Yugioh Top 5 Elemental Heroes Part 1

Yugioh Elemental Heroes are a very popular brand of warrior monsters. However, which Elemental Heroes are the best? Here is my top 5 list of the strongest Elemental Heroes in Yugioh.

Top Ten/Five lists are very fun to create. With the Yugioh warrior monster craze going on, I thought that I’d create a five list of my favorite warriors — the Elemental Heroes. There are many Elemental Heroes for duelists to  collect, but which ones are the best? Which ones are strong, but easy to play? Which Elemental Heroes are the most effecient? Here is my answer to all these questions.

5. Elemental Hero Knopse

Yeah he’s a plant, but he is still an Elemental Hero. Sure he might not be the strongest Elemental Hero, but he sure is effecient, and his effect makes him even meaner ! As long as there is another Elemental Hero on the field, Knopse cannot be selected as an attack target and he can attack your foe directly! Not bad right? However, it also agains 100 atk points every time it inflicts battle damage! If you attack directly with Knopse four times, Knopse will have a decent 1000 atk and your opponent would have lost… 600+700+800+900… 3000 life points! An army (three) of this little guy would be even more dangerous!


4. Elemental Hero Plasma Vice

Youch! 2600 atk points? Dealing with Elemental Hero Plasma Vice would be tough for your opponent! If Elemental Plasma Vice battles a monster with a defense lower than his attack points, your foe loses life points equal to the difference. That could be pretty bad for your foe if Plasma Vice fights a low level monster! Also, by discarding a card from your hand, Elemental Hero Plasma Vice can destroy one monster on the field who is in attack position. F.H.G Dragon and D.M.K (they’re both definitely going to be in attack position, if not, use Block Defense) seem pretty easy to beat now don’t they? So to sum it up for people who are going “what?”, “why?”, Plasma Vice is on this list because he is:

  1. Much easier to play than other Elemental Hero fusion monsters such as the Neos fusions and Elemental Hero Tempest.
  2. Has the ability to change the course of the duel through his stats and effect (mostly).
  3. It’s pretty easy to acquire (pretty cheap too!).










That concludes part 1 of the Top 5 List of Elemental Heroes. If you anyone disagrees with my first two selections feel free to write what you would picked instead on the comment box.

16 thoughts on “Yugioh Top 5 Elemental Heroes Part 1”

  1. The lack of support is the same problem a bunch of monster types suffer: fishes, reptiles, dinossaurs, gemini etc.
    And because of this people end having the same opinion as CBas92: “meh”.
    For example, noone thinks warriors and spellcasters are “meh”.

  2. actually dinosaurs and fish, and now reptiles and gemini monsters have a lot of support cards. not as much as dragons, warriors, or spellcasters, but enough to make a deck

    I’ve actually made a gemini deck that’s not half bad. the key is just finding ways to bypass the summoning problem, which can be achieved with special summoning effects, or extra normal summons. taking advantage of a gemini monster’s ability to be treated as a normal monster is helpful too.

  3. Yeah, yugioh warrior is one of the most searched keywords out of the monster categories and plus with the whole Nitro Warrior, Junk Warrior, Divine Neos thing going on, I thought I’d write a thing about warriors, most specifically, my favs, the E-Heroes.

  4. My top 5 elemental heroe’s would be the original’s avian came first in episode 1,burstinatrix came second in episode 1,sparkman came third in episode 2,clayman came fouth in episode 3,and finally bubbleman uhh… I don’t have a clue!All I know is when they are together they are the elemental hero family and they are unstoppable!

  5. no offense, but if you think they’re the top 5, you need to be exposed to more elemental heroes…

    4 out of 5 are normal monsters, which I consider the weakest kind. and 2 out of the 4 normals have mediocre atk and def.

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