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As the year comes to an end, I want to give an overview of my blog with the Top 5 posts I have written since December 31st. I hope you guys enjoy these.

Because the year is coming to an end, I thought I’d list what I thought were my Yugioh blog’s top five posts of the year. These are based on views, amount of comments, and popularity on the internet.

5.  Destiny Heroes

In this post, I talk about Destiny Heroes/Top Destiny Heroes in Yugioh, and their style of play. Though this post never got any comments, I put it in on as number five because the term Yugioh Destiny Heroes are very popular on the internet. Also, Destiny Heroes has the third highest views out of all my posts, so I thought it deserved a spot on the list.

4. Banned Yugioh Cards

This post talks about a monster that was once banned, Jinzo, and a monster that is still banned, Tsukuyomi. I used these cards as examples, but the main point of this post was that some banned Yugioh cards should not be on that list because they (or their effects) aren’t very lethal. Though it isn’t viewed a lot, I put Banned Yugioh Cards as number four because it did get many responses. Plus, Banned Yugioh Cards is a very popular keyword on the internet.

3. Top Ten Strongest Monsters in Yugioh Pt. 1

As the name says, this post talks about four of the top ten monsters in Yugioh. Though this post didn’t have a lot of comments, the term Top Ten Monsters in Yugioh fairly popular on the internet and this is the highest viewed post in my whole site. In fact, more than a tenth of all of Yugioh Cards Blog’s page views comes from the Top Ten Monsters in Yugioh Pt. 1 post.

2. Yugioh 5Ds: Who Is the Fifth Signer?

I wrote this a long time ago when Crow hadn’t been reveled to be the official fifth signer. I wondered who the fifth signer was so I decided to write a post about it, asking the question to all my readers. I didn’t know back then that it would be one of my most popular posts with 48 comments. It also has a good amount of page views (2600). Also, back then, the whole signer topic was VERY popular.

1. #1 Monster In Yugioh – Yubel The Ultimate Nightmare

Not only does this post have 148 comments, it is one of the most viewed posts on my site. In this post, I talk about Yubel and its ups and downs. This is my favorite post because this is where my readers and I had all of our debates and shared opinions.  I think theywould agree that is the best post in my Yugioh blog.

Once again guys, it really has been a great year. I hope you guys read these posts if you haven’t and reminisce about them if you have. Thank you again for reading my Yugioh blog and I hope next year will be an even better experience!

10 thoughts on “Yugioh Cards Blog’s Top 5 Posts”

  1. That 1st birthday post was a good one too. Aside from the fact it was my first post on the site. It may have only received 20 comments at the time of this posting. But it is informative and the topic of the comments has moved away from the post topic. In a way that’s a good thing because people are still looking at it. Like myself, many might come up with a few more ideas to help you improve.

  2. “some banned Yugioh cards should not be on that list because they (or their effects) aren’t very lethal”



    Witch of the black forest
    rescue cat
    dark strike fighter
    makyura the destructor
    destiny hero-disk commander


    premature burial (its similar to call of the haunted)
    painful choice
    heavy storm

    time seal
    sixth sense

  3. Maybe premature burial, but time seal isn’t lethal at all. I only see it as slightly better than drop off. Makyura the destructor: its effect only lasts for one (actually, HALF) a turn and its effect isn’t very lethal.

  4. we already know that crow is the 5th signer. that blog post was ancient; before we knew that crow was the 5th signer.

  5. Makyura is unbelievably broken. Not only can you use traps straight from the hand like magic cards that turn, it’s effect is triggered the same way dandylion is. That is why it is banned.

  6. @chris

    Tell me a combo that can be played using Makyura.
    And explain why time seal is banned? Skip one draw phase, but that’s not that bad.

  7. summon makyura
    play dark hole destroying all monsters on the field and activating makyura’s effect
    play limit reverse from your hand, special summoning dark scorpion – chick the yellow from your graveyard.
    attack directly, activating chick the yellow’s effect, returning limit reverse from your hand
    play it again from your hand, special summoning chick the yellow
    attack directly again
    repeat for otk

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