “partner” (dad) about removing the poll. Thanks again!

  3. Your dad also likes yugioh ? Thats nice !

    I think you should also start to review yugioh games and even yugioh online.

  4. Not much of an expert, but being very opinionated this morning I’ll take a crack at this one.

    What things about my Yugioh blog did you guys like?

    I like the layout, and how the categories are easily located. The recent posts navigator is a good idea too. The contests are a nice idea, and the prizes are nicely chosen. The topics are really good, so keep those up. You’re opinions are thought out and well told.

    What things about my Yugioh blog didn’t you like?

    The poll is a problem, maybe creating a new poll once a month would be nice, and a section where you can few past poll results. Or even stick pile the polls in their own section. Letting newcomers vote on them all. I think a more forum like feel would be nice, but I know it’s not a forum.

    What things should I continue in my blog?

    The contests are a good idea, the prize cards are catchy and make good players want to try for them. But take the contest in which you offered Rainbow Dark Dragon, I would hope you had a duplicate for yourself to spare, especially considering you are a tournament player. You would be losing a lot. If you do plan to keep the prize cards, I would suggest putting up a small list like 4 cards, and letting the winner{or winners as in the card making contest I’d seen} choose their prize. It would limit that second place feel because they aren’t “settling” for whatever you planned on throwing at them.

    Should I have more/less contests?

    I would say keep the contest ratio the same, throw one whenever you feel like it. More contests will only bring people in for the contests. Most of them would care less about the rest of the blog and only comment in your contest section. Sure you’d reach your goal, but at the cost of reading semi-useless posts? In my opinion, you created this blog to not only share your ideas, opinions, experience as a duelist with us. By making more contests, you would risk becoming the #1 Yugioh blog site because you give away your cards. Not something to be proud of in the long run. Less contests however could make you lose regulars, and no offense to anyone, but there are some greedy people out there.

    Hope that helped you in some way, and as an added note. I come here for the articles and potential debates. I have various other places to participate in contests. Not to mention the junk mail I get informing me of the latest sweepstakes drawing and what not.

  5. Just as long as you don’t lose focus on the reasons why you made this blog, you should reach your goal. I’ll even do you a favor and show some friends of mine this site. Don’t have many that are into yugioh, but it’s the least I can do.

  6. i love many things about this site but my over all favorite thing on here is the contest. i may not really ever win, I use to log on as mastermooka and Cristiano B. but that was before my friends further taught me about the game and with their training my longest win streak is 12. back to the topic i believe you should tottally throw in some more cntest and a whole lot more debates too. It would also be great if you threw in a Yu-gi-oh quiz every now and then too. also i think you shoul make more debates like maybe a debate about a combo that involves a real strong monster depending on weaker monsters. Not only tat but also leave a whole lot more post furthering us on yugioh info maybe even a question spot where we leave a qestion in hopes it gets areal good answer and anyone can answer the question. Also maybe even a contest on our favorite Archetypes. I hope allthis was helpful ;p

  7. I’ll also show my friends this site. All my friends (not the girls) are into yugioh and of mymain group of friends (5 boys) they all like yugioh and i bet theyd be willing to come here. 5 may not be alot but they also have friends that like yugioh and their friends have friends that like yugioh so itll get more popular just wait and see.

  8. I agree that you should take away the prize cards, as a duelist your only hurting yourself by giving the rare cards away as a reward. seeing as you enter competitions your taking away trump cards or keycards to a deck. It feels good to just know you won over all those good debaters so it just feels good to know you won. If you are going to keep giving out cards you shouldnt do it as often however and if you still want to give cards away though please dont give away anything that will put you at a disadvantage.

  9. As a duelist my deck was rendered useless when it lost its Vampire Genesis the trump card of the deck. And I lost it in a duel where you cant use the cards your betting and you have to use the deck the card belongs to. I was dueling for a Ultimate Tyrano and I know for fact ifrd it you lose key can really hurt you so be careful with what you give away.

  10. Sorry guys, I no this is tottaly unrelated but I have a morphtronic deck and I have all morphtronics except Boomboxen, Do you know what tin or boosterpacks Id be most likely to get him in? Also Ive tried Rging Battles Boosterpacks and even bought the tin but still cant get it, I even tried Ancient Prophecy tin, Blackrose tin and the Majestic Star Dragon tin. I have no one at school to trade with cuz no one has it. I need lots of help also I need a Gadget Hauler.

  11. You’ll find both Boomboxen and Gadget Hauler in the Crossroads of Chaos set, I got my Gadget Hauler in one of those boosters and looked up Boomboxen for you. My name is a link to the yugioh wikia site. It’ll help you with anything you need to know about yugioh. You’re welcome and happy hunting.

  12. Was also looking over the sidebar to the right, and maybe adding a place where we could see all the posts made since our last comment. Allowing us to keep up with the debates or whatever. Cause I’ve logged on to find several people have commented and wiped the first recent comment I remember off the list. So I have no way of knowing if anyone said anything after that comment and before the last one on the new list without scouring all the pages.

  13. I was just Googleing a Wicked God deck when I came across this site. I think that you make really great blogs. You should make a “Question of The Day” blog where everyone can put their opinion. Please keep the blogs rolling!

  14. I think it will make the requirements for the people who enjoy the debates. I personally love reading the debates because you keep them going with different “What about…”.

  15. @death

    I check the site once a week. I know I am not able to reply to all of your comments quickly. However, with school and everything, I only have time to check it once a week. I love debates as well!

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